Paradise (for Men in Gay Sao Paulo) lost

Remembrance of things past

By Suzy Size, gay Sao Paulo

Suzy Size remembered Bruno, her one and only Bruno (and all the others), at Paradise for Men with fondness. They had the most innocent dancers at said heavenly joint who would dance on the stage in boots and sexy underwear only. In between their stage appearances they would approach the guests, stand close in front of them and could be fuddled. The older guests would touch their nipples, muscles, ass, well built legs and sometimes - the daring ones - a cock - in haste.

The favorite of your horny heroine last year was without doubt Bruno, she just called that beautiful and so innocent young man Bruno in her mind, she does not know his real name. And now she was well on her way to meeting wonderful Bruno once again.

But this dream was not going to be fulfilled! The one and only Paradise for Men was - at 11 pm Sao Paulo local time - completely empty and alight. No wonderful dancers, no guests, the paradise was lost, obviously lost. Had it closed for good? Which evil Eva was to blame?

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It`s all there to move in and enjoy: Fitted kitchen, refrigerator, Cable TV, TV, telephone, ceiling fans, and much more. They are two very cosy twin villas with lots of privacy. These villas are currently rented out for up to 3.800 Baht per day!

View Talay Villas is the often copied model village for high class housing estates at top location a 5 min. stroll to Jomtien/Dongtarn gay beach. It is set on nearly 50.000 sqm land, offering manicured tropical gardens with underground cables and wide streets lined by palm trees. It offers a nice clubhouse with a lavish pool and restaurant, rental and cleaning services, patrolling security guards, WiFi in all the village plus other services. A true oasis at best location. For 7,8 Mio. Baht net (owner needs money - some conditions apply), it`s a steal and the cheapest offer ever in this estate.

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