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Comment joolssh
5 Oct 09
Does anyone know what a social security card costs in Thailand?
Comment Patong Bob
10 Oct 09
You get one with your work permit. You must be paying tax on your permit to get one. You are supposed to get 30 baht treatment at Government Hospitals, but when I tried I was told "Not for Farang"...

Comment chuck666
14 Oct 09
why you want to get a 30 baht treatment?
this is for the poor.
i had several treatments in thailands hostpital some years ago and they still were cheap. some 100 bahts.

Comment Patong Bob
16 Oct 09
Because I was paying a lot of tax. Sondhi or Abhisit can get 30 baht treatment if they want. Poor people don't get cheap treatment unless they are paying tax.




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