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Comment Vance
17 May 09
Why do you always let people post Anti-American comments, but when anyone wants to respond you just pend their responses and never let them be posted. Is this Magazine Anti-American? If so let us know. before i wanted to support Suzy Size but now i think you are a bunch of hypocrits
Comment Editor
17 May 09
We release comments usually once a day and are not Anti-American. Just give us some time.

Comment Khadaffy Abubakar Janjalani
25 May 09
I thought that America is following the four freedom ,freedom from want,freedom from religion ,freedom from fear and freedon from speech and expression,I cannot find any wrong in posting here about what we want to say,to each other,many are critisizing boys from Asia.let us not bribe peoples,so that respect is always will abide forever.US new president has also a background here in Asia,and he knows Asia very well,and he knows that thru the dollar,peoples here will attract,and make as a puppet,anyway,lets us enjoy friendship,thru this wonderful site.




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