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A place for the faithful in gay Pattaya

D. D. Inn: An ideal starting point for the pursuit of happiness

By Suzy Size, your gay guide to Thailand and Asia

D. D. Inn Pattaya welcomes gay guests)
Only 15 meters from gay Jomtien beach…
When your heroine Suzy Size finally returned from her bloody trip to Mexico – via a prolonged stopover in her native Zurich – she was naturally eager to meet her Mia Noi as usual at her favorite short time hotel: The well known D. D. Inn, just 15 minutes from gay Jomtien beach. The D. D. Inn is much more than a convenient place for the beach visitor who just might have met a stunning young man who offers one of those very healthy and rewarding “massages in the room” which naturally come with a happy ending. This turns said fine, but inexpensive hotel – so to speak - in an ideal starting point for the pursuit of happiness. It also offers very decent rooms for the budget traveler who likes to be close to gay Jomtien beach. The prices at D. D. Inn are really very competitive. And if you run out of luck, there are always a few nice young men working at the D. D. Inn itself that are very eager to meet wiser, elder men for a chat and possibly for a visit of the Suzy Size suit, which is the infamous room 205. The recently renewed bar is equally a reason to stay – short or longer – at the D. D. Inn as is the large book shelve where the guests can borrow a good read during their happy stay at this nice little gay hotel. For the details always go to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World or click through directly to the website of the D. D. Inn.

Bar of D. D. Inn, Jomtien)
Have a sundowner at the renovated bar
Four days after her return to Pattaya Suzy Size got a call from the Mia Noi who was very eager to meet your heroine at the D. D. Inn. She had already heard that your heroine was back in town from Win, who was the predecessor of the present Mia Noi. Win had dumped almost heartbroken Miss Size for a rich Swiss guy some years back and had no longer “time” (as the wording was) for hanky-panky at the D. D. Inn. Win had become – to the chagrin of your heroine – faithful to that rich Swiss bastard who even bought business class tickets for his Thai lover for those frequent stage appearances there. And Win had been on the same flight back to Thailand sitting in business class as usual, Miss Size was flying business as exception, bought with all those miles she has traveled for this website.

An unfaithful gay Thai guy

D. D. Inn is located in Pattaya gay beach)
Location, location, location, but still an inexpensive hotel
As the frequent readers of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World know, Miss Size is no longer allowed to visit her Mia Noi at her quarters since she – too! – has one of those dreaded boyfriends with lots of money who demands faithfulness, but are no longer interested in sex with their partner. Just to test the waters, Suzy proposed to the Mia Noi once again, to become unfaithful – for once – to the beloved D. D. Inn and to meet at the private quarters of the Mia Noi, to spice things up a bit, by doing something forbidden. But this was not allowed:

“Too many spies.”, said the Mia Noi quite firmly.

And Suzy Size – who knew that tone from her Thai boyfriend of so many years – realized instantly, there was no chance!

Library of D. D. Inn Pattaya)
Visitors can borrow books at D. D. Inn
But Suzy was so bloody busy with clearing the usual mess in the gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo after returning from a long trip, she could not meet the Mia Noi for several days. And then her best friend in Switzerland died and Suzy had to return for his funeral in a rush. She called the Mia Noi on her last day in Thailand several times to urgently meet at the D. D. Inn, but to no avail: The line of the Mia Noi was off all day, only from the Bangkok airport could Suzy finally reach her at night…

Friedhof Nordheim, burial site for Peter Meier)
The friend of Suzy Size was buried here
The funeral of Peter Meier – best friend of your heroine for 36 years – was awful. The young female priest insinuated that the deceased had known many interesting women, but never accomplished to get married and found a family. Deary, the man was openly gay almost all his life and a pioneer in the gay circles of Zurich!

So when Suzy Size returned from Switzerland for the second time to wonderful gay Pattaya, she did not wait long: She called the Mia Noi very soon to urgently meet her at the D. D. Inn, handed over the usual perfume she owed from a longer absence and the pursuit of happiness could commence at once. They both reached heaven after quite a short time.

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