Suzy Size went to Koh Chang, read about her experiences.

"Krabi is the most beautiful of all Thai Provinces. Visiting once is enough to get hooked forever, at least for the lovers of sea and mountain cliffs rising steeply from the sea. But what about the male lovers of male beauty?" Will from Holland tells you his experience.

Dr. Stocks
"In my last letter I recommended selling a good slice of one's energy stocks. Congratulations to those who did."

Pink Pages
We and our users have uploaded many new entries on our new Pink Pages. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and the Philippines bare now on the map. But we would like to ask you, our users, to help us fill in the many remaining blanks. It is easy. If you know hot places within Asia and you would like to share that information with us and others, just make an entry.

The Straits Games 2006, "Games With No Boundaries", will take place from October 26 to 29, 2006 in Phuket, Thailand. Read more about them:

Dick's Cafe Bangkok is very pleased that Khun Somkiat Sae-sue, Tee, is returning for a second show after last year's very successful exhibition. Color Figure is a study of the male body in vibrant colors. Not to be missed. Till October 12th.

Asian Shopping
We have added a new book and movie store where you can order a variety of titles delivered right to your door. It is much easier to use than the previous one. Want to go to Laos, Cambodia, Japan or China? Look at the newest Guide Books and find out where you will meet friends.

Two Bedroom Apartment at Pattaya’s finest Condominium Project. 112 sqm unit on the 23rd floor with balcony to Northern side and view to Koh Laan Island. This property can be transferred to foreign ownership!

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Fully booked? Oh, dear! Better make your reservation right now. You can book Tarntawan Hotel Bangkok, Poseidon in Pattaya, Club One Seven in Phuket and Lotus Hotel Chiang Mai on our Website. It is easy.

Express Yourself
You have something to tell us? Plan an event at your bar? Went on an interesting trip? Visited a new Asian country? Had a good or bad encounter? Let us know, we will publish your story next week.

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