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Comment dieter
5 Feb 09
its sames like Sticky rice web is most for philippines guys why is that ????
Comment Aryana
6 Feb 09
dear mate !!!.... probably you are referring to face section of web site are absolutely right and that is more interesting and amazing to know, all of those photos u see in that section are fake...yes..all...unfortunately our respectful web master in sticky rice is fully aware of this fact and do nothing !!!!....

Comment John
6 Feb 09
There seem to be many fakes, but I met my bf through Faces here.

Comment Editor of Sticky Rice
6 Feb 09
Whenever we are informed about fakes, we delete them immediately. On the other hand we want to keep that section as open as possible. Just use common sense when communicating with anybody you only know through the net.

Comment Aryana
7 Feb 09
excuse me dear John , although out of curiosity , but may I ask , is he a pinoy ?!... because impossible u can find a real , honest pinoys in that section.... because of a personal freak , I tried randomly most of them.....immediately they receive an email , start to moan about financial problem and request to remit some amount.....when u want to chat on line with web cam just to verify the guy , they suddenly disappear :-))) .... that is for 95 % pinoys in that section......very seldom u can find a real guy who has up loaded his own pic....rarely.....and i am really wondering why pinoys are the worst in this issue !!!

Comment John
7 Feb 09
Believe it or not, areal pinoy!

Comment toni
22 Feb 09
it is just simply a fact !!!
nearly all pice are fakes, the gusys here are just arround to milk you !!!
i would say 95 % are just scammers and liers..
beware if angeles, caloocan, cagayan de oro or parts of manila are mentioned.
the filipino guys here any in any other site, are just scammers and fakes !!

Comment J.J.
4 Mar 09
A few cheated my money too ...

Comment anthon
28 Apr 09
because in southeast asia,only pinoy can speak english fluently.historically Philippines is colonized by American for more than a hundred years,so many of their ways of life is adopted,including cheating.

Comment fong_loo_ming
29 Apr 09
you must be right,that American is the country that manipulate everything,and the law of karma is now in their land,first the economic downfall,then here comes again the plague,the swine flu,so,we can now see,what is the fruit of their bad deeds,that their suffering accusing innocents,and claiming they are victims.

Comment ecodefienouck
2 Sep 11
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