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Sexy gay dragon found in Fortaleza beach

Bad start in Fortaleza: That place has seen better days

By Suzy Size, your trustworthy gay guide to Fortaleza and Brazil

Hotel Passeio in Fortaleza is not recommended
This hotel in Fortaleza may look OK in bright sunshine, but it is not
Travelling from Recife to Fortaleza was a bit difficult during the busy Easter weekend. The bus terminal of Recife is far out of the city center and all tries to order a ticket by phone failed miserably, the line was always busy almost red-hot - before the festive season when half of Brazil hits the road to flock to sea resorts like Fortaleza. So Suzy Size finally found a halfway affordable air ticket for roughly 180 $ US scheduled for the evening of Good Friday. The only disadvantage, the flight arrived after dark in Fortaleza. And your heroine hates arriving in a completely unknown place after dark, especially half naked, after that terrible loss of clothes in Recife.

It had been equally difficult to book an affordable hotel in Fortaleza over the internet, the one your heroine arrived to in the rainy night darkness was an absolute shit hole in a dangerous neighborhood. The steel door downstairs at hotel Passeio was always locked with a big padlock and a huge metal chain. And the receptionist told your frightened heroine to watch her way and possibly to return by taxi after dinner.

Look, gay traveler to the world, Brazil and in this case Fortaleza, Suzy was just outright dumb. She was preaching wine, but (for once) went with water. Had she just checked the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, regarding Fortaleza, she would have found Sunflower Hotel and could at least have inquired there. But only now physically back in good old Pattaya she discovers this terribly valuable entry!

Needless to say, Miss Size moved out first thing next morning in a small and quite nice hotel in Iracema beach, which is the city beach of Fortaleza. It did cost half what she paid at the dirty shit hole!

Riding a dragon in the gay sauna of Fortaleza

Gay Dragon Health Club in Fortaleza
Where the dragons take off in Fortaleza
Despite the warnings of the receptionist they had neither food nor beer at said hotel - your hungry and thirsty heroine went out anyhow. Even though the rain had stopped, she was in a bad mood and armed with her famous umbrella to fight off any criminal that would dare to cross her way that lousy, rotten night. If any bad boy would come close to her, she was going to shout at him in her native Swiss German dialect: Wotsch aes paar ad Schnurre du tumme Siech! which is quite frightening and sounds about like this: watch as bore add shnoorae to toomae sea-aek. Your hateful heroine is quite sure, that you, gay traveler to Fortaleza, would have run too, if you might have crossed the path of Miss Size that very somber night.

After about a ten minutes walk through a completely deserted, dirty area Suzy Size reached a lively square with several bars and restaurants. Her mood got much better now and she enjoyed the music and the festive Easter reveling with that large, fun loving crowd. There was a mess held in a church nearby, but more people enjoyed the drinking on the square over the Catholic hocus pocus. After a while (some food and several ice cold Brahma draft beers later) Miss Size again felt some strength to discover the adjacent roads and then she suddenly realized she was standing in front of the famous Dragon Health Club.

It was too late that night to look for a horny dragon to ride, but the mood of your heroine had definitely changed and tomorrow was yet another day.

Evening street vendors build up their stalls at Iracema beach
Praia de Iracema in Fortaleza is a bit rundown
After having changed hotel the next morning your horny heroine went to explore the city main beach of Fortaleza, Praia de Iracema. The place has definitely seen better days and is a bit run down, but is also slightly charming. Despite the intensive attempts of Miss Size to catch a big fish here, she remained luckless. The place does not seem to be cruisy at all, but maybe the bad weather (it rained a lot during the stay of your heroine in Fortaleza) was just not helpful. What are your impressions, former gay visitors of Fortaleza, is Miss Size right or just blind or dumb? Did you have more luck in that Brazilian beach resort? Write us a comment.

The old Colonial town was well worth several visits and Fortaleza must have been an important town once in the past. Tourism as well seems to have passed its peak, but there are still some cheap direct flights from and to Europe, for instance to Rome or Milan by somewhat dubious Alitalia. Suzy Size was not really bored in Fortaleza, but has at present no plans ever to return to that Brazilian beach resort. But one institution in Fortaleza was first class: Dragon gay sauna!

Cute guy in Fortaleza Iracema beach
He was in the beach, not in the sauna
Contrary to the rest of the city, Dragon Health Spa is top modern, posh, the most stylish gay sauna in Brazil your humble heroine has seen. And if you are a regular reader of this sheer endless blog on Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World you may have noticed that Miss Size has seen quite many of those so benevolent institutions. The place is located just walking distance from somewhat shabby Iracema beach. Entering that elegant sauna, Suzy Size and all the other customers are asked to put one of their fingers on a small scanner. If later you should want to drink a beer at the bar or proceed with some prey to one of their suites your fingerprint is again scanned and you are billed accordingly when leaving the premises of that pleasure place. As in all Brazilian saunas, credit cards are accepted, but do bring some cash for the boys.

But here (finally) comes the meat, Rudyard: Not after long your heroine got into a conversation with a 27 years old black guy named Marcello who outed himself as artist and creator of a quite kitschy painting that was on sale at the sauna. It showed a rock at the sea, waves and a running horse, no dragon though. As bad as Marcello was as an artist, this self declared father of a son was quite sexy and despite being straight (his wife has no idea where the money comes from), he was quite talented in the gay department, too.

Fill in the blanks, Rudyard, Miss Size is only revealing one result of her most recent leg of the Gay World Friendship Tour: Brazilian men, even the straight ones, are the best lovers of the whole, fucking world!

Readers Comments
2918 Rudyard 27 Jun 11
Suzy, you are the MASTER of tease. Better than Gypsy Rose Lee, but with less class, I reckon.




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