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Comment Jin
20 Apr 09
Where can I find porn of asian guys fucking black guys or websites of asian who like to fuck black guys I think that is such a turn on.
Comment pattana
30 Apr 09

we dont appreciate black here in Asia,for black is Americanm,and this means same ways ,same,traits and same tradition,they are fond of sating fucking,bits,and they are also fond of counting what their spend,By the wayare you asking a DVD or magazines,I advice you to refer it to Filipino's for they accept whoever you are,especially is u have a dollar.

Comment Vance
12 May 09
Wow that is really prejudice!! whom ever answered this guys question is narrow minded. So basically you are saying that Asians don't like Americans. yeah they may be fond of counting what they spend, but Asians are always wanting more than what they give, so since it is all about money maybe Blacks and Asians have more in common then you want to admit.

Comment Le
16 May 09
Why do youguys always pend any repsonse that is not pro Thai? You guys are heck of prejudice. stcky rice sucks

Comment ra
18 May 09
good to see that racism is alive and well in asia.

Comment deng xiao ping
28 May 09
racism is all over the world,here in Beijing we send home 54 Mexicans home,then you must be wrong in telling that black and Asian are the same,for Asia is an empire since the beginning of World history,its only the introduction of cross is southern Asia,that many are christianized,in other world,even without westerner,we Asian are already civilized,racism here in constructive,not know what I meant.




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