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Comment aryana
7 Nov 08
greetings to all......I will appreciate if can receive any information about the incidence of HIV and HCV ( hepatitis C ) in thailand....honestly I am so coward ...I even can not normally kiss because of this fear.although I know very well the risk of kissing and oral sex is very low but I prefer to be sure about my partner ( even a casual sex partner )...I heard thailnd has a very high statistics of HIV ...and HCV .....any advice would be highly obliged....
Comment Victor
10 Nov 08
I read in SPICE repeatedly: "The incidence of HIV is approximately 30% in the major urban areas." and "Nearly 31 percent of men who have sex with men in Thailand are HIV-positive." Whether this is true, I don't know.
Saliva is supposed to kill HIV-virus (if you don't have an open wound in your mouth ...

Comment aryana
16 Nov 08
oh my god !!!.....this is terrible....30% ...wooow...if this is true I prefer to forget thailand forever.......really horrible.....

Comment Hans
23 Nov 08
You do not have to forget Thailand for ever, if you just play safe sex the chance you get any sexually trasmittable disease is near zero. This applies for Hepatitis C as well. Hepatitis C, by the way, is curable, but treatment can be nasty, is expensive and takes almost a year. Better play safe all the time. When we 50 plus were young, we saw so many of our friends die. I cannot understand why younger gays do not use condoms, it is not a big deal. Not using them is a big deal.

Comment aryana
24 Nov 08
dear hans...thanks for your advice....I always used condom and did protective sex....but to be honest, even kissing can be riskful....I believe the best part of a successful sex is '' making love ''...soft sex always has been joyful for me...even more than can we do long, deep, french kiss while we have no information about our partner's health situation.....I am sure u will laugh at me...but I have my rule...I never touch someone unless bring him personally to clinic and will make him give the testss ( HBs antigen, HCV antibody , HIV 1&2 antibody )...and because of the nature of HIV antobody which is detectable after 2 months, I make him to give P24 antigen of HIV which is detectable after 10 days...and just after all of them I can kiss him or touch him....I know everybody laugh at me when read this text but I I can do nothing with my ridiculous, nonsense freaky manner....I know I am not normal....but I have no choice...I even went to psychologist and he told me I have '' viriphobia'' a term which describs excessive fea from viruses......anyway...I think P24 antigen test is the best test for HIV....regards

Comment Don
24 Nov 08
Dear Aryana

I read your post with interest. Its obvious that you are very anxious about contracting HIV or another infection. I am a sexual health counsellor and have many years experience working with gay men who have similar fears. You have several anxieties about sex and relationships mixed together so first I would like to explain the facts. Hepatitis A and B do not need to be concern as vaccinations are readily available and all sexually active gay men are advised to be vaccinated. Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood and those at risk are injecting drug users and health professionals (i.e. nurses etc) While it is possible to transmit through penetrative sex it is not a viable route. It is not transmitted through kissing. HIV is transmitted through penetrative anal and vaginal sex without a condom and through oral sex without a condom. The risk is increased if the person ejaculates (cums) inside your mouth or anus while not wearing a condom. You cannot contract HIV from kissing. (HIV is also transmitted through sharing drug injecting equipment and from mother to baby in breast milk)
On a separate point the percentage of the population is not really a factor in the risk to you in any encounter you have. What is important is firstly if the person you are having sex with is HIV positive or negative (which you are unlikely to know for sure) and secondly if you are practising safer sex. If you practice safer sex correctly you will not contract HIV.
You seem to have spent a lot of time researching the variety of tests that you require a potential partner to submit to before having a kiss. I can see that it must cause you a lot of distress and anxiety. I am certainly not laughing at you and I am sure there will be others reading this that may have similar fears. I would like to point out that viriphobia is not a fear of viruses but a fear of men. It suggests to me that you may have an underling issue about your sexuality or more specifically that you are unable to reconcile your desire to be intimate with a man and a possible belief that it may be wrong. With the right support you can work through these issues and become more accepting of yourself and go on have a healthy sex life. I suggest that you seek out a gay affirmative counsellor in your area.
I hope this is of help


Comment Aryana
2 Dec 08
dear Don...thanks alot for your deep comment.....honestly you distinguished my main problem fact, I haven't been able to adapt with my sexual are so smart....u r absolutely right, I have underling issure about my sexual orientation....but the fear of STD is an other point......I strongly believe the best way to avoid of them is '' monogamous relationship ''...this is the way....faithfulness and loyalty....thisis what we need....unfortunately recently everybody is willing to change his partner weekly !!! the way...I appreciate your sincerity and useful advice....I thought about what u wrote....meanwhile the link u offered in the end of your text is wrong...I couldn't open regards...

Comment Victor
7 Feb 09
Dear Aryana.
I have a personal question: Have you EVER met a potential partner, who is still interested in having sex with you after all those tests required by you?

Comment Don Knox
15 Mar 09
Dear Aryana

I am glad that you found my message helpful. Yes the web address is not correct, as there is a typing error, the correct address is





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