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Comment ryan
6 Jan 09
Anyone got any info on Guadalajara Mexico's gay scene?
Time for a change. Need to get out of this greedy thai scene where the service sucks in the bars and the boys are clueless. The good ones are all back on the farm.
Comment Jon
10 Jan 09
No help here; but I'd say stay with Thailand; the boys are much more accommodating then Mexican boys ever will be. Trust me I deal with them every day in New York and while they are bigger then Thai boys the Thai boys are much more into it. I love going to Bangkok...and if you think Thai's are greedy(I don't think they are at all) you have seen nothing yet with the Latinos!

Comment Bob
13 Jan 09
Try this url for some info.

Comment James Albertson
24 Jan 09
Dear Greener on the Other Side of the Pacific:

What are you really looking for? And who are you?
To go from a Buddist Asian 24 year old mind set to a
Catholic Latino 24 year old can be very difficult.

Having lived many years in both Mexico and California,
I can assure you that Latinos are just as loving and
caring, but the society is not nearly as accepting of
the "open gay life style" as in Thailand.

An American today in Mexico is nothing but a target for
kidnapping, extorsion, and police "shake downs". So
far, the "powers to be in Thailand" want to keep the
hotels full and the tourists coming in, so the word to
the police seems to be "leave them alone." It's o.k. to
shake down the "Laotians", "Burmese", rural farm girls,
but not the tourists...and it could all change tomorrow.

Smile, but just take a vacation to Mexico. James

Comment pattana
8 May 09
Ryan,have u been already in Mexico?I am sure your'e an American,please,dont go to Asia anymore,we dont need a tourist from Mexico,Canda and US,Its alreadt confirm in A(H1-N1) meetig here in Thailand,that we dont need all of you.better go to Philippines,We have to avoid you all.for our own sake.we dont like to be contaminated.




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