Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia becomes International Gay Guide for the World

Gay Europe is added first in the attempt to become the foremost World Gay Guide

Up to now you could use Sticky Rice Gay Guide traveling in Asia and Australia only. Now we aim at giving you the whole world wide picture. We will give you the clickable entries of all gay hotels, bars, discos, restaurants, saunas - you name it - of the world we know of. As of today and as a first step we have added the three German speaking countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay World Guide. We hope to add other European countries on a weekly basis from now on.

Suzy Size Travels

From gay Pattaya to gay Munich - part three of a gay Asian and gay European trip

Suzy Size flees the scene: Disenchantment with gay Thailand leads to grand gay European tour

By Suzy Size, based in gay Pattaya, going on a grand trip through gay Europe

One must praise the public transport System of Munich, the famous S-Bahn. In no time Suzy was at Marienplatz, one of the beautiful main squares of this stunningly beautiful city. On her way to the Deutsche Eiche (German Oak) gay Hotel (which is also a famous gay Munich sauna and a gay Munich restaurant) she passed well bestowed Viktualienmark (a more or less open air fresh market which just turned or will turn 200 years). At first poor old Suzy Size was a bit shocked that they sold all those gigantic dildos so openly in such a catholic and conservative city.

From tomorrow: Gay Asian European blog daily on Sticky Rice gay guide

From gay Asia to gay Europe and the gay world read the daily revelations on this gay guide

Starting tomorrow: Suzy Size, normally based in gay Pattaya, will report from gay Europe day by day. She will not shy away of giving you sensitive information about hustlers and their hang outs in gay cities like Munich, Zurich, Paris, Amsterdam or Hamburg. Look forward to gay European enlightenment in English and German.

How is your German? If you prefer to read Suzy Size in German, here you go:

Vom schwulen Pattaya nach München: Endlich Ankunft (Teil drei)

Suzy Size flieht die gay Szene: Enttäuschungen im schwulen Thailand führen zu einer grossen gay Europareise

Von Suzy Size, zu Hause im stock-schwulen Pattaya (Sündenpfuhl der Welt), macht sie jetzt gerade das schwule Europa unsicher

Emirates ist eine sehr seltsame Fluglinie, keine Spur von Schwulitäten. Keiner der meist Indischen (nicht gerade hässlichen) Flugbegleiter erwidert ein hintergründiges Lächeln von unserer Heldin. Bei allen andern Fluglinien scheint das Schwulsein für Flugbegleiter obligatorisch zu sein, nicht so bei Emirates. Diese Indischen Boys scheinen nicht zu wissen, dass es so etwas überhaupt gibt. Indien ist ja überhaupt völlig rückständig, wenn es ums Schwulsein geht.

Ab morge: Der schwule Asien und Europa blog täglich auf dem Sticky Rice Gay Guide

Aus der Schwulenszene von Asien ins schwule Europa, tägliche Enthüllungen aus unserer schwulen Welt

Ab morgen wird Suzy Size, die normalerweise im schwulen Sündenpfuhl Pattaya lebt, Tag für Tag aus Europa berichten. Mutig wird sie Informationen verbreiten, die andere tunlichst verschweigen. Wo – zum Beispiel – findet man Stricher in der schwulen Szene von München, Zürich, Paris, Amsterdam oder auch Hamburg? Ihr könnt euch auf eine umfassende Aufklärung über die schwule Szene von Europa freuen.

Gay News

Sansuk gay hotel in Pattaya takes bookings now

A bargain: Special promotional rate of 1750 Baht per night available. The newest addition to gay hotels in Pattaya is open, book it now:

Two Bedroom Apartment at Pattaya’s finest Condominium Project. 112 sqm unit on the 23rd floor with balcony to Northern side and view to Koh Laan Island. This property can be transferred to foreign ownership!

See details...

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Our "FACES" section and the gay Classifieds are updated daily and there are new entries of lonely queer hearts worldwide.

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The users of Sticky Rice Gay Asia Guide have now a new tool: If you like or dislike our coverage of gay Asia, gay Thailand or gay Bangkok, your comments are welcome. All published articles are interactive now. Which means, the comments of our readers will now show beneath each story on Sticky Rice Gay Guide for Asia. If you think we write too much about the opening of gay Pattaya Sansuk sauna, tell us. If you have anything to comment (or want to update older articles) Sticky Rice Gay Guide for Asia will put your comment on-line.

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Whenever you plan a trip in Asia, first go to our international Pink Pages which contain all information available for the discerning gay traveler. We are the fastest growing international gay guide for Asia and therefore gay Thailand and gay Pattaya, but also gay Bangkok, gay Phuket, gay Chiang Mai, gay Chiang Rai, gay Hua Hin, gay Nong Khai, gay Khon Kaen and gay Hat Yai. Sticky rice gay guide for Asia can also help us queer guys to find our own way in gay Australia, gay China, gay Cambodia, gay Hong Kong, gay Indonesia, gay India, gay Japan, gay Korea, gay Laos, gay Malaysia, gay Myanmar (or if you like gay Burma), gay Nepal, gay New Zealand, gay Philippines, gay Singapore, gay Sri Lanka, gay Taiwan, gay Thailand and last but not least gay Vietnam. Visit our Pink Pages where we list all gay places we know of to make all the queers of the world happy. Owners of gay places can submit their coordinates themselves on our gay Pink Pages. It is easy, have a look and put your gay place on the map of this gay guide.

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You have something to tell us? Plan an event at your gay bar? Went on an interesting or queer trip? Visited a new Asian country and discovered the gay night life? Had a good or bad encounter cruising gay Phnom Penh, gay Kuala Lumpur or gay Hongkong? Let us know, we will publish your story next week.

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