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Comment Derek
12 May 09
Where can i find a thai, chinese or Vietnamese guy in oakland or San Francisco who is looking for a relationship with a 50 year old businessman
Comment ra
18 May 09
If you deserve one, you will find one. If not, you won't. Good luck.

Comment nguyen
2 Jun 09
youre in first world country,and looking for thai,vietnamesse ,is this for relationship?or just looking for a care giver,you see ,you from US,wants a 3 in one,this means domestic helper,care giver and sex partner,then no pay,youre already in your 50s,and its ridiculous to hear that you have no lover,or experience,some to think that,why not look for American gay?or guy,this si because,they dont accept,you,they want also same age as them,go to Philippines instead.Nguyen of Oakland,

Comment jovic
8 Mar 10
am a mix chinesse and foreign blooded i live here in the philippines,hope to know more of u.if u are interested feel free to contact me in my mobile +639264663649 jovic here...

Comment jovic
19 Mar 10
guess u are not interested with me but just want u to know that am still interested on u.feel free to add my yahoo id and will get in touch and see what will




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