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More detours to heavenly gay Mexico City

It is certainly not over till the fat lady sings!

By Suzy Size, your terribly old gay guide to Asia and the gay world

Bellas Artes in Mexico City)
They have great buildings in Mexico City.
When your benign heroine Suzy Size prepared herself for gay Mexico City back in Castelgandolfo, she naturally had a look at the escorts on Gay Romeo. Here, Miss Size found a stunning young man called “Cutter333” who was more boyish than the usual Suzy Size hunks, but absolutely gorgeous. If you, diligent users of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World check him out, you certainly will be thrilled or even enchanted as well.

“Young hot athletic Latino looking boy in your city. Hot bubble muscled butt, nice hard cock and very nice lean muscles for you to enjoy.”

Time and again your heroine looked at that wonderful body and the godly ass of said Cutter333 which probably was one of the reasons for Suzy to ride again, to go on a last gay crusade in Mexico. Your heroine just had to have that ass at least once in her life, thereafter she was ready – without much grumbling - to part for heaven or hell, if this was going to be the final fate of Miss Size.

Papi in gay Mexico City has male strippers)
Suzy Size was often called Papi in gay Mexico
But your horny heroine has been badly disappointed in the past! Veteran users of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, like Eduard in Kuala Lumpur, will – without doubt – remember Troy and the tragic events in Johor Bahru! Or how your heartbroken heroine was unable to meet Darrick, darling, last year in Belem and almost jumped into the Amazon River to finally meet the piranhas!

No, instead of putting all eggs in the basket of Cutter333, Miss Size posted a travel ad as well on Gay Romeo which caused quite some reactions.

And – as always – Suzy Size was going to check out the gay bar scene of Mexico City where “Papi Fun Bar” with its strippers and go-go boys without doubt was of a certain interest, together with “Wawis” bar, the name meaning blowjob after all.

So when your heroine had checked in at Zurich airport, to fly with Air France to Paris and then to Mexico City, she said to herself:

“Now, nothing can go wrong any longer!”

Hustler in gay Mexico City)
Even the Mexican gay boys have a tendency of getting fat
Well over an hour before the departure Suzy Size sat at the gate, her thoughts were in gay Mexico already, naturally in and around the godly ass of Cutter333.

Then – shortly before boarding time – your heroine overheard some American fellow travelers: The flight that was bringing the passengers to Paris was delayed by at least two hours. Since the time for changing planes in Paris only was 1 hour and 40 minutes, Miss Size was not going to make it to Mexico City today…

When your nervous heroine arrived at the transfer desk, there was only one passenger before her in the queue, but he took forever. Finally Suzy could approach the only attendant – the queue behind her had swollen considerably. The friendly young man tried his best to find a seat on a plane to Amsterdam and then to Mexico City, but to no avail. Then he asked about Frankfurt to Mexico City with Lufthansa? The answer took forever.

He saw on his screen that the ticket of Suzy had been issued in Thailand and therefore started to talk Thai with your heroine. This Swiss man had been born and was raised in Thailand: Small world!

And when Suzy checked his name tag, she realized she knew his father as well as his mother and conveyed greetings to them.

Then came the answer: Lufthansa could transport your heroine to Mexico City and to her one and only wonder-boy Cutter333!

But your heroine had to rush: Get back her checked-in luggage which was not easy. Then check-in again with Lufthansa, rush through security again.

When Miss Size finally arrived at the gate, boarding had already far proceeded, but it was not yet too late, she was well on the way to Mexico now.

Isabel Hotel in old Mexico City)
Old Hotel Isabel was a great place to stay in Mexico City
After passing through immigration procedures Suzy Size now changed some money into Mexican Pesos. Then she bought a prepaid taxi ticket at an inflated price. It was 310 Pesos (about 28 $ US) and the cashier obviously tried to cheat your heroine. She had handed him two 200 Peso bills and he had initially returned two 20 Peso bills only. When Suzy complained, he added the missing 50 Peso bill without excusing himself. All the others that tried to cheat Miss Size during her time in Mexico in the very same obviously so common way, at least excused themselves, pretending it was an accident.

The driver of the expensive taxi – the return taxi to the airport a few days later was only 130 Pesos – had no clue and drove your heroine initially to a completely wrong hotel, blaming your heroine for the mishap, who was as innocent as a new born baby, had just arrived in an almost unknown city – the first and last visit to Mexico had taken place more than thirty years ago – and was incredible tired after a 12 hours flight. For your heroine it was now 4 am in the morning, for the locals only 9pm.

The old hotel Isabel was a pure delight and after two beers at the hotel bar, Miss Size called it a day, despite the internet offer of an aggressive money boy to visit your heroine right away for 100 $ US an hour.

Luis wanted to chat through skype as well, but Miss Size diverted him for latter, too.

Rainbowland in the Zona Rosa of Mexico City)
Many gay places of Mexico City are in the Zona Rosa
The first few days in Mexico City Suzy Size was very careful, took a slow approach, after all this is a dangerous place. In front of each and every shop there is at least one guard and lots of heavily armed police men and women roam the inner city, the old town and the Zona Rosa at all times. Your heroine did hide her money in three different locations when walking through the streets of Mexico City in search of interesting sights and the beautiful male.

First she located the most important gay places of Mexico City that are also listed in the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World.

Sadly Suzy Size must report: “Wawis” bar, the name meaning blowjob, has been closed down for violating building regulations…

“Papi Fun Bar” in the Zona Rosa (where most gay bars of Mexico City are located close together) was kind of fun, but totally overcrowded during the weekends. All those bars are more for young people. “Oasis”, relatively close to the hotel of your heroine was nicer than expected, became the watering hole of Suzy Size, but it is the ghetto of old men with a large digital juke box.

Oasis gay bar located in Mexico City)
A friendly waiter of gay bar Oasis in Mexico City
And, where is the meat in gay Mexico City?

All those internet acquaintances turned out to be a waste of time: The two hustlers that molested your heroine on their own initiative were in no respect Suzy Size hunks. One of them was so incredibly ugly that the sheer thought of having sex against payment with him was absolutely absurd.

Luis, with whom Suzy chatted on skype for a while – who supposedly was into old men like your heroine – suddenly turned out to be outside Mexico City and before he could ask for transportation money or a similar scam, Miss Size broke off the whole useless thing.

Leaving alone - the one and only - Cutter333!

Shy Suzy Size had finally contacted him by mail and asked him, how much he was charging for an initial hour? Your heroine had also asked, if he might be available as a companion for travels, if the sex thing worked out well.

The answer came quickly: He wanted 1700 Peso (about 150 $ US) for the hour and – indeed – he was also available as a travel companion at an undisclosed amount of money.

Your horny heroine wrote back immediately, the price – though high – was OK and proposed as a date Sunday afternoon. But there was no answer. Suzy Size tried to call cute Cutter333 on his phone as well, but he did just not answer. Monday morning slightly saddened Suzy Size – still a virgin on Mexican soil – flew to Puerto Vallarta where this so unnatural state of virginity naturally ended quickly.

Unfortunate Cutter333 took almost a week to answer. Maybe on the way back there will be another window of opportunity to get a hand on that godly ass in Mexico City: Cutter333 wake up!

Readers Comments
5788 jr 15 Jun 13
Contribute to your travels, but you're willing to pay a hustler $150 an hour plus tip???

5808 Suzy Size 18 Jun 13
That is why Suzy Size desperately needs donations...
The ass of that guy would be worth 1000 $ for 15 minutes.




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