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The strippers of gay Puerto Vallarta

Visit the foremost gay resort of Mexico

By Suzy Size, your terribly old gay guide to Asia and the gay world

Wet Drams in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)
Wet Dreams is one of the foremost gay stripper places of Puerto Vallarta
When your horny heroine Suzy Size sat at the bar of “Wet Dreams” – one of the infamous gay stripper bars of Puerto Vallarta – a hunky guy embraced her emphatically from behind, put his tongue into her ear and worked on her nipples with professional intensity. He wanted to go “private” with Miss Size, offering a sensational massage in one of those cabins hidden besides the stage where the boys showered and showed it all. “Private” means quickie in the gay Puerto Vallarta terms. At Wet Dreams this service costs 500 Pesos (about 40 US $), the stripper gets half of the amount and can keep the additional tips that he will seek to pull from the customer.

And those guys really know a trick or two to lure any normal gay man into the heaven of such a private show! Can you – user of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World – believe this: Suzy Size did not – at least for now and despite her hard-on - succumb to those almost infernal temptations?

Meet the gay boys of Puerto Vallarta right here)
Another gay bar in Puerto Vallarta
Look - diligent reader of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World – it is the almost iron principal of your homosexual heroine never to do it the first night in a new place, and she explained this to Eric, that hunky stripper, too, but he did – naturally - not believe her.

Miss Size had just flown into gay Puerto Vallarta that very afternoon from Mexico City and was still getting acquainted with that interesting Mexican beach resort. She had booked a small hotel for the first night and then went looking for a better place to stay for about a week in Puerto Vallarta.

The first hotel she checked was the Blue Chairs Resort, arguably the most famous of the gay hotels of Puerto Vallarta. Even though they offered a low season discount to your heroine, it was still a bit too expensive. Suzy finally checked into a cheap straight hotel nearby the next day, but went to see the go-go show on their roof terrace in the early evening.

Hustler in gay Mexico City)
Dicks all over gay Puerto Vallart
Some of those dancers were really sexy. They would dance on a stage - only wearing tight swim suits - and in between their turns they would stand in front of the few guests who would fuddle them, making conversation of sorts. One was from Venezuela, another from Guadalajara. The one Suzy Size liked the best, was a hunky Cuban. He would pull out his sizable dick and lay it in the able hands of your hardening heroine. Naturally, that dick did swell quickly and he now sat on the laps of Miss Size who would now slightly sodomize him with the appropriate finger. The longer the game went on, the higher the tips that were demanded and paid.

Then Pipo – that was his name – asked to be dismissed for a while: He had ordered some French fries and was obviously hungry due to the very hard work delivered. Suzy Size had his number and was certainly going to call him one of this gay Puerto Vallarta days.

Gay beach of Puerto Vallarta is full of handsome men)
Closing in on a beautiful Puerto Vallarta stripper
Another reason why your heroine did not want to go private with Eric on her very first night in gay Puerto Vallarta was her sudden and ardent interest in Anthropology. The other main gay stripper place of Puerto Vallarta is conveniently called Antropology and Suzy Size had just entered their spacious premises. Many more strippers were working here than in Wet Dreams, but they were less polished, less sexy, less refined than in the other place, going private is slightly cheaper at 450 Pesos, whereas the stripper drink in both places is 100 Pesos.

Pipo worked here too and tried his tricks again on Miss Size, but your heroine was already getting disenchanted with this so obvious male whore…

She played a bit with another guy instead, but he would not get hard at all.

Gay meeting place of Puerto Vallarta)
Blue Chairs Resort is the meeting place of gay Puerto Vallarta
Mario was another guy at Antropology that caught the interest of your heroine. He was not at all a Suzy Size hunk, but his English was just perfect: The 26 year old had grown up in the States, but was deported when he was 17 together with his illegal immigrant parents. He was a good talker and a good listener which made up for his missing good looks. Suzy Size paid him several stripper drinks (of which he gets half the money), but was never tempted to touch him at all. He kind of is the psychiatrist of Antropology, Suzy never saw him strip, but he always found eager customers to talk to who would buy him drinks.

He is actually straight and is the proud father of three daughters. Carlito, a funny 22 year old guy, caught the attention of your heroine during her extended Anthropology night classes in gay Puerto Vallarta too. He was clearly gay and Suzy gave him the card of her hotel for a visit next afternoon, but this unreliable individual never visited your horny heroine.

Gay meeting place in Puerto Vallarta)
Blue Chairs: Friends meet here
When Suzy Size returned to Wet Dreams on her second night in town, she expected Eric to renew his passionate proposal to go private, but he hardly noticed your now so horny heroine at all that night. Miss Size stared at him so long until one of the other strippers pointed him to her. When he finally came over, your heroine paid the 500 Pesos and Eric lead her into a booth that was only slightly separated from the outside with a curtain.

They both got completely undressed and the sex that followed was very quick and orgiastic, Eric was completely submissive and loved to be sodomized in that shabby booth by the intrusive fingers of your horny heroine.

A senior stripper at Wet dreams)
Meet Eric the hunk stripper of Wet Dreams
On a Saturday afternoon – almost like back in good old Pattaya – Suzy Size was sitting in the gay Puerto Vallarta beach in the Blue Chairs area. When Eric arrived, he first did not see your heroine who was already undressing him with her eyes, sodomizing him again. Suzy stole a picture of his in order to show him to the eager readers of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World. But then he noticed Miss Size and came over for a talk. He invited your heroine to come to his place for an extended sex experience. He made clear he wanted 1000 Pesos (about 85 $ US) for this kind of adventure and Suzy was quite interested, no, rather enthusiastic.

So when they went, a friend of Eric – a rich kid with a brand new car – drove them to the place of Eric, a furnished room, Suzy assumed, somewhere in the suburbs. But this was a quite stylish house, somewhere in a residential area of Puerto Vallarta.

There was another stripper – Suzy knew him already from Wet Dreams – staying with Eric at that beautiful house. He treated Eric with obvious respect as all the strippers at Wet Dream had done.

So Eric was – translated in Thai terms – probably the older brother, the senior stripper, maybe even the owner of Wet Dreams?

The house was worth – according to Eric – 240000 $ US – a credible figure and he had bought it at 50% together with his American boyfriend. There were photographs of said boyfriend, even in the bedroom where the action soon was going to take place.

But before that, Eric demanded his money which Suzy first had to fetch from three different hideaways all over her clothes. The sex was OK, but not far as good as in that shabby booth at Wet Dreams earlier. Eric was more narcissistic than submissive this time around – maybe all true strippers are mainly narcissistic.

Eric brought Suzy to a nearby bus station, afterwards, and that bus safely returned your heroine to the so called Zona Romantica of gay Puerto Vallarta where all the action usually takes place.

Readers Comments
5820 Ian, London 22 Jun 13
Suzy makes Puerto Vallarta seem like a fairly safe destination, which is unusual in her extensive and legendary travels. Is gay Mexico free from unexpected hustler dangers, or has the old girl just become hardened to them?

5822 Suzy Size 22 Jun 13
It is fairly safe for old ldies like Miss Size.

5838 Eduard 26 Jun 13
How considerate of Miss Size to sodomise Eric with her dainty fingers!

6384 Leo 26 Jan 14
Mario is perfect; I missed him a lot

7142 Jorgé 20 Dec 15
Puerto Vallarta is a very safe place. I know Eric. He's beautiful and very narcissistic.




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