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Kissing the sexy gay Sao Paulo boys bye, bye

A long Brazilian journey ends well in a notorious gay Sao Paulo sauna

By Suzy Size, your grand gay guide to Sao Paulo and Brazil

Strange tree in Sao Paulo Republica Square
A funny tree besides the gay bars in Sao Paulo
The flight from Fortaleza to Sao Paulo was slightly delayed and when your heroine Suzy Size reached the last leg of her youngest Gay World Friendship Tour it was freezing cold. The temperatures had fallen to 18 degrees Celsius, quite a shock after the 34 degrees in Fortaleza and now your heroine was underdressed, contrary to her experience at Termas Boa Vista, the famous gay sauna of Recife, if you remember the embarrassment. Naturally Miss Size had booked a hotel again near Republica Square, just walking distance from several gay bars and saunas, especially beloved Paradise for Men where here (once) one and only Bruno worked as a go go boy. Since there is an inexpensive bus right from the main Sao Paulo airport to Republica Square, your stingy heroine had intended to take the bus. But now with these horrible temperatures and that bitter cold rain the fur coats of your heroine neatly packed into the numerous suitcases and not available immediately she took a taxi after all.

Mortadella sandwich at Mercado Municipal Sao Paulo
Power sandwich for hungry, horny men
Have a look at that funny tree or plant (above) that grows besides some of the Sao Paulo gay bars around Republic Square, naturally your gardening heroine took some seeds with her back to good old Pattaya. Besides of that constant search for male semen, Miss Size is also eager to take home seeds of promising plants that are unknown to her. For that good cause and an appetite for meat like in this great Mortadella sandwich your heroine naturally returned to fabulous Mercado Municipal several times during her last four day stay in Sao Paulo. She bought a whole Mortadella here and brought it back to good old Pattaya. She bought black olives here as well from Chile, had 1.6 kilos vacuumed and they arrived well in Thailand, too. Several salamis traveled to the land of the free as well with your so meat-hungry heroine.

And Miss Size bought several cocoa fruits containing many beans to grow back home in Castelgandolfo. Your nave heroine carefully dried them in the sun before finally planting them several weeks back in Pattaya.

It was only yesterday that your hapless heroine realized thanks to a google search that cocoa beans only can germinate a few days after the fruit is opened and by drying them Suzy Size has destroyed all her seeds and all her hopes, to become the cocoa baroness of Thailand!

Gay sauna pleasures in Sao Paulo

Helpful caps in rainy Sao Paulo
Take off your caps when entering your favorite gay sauna in Sao Paulo
Suzy Size was a bit tired or even exhausted after almost three months on the road through Brazil, Chile and Argentina, dutifully checking out all kind of gay bars and saunas for Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World. Now, back in Sao Paulo, she thought about returning to Termas Fragata where she had good, but quite expensive times in the past. Or she was contemplating to visit the equally expensive boys at Thermas Lagoa where she had angered a guy with whom she was kissing already when she saw another one with even a bigger cock and instantly abandoned the first one: The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. To reach both places your heroine would have had to take a taxi. Then she had to pay an expensive entrance fee. Also their short time rooms were not as inexpensive as in the saunas in the Northeast. And the boys back in Sao Paulo in those posh places would ask for 80 Reais (abot 50 $ US), instead of the more user friendly 50 Reais in the gay saunas of Salvador, Recife or Fortaleza.

Catholic priests have a ball with Sao Paulo boys
Is this foreign priest molesting local boys?
Look, gay traveler to Brazil and the world in general, the stocks of your heroine have fallen further recently. This was a fun, but quite expensive trip and donations have only been coming in on a sheer unthinkable scale, have practically dried up completely. Why, the hell, should Suzy Size leave her so nice Republica neighborhood at all? The somewhat sleazy Paradise for Men was walking distance away from her hotel, could be accessed in flip-flops during that permanent rain. And another thing Suzy Size had learnt: The Paradise for Men is most vivid in the afternoons, the going rate is 50 Reais.

Your horny heroine spent even her last afternoon in this so benevolent institution, before she boarded a plane back to Bangkok via Istanbul: Kissing the sexy gay Sao Paulo and Brazilian guys in general bye, bye

Readers Comments
2932 Eduard 4 Jul 11
Don't despair Suzy. Simply grind those dried cocoa beans & make yourself a healthy drink.
Welcome home & have a good rest in good old Pattaya.




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