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Comment tj
15 Dec 12
Please advise us first time travelers what reward is generally acceptable for a short time liaison versus an all niter. I would hate to offend my new friend by asking in advance.
Comment Monsoonxx
24 Feb 13
check out the website ( Yes it is spelt - bois - not boys. There is a section called \"How much is that puppy in the window. The cost of a night with a gogo boy in Thailand\". It has suggested renumeration for Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket. This site also has lots of info for first timers to Thailand and has some great stories to read as well for all.

Comment Jack
22 Jun 13
500 was the acceptable rate for quicky and they all seem to want that and off as fast as they can get you or himself but they keep calling wanting another \"but I love you\" meeting. That would be for BJ or boom boom...that was as of March 2013.




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