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Comment Jack
17 Jul 10
In the travel story of travel in Sri Lanka, a recommended driver was mentioned, but I cannot find email to contact for
5 from California arriving Colombo on Jan. 22 from KL (depart Jan. 29 back to KL>
Thanks for info
Comment Suzy Size
17 Jul 10
Sorry, Jack,

the mentioned driver in Kandy has no e-mail.

Comment jack
25 Jul 10
Will have to take chance then with somebody recommended from TripAdvisor...too bad he doesn't have a friend w/computer to
pass on to him my business...
just for information the box for Name/email is hardly noticeable in the pale greenish color that appears so when it came up with - u have a name dear, I did then catch is good lol

Comment Karl
25 Sep 10
If you still need a reliable and gayfriendly driver (he is not gay) in Sri Lanka feel free to contact me. I can tell you the contact details of the driver I always book when I go there. Karl

Comment Jack
23 Oct 10
sorry Karl, I didn't see your response in time and I went through 4 potential drivers before deciding on the one that I will use (not gay) & he is one suggested by Hans who is one of the contributors to Trip advisor forum questions...Plus his replies in English were really clear & well written no language problem it I should have put in my question when I presented it.




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