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Comment AtomVirgo
10 Nov 10
HELP!! (Yet Again)
I am looking for a long lost Thai friend, by the name of Lim "AKA Mai. I have heard that he is in the Pattaya area. He used to work for Island Caprice Studios. Any info on him, would be greatly appreciated. I cannot believe that no one has heard of him. Can you please help me. I will visit Pattaya city, soon.
Comment David
19 Jan 11
Hi Atom, Lim (jun) is alive and well, I see him all the time when I am in Pattaya and Jomtien. I have recent Photo\\\'s of him if you like

Am assuming your talking about Lim who did Pornos for ICS, Huge dick!!

Comment AtomVirgo
22 Jan 11
Yes, that is him. The last that I heard, he was in Pattaya City, somewhere. I plan on visiting Thailand again this year, and would love to see him again. What is he doing? I wouldlove tosee hisphotos also. Where are you? Thanks so,so, so, much.

Comment David
22 Jan 11
Hi Leonard,

Just email me, and I will send you some, they are large files so will try and reduce them a bit.

Jun, is a bit \'Out There\' and has a few problems, am told has a Glue sniffing/gambling problem, but never seen him do it, also told he had a bad motorbike accident and he has not been the same since. Again all rumors

You can find him wandering around Jomtien Complex, usually in some daggy cloths/pajamas etc. Walks constantly, to the shop and back home, am told he looks after his mother.

Always has a smile, and quick to bum a cigarette or 20 baht, but I always give in :)

Never had sex with him, (a friend has) and enjoyed it.

He has done a solo performance for myself and 2 friends in my hotel room one night. Was my friends idea and it was fun, I gave him 1,000 Baht which he appreciated.

Am in Australia and actually heading back to Pattaya in April this year





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