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Comment Victor
27 Nov 09
What is the strongest time-release pain medication (for back-pain: scoliosis) available without prescription in Bangkok ... and where can I get it?
Comment Bob Gainford
4 Dec 09
Why are you worried about non-prescription medication ?

Just go to Bumrungrad Hospital and you will get the medication you need.

Comment Victor
12 Dec 09
Thank you for your suggestion. It would make sense, if I had to deal with a one-time pain occurrance. But my back-pain has been tormenting me for many years and I cannot fly to Bangkok and go to the Bumrungrad each time my pain-medication runs out or loses its power. - But I can ask friends to bring me some back from Bangkok, where most of us Asia-residents interrupt their trips.

Comment Denis
24 Jan 10
Can anyone tell me the name/address of a good dental clinic/dentist in Bangkok or Pattaya?

Comment KD
16 Apr 10
A good long sex session will do more for your back than any medication you can take. It always works for me when I have back pain.




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