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A successful trip to gay Cambodia

The eternal search for Graviolas and male beauty

By Suzy Size, your glamorous gay guide to Phnom Penh and Cambodia

A gay trip to the Cambodian countryside)
Transports in Cambodia can go terribly wrong
Your heroine Suzy Size is extremely busy these days: Tomorrow she will part for gay Myanmar or Burma, if you prefer, where she will start her journey in Mandalay and after two weeks will fly back from Yangon to Bangkok. So clearly, she wanted to achieve as much as possible in the luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo. But Miss Size had only eight days time, she has just returned from a second mission to gay Cambodia which was very successful in any respect.

Cambodia visit of Suzy Size, unfrocked)
A rare picture of Suzy Size together with her Cambodian producers
About five years ago your heroine wrote a piece titled “Banking on trees” in which Miss Size outlined her seemingly crazy plan to make a bundle of money by growing Graviola (soursop) trees and selling them: Eduard in Kuala Lumpur, Ian in London, Patrick in Zurich and Dieter in the Philippines may remember. Other, more sporadic users of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, may not remember. To her own surprise your heroine was completely right, her vague business idea worked out 100%.

A good guide and driver in Cambodia)
Brother bla bla bla with the powerful Graviola fruits
In the last two years Miss Size and her brother in law have sold about 4300 Graviola trees, there are only about 700 large ones left which currently sell between 900 Baht (27 $ US) and 2500 Baht (75 $ US) a piece. A Graviola frenzy has hit Thailand. After an article appeared that spoke about the incredible health power of the Graviola fruit, the phone of the Thai brother in law started ringing non-stop. Everybody needed his or her own tree in the garden.

But not only that: Since the tea made from the Graviola leaves is supposed to cure the 12 most dangerous cancer varieties as well (if drunk on a regular basis), the sale of leaves has reached unthinkable levels. 120 grams of dried leaves – enough for one month tea for one person - sell for 400 Baht (12 $ Dollars). So your greedy heroine has become a tea collector in her own gardens.

Graviola seeds for sale in Thailand)
Graviola seeds are almost as good as gold
But there is yet another unexpected Graviola side business to be mentioned: Seeds.

Since the Graviola frenzy hit Thailand, the big plant producers can sell the seedlings in the 10000s, provided they get the seeds somewhere. But since the Graviola trees that bear fruits are still rare in Thailand, seeds are very rare, too. Suzy Size had that darn seed problem too in the beginning, when she decided to grow about 5000 trees. She got them from all her trips around the gay fucking world. But that was not efficient enough, so she ordered them from seed providers on the internet, which was a flop: Expensive and most seeds were old and dry and did not germinate.

Graviola leaves for sale in Thailand)
Drying Graviola leaves in Pattaya
Only when Miss Size found that one special market in Cambodia where they cut out the flesh from the fruits, sell the flesh and sell the seeds by the kilo, she had finally solved her terrible seed supply problem. Together with her agent, bother bla bla bla, in Phnom Penh she had travelled to the Cambodian provinces two months ago and found several suppliers of fruits, leaves and seeds. She had also solved the most difficult problem how to send all those things into Thailand. Your heroine had picked up two shipments of leaves and seeds in a small and remote border crossing of Thailand and Cambodia already. The seeds, dried by brother bla bla bla and his beloved mother in Phnom Penh, were fine and sold immediately in the 10000s to greedy Graviola growers who needed much more! But the leaves were of horrible quality and had to be destroyed.

Seen in gay Pattaya beach)
A sign in Pattaya: Is this a good deal?
In order to solve the quality issue, fine tune the supply line and try to send first test Graviola fruits (plus some gay hanky-panky in Phnom Penh), your horny heroine parted for a second mission into Cambodia.

She arrived Sunday night and stayed at no frills Flamingos hotel, just around the “Heart of Darkness” for 25 $ US a night. Naturally she went to gay Colours bar at night where she discovered a juicy guy she fancied, but he always played on his smart phone. When your heroine had enough and was about ready to leave, he asked her, if he could come along? Miss Size taught him a lesson:

“Actually, I like you, but you always play on your stupid smart phone. I will take you tomorrow, if you turn down your phone and talk. Can you Talk? Or are you an animal?”

King Sihamoni of Cambodia in Phnom Penh)
A queen sees a king drive bye
Monday morning Miss Size went to the Myanmar embassy to get a visa, but – alas – this day was a public holiday in Cambodia and the embassy was closed. At least Miss Size read, that the tourist visa costs 20 $ US and processing takes three days.

Later she saw the Cambodian king drive by a cheering crowd of children, it was obviously Coronation Day or something similar.

Together with her agent and driver, brother bla bla bla, she went to see the “Seeds Lady” and got 3 kilos of wet seeds which she carefully dried in her hotel room. Then she went to see the most important man of the supply chain, a Cambodian fruit dealer that buys for instance green mangos and brings them over to Thailand where they sell at much higher prices. He must have been a refugee in Thailand, since he speaks Thai, Cambodian and some English. His daughter sits on the Thai side of the border and speaks Thai and Cambodian.

This partly successful day ended with another success at Colours: The cute 21 years old boy there actually switched off his phone, talked with your heroine and joined her for a short time into her private quarters.

Many Cambodian boys do not use their tongue whilst kissing, but this one did and the pleasure was on both sides:

Not after long, he said that famous sentence: “I am coming soon.”

Cambodia leaf producers)
The leaf producing family in the Cambodian countryside has a good looking son
Tuesday, Suzy went back to the Myanmar Embassy where your heroine had to fill in no less than three pages of forms. They let in only three persons at the time, this is a very laid back place…

And, the first day does not count, so they need actually four days to consider whether or not Suzy Size can visit their country. Your heroine therefore could not leave Phnom Penh before Friday afternoon. So she reserved a taxi for Friday that would bring her to Battambang and next morning to the border where she could enter Thailand and where the pickup with her Thai driver would be waiting that could bring your heroine and the first shipment of fruits and more seeds back to Pattaya.

Graviolas an the way to Thailand)
Graviolas have to be packed well for the transport to Thailand
Wednesday and Thursday were spent with visits of suppliers of leaves and fruits and in the Cambodian province and the quality issues could – hopefully – be solved. Since brother bla bla bla and Suzy Size talked about the different players and constantly misunderstood each other – which partly explains the name of brother bla bla bla - , they named each and everybody in the supply line, which helped. They had now not only the “Seeds Lady”, the “Japanese Bridge Lady”, the “Road 4 Family”, the “Truck 04.00 Driver” and the “Province Fruit Lady”, but many, many more.

And in the evenings Miss Size went to see her new heartthrob, who was smart enough to have found the switch of his smart phone for good…

Gay friends in Phnom Penh, Cambodia )
Some friends of Suzy Size in gay Phnom Penh
Friday morning they received the fruits from the province and Suzy showed brother bla bla bla how to pack them. Dry and wet seeds were packed as well. Then they brought all to the fruit forwarder.

Suzy picked up her visa at the Myanmar Embassy and off she went.

Next morning, about an hour from the border, a big truck got stuck in the mud and blocked the road for all traffic. After an hour, the taxi of your heroine could pass and soon after she crossed into Thailand, found her driver, but the fruits and seeds were missing in action. They only arrived next day in Pattaya, transported by a minivan, which runs on that route. Most fruits arrived OK and all seeds are sold or planted already. After all, your heroine produces 10000 seedlings a month as well, she has always been fascinated by all kinds of seeds.

Readers Comments
6234 Willis 23 Nov 13
Really enjoyed this.

6235 Ian,London 23 Nov 13
Wishing you ever greater success with your little ones Suzy.

6237 Steve 24 Nov 13
Poor Pov, brother bla bla but you do have a point.

6244 Patrick 26 Nov 13
For many years now I have read your posts with keen interest. Often, I imagine being along with you. Good luck with your seed business that you have so successfully developed. Yes, there are many interesting seeds!

6255 Eduard 3 Dec 13
That Khmer lad is the bottom pic is a real dish!
Do you have his contact details?

6256 Suzy Size 3 Dec 13
I do and I might sell them to you, dearest Eduard...




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