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A last return to gay Phnom Penh?

Suzy rides again but not exactly gangnam style

By Suzy Size, your terribly old gay guide to Asia and the gay world

Smooth traveling from Don Mueang
No long lines at the nearly empty airport
When two straight friends announced to your heroine, they were going to Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, Suzy Size decided lightheartedly to join them to revisit once again gay Phnom Penh and gay Sihanoukville. When Miss Size was driven to the old Bangkok Don Mueang airport, she could not imagine yet the terrible double humiliation she was going to experience in gay Phnom Penh and therefore was in a quite cheerful mood. A few months earlier some airlines had moved back to that former airport, amongst them Air Asia, the favorite no frills carrier of your diligent sentinel for Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World. Suzy wondered how it would feel to return to the old Bangkok airport?

Delicious food at Don Mueang airport)
Sushi at Fuji at Don Mueang airport in Bangkok
The line at the check-in was remarkably short, only three persons were cueing in front of your heroine. The guy just in front of her was obviously gay, equally cheerful as Miss Size and he started some small talk:

Have you been away from home for long?

Apparently he thought your seasoned gay traveler to be a bloody first time tourist!

About twenty two years, Suzy replied with a bitter-sweet voice which shut him up. The line at feared Immigration was even shorter and Suzy was in the international part of the airport in no time. She had some Sushi at Fuji and there that gay sex tourist from the cue was again. Suzy smiled that extra phony smile at him and he got the message, sat down at another table, far from your heroine.

(Eduard, when you come next time to Thailand, fly in through Don Mueang: Much faster than at the new airport! You do not have to walk for ever and even the luggage is handled high speed. And the air conditionings work well here, you almost freeze to death.)

Suzy, by the way, saw that gay sex tourist again at Blue Chilli and almost haunting your heroine he was also on the flight back to Thailand!

Sexy man in gay Phnom Penh
A sexy fellow but maybe too young?
Suzy Size stayed at Flamingos Hotel once more and was picked up at the airport by that same fat driver that always works there. The neighborhood, especially due to the countless straight sex and beer bars in Rue Pasteur, has even more gone down the drain than before, feels much like Pattaya thirty years ago. Even in the morning you see collapsed beer drinkers sleeping off their intoxications whilst others have started drinking again.

Suzy Size had dinner with her straight friends and then naturally joined the gay Phnom Penh crowds at Blue Chilli. There was a nice young man there that caught the attention of your heroine. He was quite funny and your heroine paid him some beers.

Naturally he wanted to join Miss Size for the night or short time, but Suzy turned him down for now. She had him come over the next afternoon instead and he came, indeed, they actually both came, eventually.

All OK, but those strange sexual actions are not as thrilling as in the spring days, the youthful years of your heroine. Routine, nice to have, if easily available, but should one really go the extra mile for that?

Bored in gay Sihanoukville

Cambodian whores gather here)
Rainbow Guest House in Sihanoukville is not, what it seems
Sihanoukville is full of backpackers these days, infested by them. Those too young, silly guys got on the nerves of your heroine as well. She had contacted Rith by mail, a gay guide to Sihanoukville who advertises his precious services in the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, but then Suzy never called his number. She has met him before and he is a nice kid, but hardly a Suzy Size hunk, not exactly the type of your heroine.

Miss Size went on extensive walks through Sihanoukville instead and suddenly saw a sign for a guest house with a most interesting name: Rainbow.

But when your not too horny heroine followed that sign that alley was full of old female whores who offered massages in the broad daylight.

Your now horrified homosexual heroine naturally fled the scene.

Miss Size has no plans ever to return to bloody Sihanoukville, absolutely no reason to go there.

2 Colours is a new gay bar in Phnom Penh)
Arun is the truly friendly face at this Phnom Penh gay bar
Back in gay Phnom Penh for another two nights, Suzy Size went to 2 Colours, just around the corner of Blue Chilli in Street 13. This is the latest gay bar of Phnom Penh with manager Arun being the friendly face of the place. Suzy had a beer there and joked a bit with some of the boys whose attention most of the time was taken by their smart phones and not by your slightly frustrated heroine. Then Miss Size asked the way to Rainbow bar and Mr. Arun gave her clear directions. Unfortunately the show there (it was a weekend) was still on and Miss Size seated herself as far away from the dreadful action: Your heroine has just seen too many of those idiotic drag shows with talent free performers.

A balding 21 years old boy that reminded Miss Size not little of Goofy approached her and asked whether or not she would like to see the show at Blue Chilli?

Your heroine explained Goofy that she just hates those silly drag shows and avoids them like the plague!

And then the first Phom Penh humiliation hit Miss Size like a knockout blow in a long boxing fight:

Are you really gay?, Goofy asked your queer icon and homosexual heroine!

The new gay bar of Phnom Penh is called 2 Colours
2 Colours is just around the corner of Blue Chilli
It was Mr. Pov, a slightly chubby waiter at rainbow, that saved the life of Miss Size by delivering an express beer to her table. That roughly 35 year old man also offered his priceless massage services to your shattered heroine and handed a card with his secret, almost sacred telephone number to Suzy: This valuable number has been added to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, section gay Phnom Penh. But for now Suzy wanted to go on to Blue Chilli where the dreadful show by now must have ended.

And when your heroine arrived there, most of the guests had left or were leaving the show just had ended indeed.

Goofy and other very young men in their early twenties were still there and talked a bit to your heroine who repeated here deep aversion against those dreadful drag shows not unlike a loving mother that tries to straighten out a misbehaving child.

But those young men did not agree with Suzy Severa Size at all, they insisted those so silly shows were great fun and they just loved them!

And then almost out of the blue they called your heroine:


And the repeated this title on and on.

They had always called Suzy grandpa it turned out - since she had arrived in gay Phnom Penh this time around.

Well, from their boyish perspective, they certainly had a point, but it was not a flattering title at all.

Suzy then realized, she is getting too old for such nonsense and in earnest contemplated retiring from Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World and her seemingly eternal blog.

But then, next afternoon, she looked up the number of Mr. Pov there, called him and had that somewhat older guy coming over to grandpa and giving him one of those so healthy and hearty massages with happy ending.

That is obviously the better approach to gay Phnom Penh than hanging around with silly kids always playing their smart phones when not insulting your hurt heroine.


Readers Comments
5461 Ian, London 16 Mar 13
Such an endearing term of affection and respect from the younger crowd to their beloved parents' father. Admittedly I am glad my young men use the term Uncle, which doesn't make me sound quite so old.

5462 SpeedyBB 17 Mar 13
Well it makes exciting travel journalism but the arrival of the SS does rather seem to be exuding annoyance and hostility. Do you not feel the reflection? Where's the playfulness? That's what sanuk, or its Cambodian equivalent, should be all about, but the SS Panzer Division barging in and passing judgment on the local yokels - well it would appear that 'Grandpa' is really the nicest thing they could have adorned you with.

Maybe you are indeed getting world-weary. We do enjoy reading it though - all that barely disguised nastiness and feel-the-fabric oh-god-I've-been-here-before eye-rolling adds drama.

But the question posed is, "Are we having a good time yet?" Apparently not.

5464 ivan 17 Mar 13
Don't worry, I am 30 years youger than you and I have always hated drag shows. It is nothing to do with age. It is just good taste.

5465 Victoria in Kyoto 17 Mar 13
Susanna, I thought, you had enough of travelling (at least for a while), but I see, you are "on the road" again.
You could do your readers a favor, if you would name (in the next issue) about 3 of your best loved gay-travel-destinations. I am sure, many of your readers trust your judgement, especially those in about your age, and would love to know, which places YOU consider to be the most promising ones.
Another suggestion: Why don`t you open your journal again to contributions from other travelers? Especially those, who have traveled in Muslim-countries ...

5467 Anonymous 18 Mar 13
Were the three people cueing (sic) in front of you at DMK snooker players or stage managers...?

5478 Jack/annonhymous lol Palm 22 Mar 13
Trip Advisor shows an excessive amount of complaints about the Flamingo Hotel in PP...Can u tell us why you would stay there aan you offer a review of various price catagories of hotel which would have made your article interesting (along with nice restaurant reviews for lunch or dinner?) Your travel stories lack substance and I see no reason to go to PP from your reports but having been there, it is an interesting capital in many ways. Instead of Dear Diary report, perhaps some insights of PP and comments on the new branch of the gay Yellow Banana Hotel of Siem Reap would be more enlightening to possible visitors. They offered me a couple months ago a soft-opening rate, but I couldn't go there to take them up on it. I'm aware of your So America travels, but nothing written would make me want to visit or try it, etc. etc. I suppose I should know of your conquests, or lack of, but hope these shallow reports can be invigorated soon. How about even a report on that great 6 story Sansuk addition for the sauna chasers...Punya has a great work under construction for sure

5481 Anonymous 24 Mar 13
It's not yellow banana, it's Golden Banana in Siem Reap and their new place in Phnom Penh is called Rambutan. Miss Suzy could hardly have been expected to stay there as it has just opened and she doesn't do wet plaster... The opening was delayed. It opened properly mid March.

5488 Steve 25 Mar 13
Hola Suzy,
I'm so glad to see some new entries from you. As some commentators have mentioned, there does seem to be a touch of weltschmertz in your latest article. I hope it will pass, and before long you are back in the saddle and back on the road. I love your columns and I look forward to reading many more.

5491 Eduard 26 Mar 13
When is your next book launch Suzy dear?
Can we have it in Vientiane? I'm feeling a litlle romantic...

5710 Anonymous 30 May 13
Grandpa. I'm mortified.




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