Gay Bangkok Massage in the afternoon

A profile of queer "his" sauna, Bangkok

By Suzy Size (the arguably most infamous gay writer of Thailand, based in wonderful Pattaya les bains, but also residing in Bangkok sometimes)

Being a gay journalist in the rainy season of Bangkok is guaranteed to produce the wettest prose of the year. Mine was sodden by the time this issue had rolled around and I was dying to get to some retreat. I had a phone call from Lao Aviation to say there had been some glitch with my ticket to gay Luang Prabang. I asked the young man where their office was in Bangkok. He ran off to find help and then the line went dead. Anyway, I did what all farangs in the know in Bangkok (gay or not gay) do, I called 1155 for Tourist Information. The young woman online was just so cheery I felt like puking in the fake philodendron in the lobby of the Narai from whence I was phoning. She eventually informed me Lao Aviation was in the Silom Plaza, where about three gay sauna or massage places are located. Good. Not far away. I could even walk.

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I love gay Pattaya

Why one could love gay Pattaya

Pattaya is the Bangkok gay Beach, I just wish I could stay down here all week. But, alas, not yet, I still have to earn a buck or two in the next few years. Sometimes I stay at the Ambiance, my favourite gay hotel, if I am in a downtown mood. Last time I tried gay Howards hotel. Next time I will give the new Sansuk gay sauna and gay hotel a try, (at lest the gay Sansuk sauna is supposed to open soon, the gay Sansuk Hotel in a few months). Any of these gay places make you feel at home amongst your own. Pattaya is the essence of gay high life! I just love gay Pattaya.

I hate gay Pattaya

Why one could hate gay Pattaya

In Pattaya you can only find money boys, it is the most commercial gay place in all of Thailand. In gay Bangkok you at least have Babylon where you can meet intelligent and hard working lads that are not only after your purse and are really gay. Compare this with all the drug addicts and under-age kids that chase the old and worn out gay men in Sunee Plaza. If there is one rule in Pattaya at all, it certainly is: the older the farang, the younger the gay short time companion. The only place I like in Pattaya is Dick`s Caf?, Jomtien where you are not constantly subject to visual harassment by gay farangs and verbal harassment by greedy money boys. I just hate gay Pattaya.


Pattaya Gay Festival will start with a bang

Who will be Mr. Pattaya Gay Festival?

The four day Pattaya Gay Festival will start with a bang November 29. At BoyzBoyzBoyz the gay crowd can decide who is going to be Mr. Pattaya Gay Festival 2006. Have a look at their poster. Inviting, right?

Two Bedroom Apartment at Pattaya’s finest Condominium Project. 112 sqm unit on the 23rd floor with balcony to Northern side and view to Koh Laan Island. This property can be transferred to foreign ownership!

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