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A monk making and pay-day in Nong Khai

The gay gang from Pattaya came to Nong Khai as well

By Suzy Size, your terribly old gay guide to Asia and the gay world

Nong Khai: The gay gang has not arrived yet)
A normal human being before he is made a monk
When your heroine Suzy Size sold 5 rai (1 rai is 1600 square meters) of land in Nong Khai in January this was an excellent business: In roughly 4 years her speculative investment has thus tripled in value. But this is not due to the intelligence or the farsightedness of your homosexual heroine it is all owed to the clever deals the gay Thai boyfriend of so many years Khun Amorn - struck with the invisible powers that roam that fair kingdom. Invisible, by the way, are those mighty powers only for the ignorant farang who obviously knows nothing, is so incredibly unaware. For people like Khun Amorn who grew up with all those spirits and Buddhist ways to deal with them our approach of hard work and rational behavior maybe even diligence and endurance is just hilarious or maybe even primitive.

Chairs delivered for gay party in Nong Khai)
Of all colors, the chairs came in pink
Much more important are the right rituals in due time. And looking at the whole business from the happy ending it is undeniable that Khun Amorn has a point. Not only was that a very smooth and civilized deal at the Nong Khai land office a small amount under the table did speed up the process considerably and no unfriendly questions were asked why the officially declared (and taxable) profit was so terribly small the cashiers check was credited in one and a half days to the account of Suzy Size. Money, therefore, or the lack of money rather, is not the reason why your heroine is not continuing her seemingly endless Gay World Friendship Tour and her weekly reports on Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World. It is rather old age and the lack of remaining places worth a visit by your heroine: Besides of the extensive traveling through gay Asia (only gay South Korea and gay Japan being left as terra incognita) Miss Size was in gay Russia and the gay Baltic States, gay Europe, gay South Africa and all over gay South America. There are only Mexico and some Caribbean islands left that would interest your heroine strongly to search for friendly young men and exotic plants there. But the rampant criminality in Mexico spoils that appetite considerably.

Sexy fishermen in gay Nong Khai)
Trying to catch big fish is always advisable
The share of the profit Khun Amorn drew from that great land deal was enough to pay back the debts accumulated over the years with your heroine, to buy a new I-phone and a reasonable new car. But it was not enough to buy that Chevrolet Captiva Khun Amorn really wanted, no, just needed like a fish needs the water. He returned to that one so mighty temple to do good deeds (tam boon) where he had gone to pray for the land deal to go through. After all this had been an undeniable success.

And when Suzy Size saw his determination, she gave in and paid the amount still missing to buy that captivating Chevrolet, fearing for instance he might risk the money he had in gambling to close the gap and possibly loosing it all.

And thus the incredible power of that mighty temple was proven once again!

Renovating Castelgandolfo II

Biig fish swim in the Nong Khai pond of Suzy Size)
Big fish caught in Nong Khai at last
Those deals with the invisible powers can be as complex as a complicated merger is in real business. Khun Amorn apparently had promised to become a monk for the duration of 15 days, if the land and the car deal went both through. And as the old Romans already knew pacta sunt servanda, agreements must be kept. And this is especially true in dealing with such mighty business partners.

So Khun Amorn moved from gay Pattaya to not so terribly gay Nong Khai and overlooked the renovation (new painting) of Castelgandolfo II. Around 300 guests were invited for the grand monk making party and Khun Amorn wanted to receive his many guests in style, in a clean or even immaculate place. Your heroine had to pay for this renovation as well, but after almost 12 years the house really needed a new coating and other amendments.

The avocado harvest in Nong Khai will start in August)
The avocado tree in Nong Khai will flourish again soon
Normally this monk making - which is an initiation rite - takes place at the age of 20, but in the case of Khun Amorn it was delayed by roughly 24 years for many different reasons. But when it now finally took place, the delay had to be made up for by splendor. Not less than 144 bottles of whisky alone besides many other drinks - were purchased to receive the many guests. Countless friends, relatives and neighbors helped with the preparations, the setting up of tables, the cooking etc.

But, alas, this was fun too: Countless fish were caught with big nets in the fish pond which always is a happy and lucky event in Thailand. A stage was erected and singers performed during the night before Khun Amorn entered the monkhood.

The parents, relatives and friends cut off strains of hair from the head of Khun Amorn, before a nearby barber finally shaved the head of the temporary monk to be.

Khun Amorn, by the way, was not allowed to drink any alcohol during the preparations and the big send-off party and he stuck to this obligation as well.

The gay group from Pattaya arrives in Nong Khai)
A truly gay party up in Nong Khai
There was a large gay group at the party as well. Some friends of Khun Amorn had come from gay Pattaya to grace the festivities with their presence. When you look at the pictures your seasoned eyes will with no doubt recognize them. We are always so obvious, are we not?

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Are ladyboys allowed to be monks?
I'm looking forward to seeing you joining the monkhood.




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