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Gay Guide for Asia

A gay Asian fantasy in Istanbul

But a hard landing on the European side

By Suzy Size, gay Istanbul

istanbul-2011/1The regular readers of this blog on Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World will probably remember incredible and young Yuksel? He is the founder and proprietor of the helpful Istanbul Queens website. Whenever you plan to go to gay Istanbul, you should consult said website (you can conveniently click through to his website from the Pink Pages of this global guide). Or you can hire the man (Yuksel, that is) as your personal gay guide. He speaks English exceptionally well, is polished, intelligent, funny, you name it. But the best of all is his killer smile (besides his juicy ass). If your heroine Suzy Size owned any toothpaste brand, she would hire young Yuksel as the sole model to promote it and Miss Size is sure she would make millions with that clever strategic move alone.

If you should want to hire him as your guide, he probably will not be cheap. He is a working man, manager of first class service apartments in the center of Istanbul, has his own car and is not a silly or cheap money boy.

To be very clear, old cows out there: He has had the same steady partner for exactly 10 years now and is very happy in this relationship. Do not dare to interfere! Behave, at least for once!

istanbul-2011/2So when your heroine called busy Yuksel, it was very clear, there would not be any hanky-panky at all, a coffee maybe, somewhere in the Istikal area, at best. Young Yuksel proposed to meet at Caf Ist, a very nice place, where the two had gone before. Yuksel was there already waiting for your heroine when Suzy Size entered the premises. He got up and the two protagonists intensely hugged each other as they had done before. Getting hugged by young Yuksel is like winning the lottery, this hug alone was worth flying all the way from Bangkok via Istanbul to Zurich and back to Istanbul!

The two ladies chatted for a while over a Latte, shared a cheese cake together and almost got into a fight who should have the last piece: Suzy insisted on Yuksel, Yuksel insisted on Suzy, this went back and force three to five times. In the end they shared that last piece and thus harmony was reinstated.

istanbul-2011/3Then in a surprise move, long planned by your daring heroine Suzy Size took a personalized copy of Wanderlust in Gay Asia out of her green and strange backpack and graciously handed it over to young Yuksel as a unique present. This made great impression on him, especially when Suzy told him he was part of the book, since your heroine describes her first, and almost historic meeting with Yuksel in the Istanbul episodes.

(By the way, since those gay travel tales in Asia were banned by the silly censors of Singapore, sales have been skyrocketing. Rush to the nearest book store in Thailand, if you want to secure your own copy or order the Gay Bible right through the Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World to any location on the globe, including the North and South Pole and Singapore.)

So impressed was young Yuksel, he even insisted in paying the bill for your hollow heroine!

istanbul-2011/4And, he also invited Miss Size to visit him around 4 pm that afternoon at his luxury Service Apartments.

I would like to show them to you and we can have a coffee.

Suzy Size almost fainted.

Was this not code?

Saying, I would like to show you my praised stamp collection?

Meaning, I want to tear all the clothes off you and lick you everywhere!

Suzy played cool, responded, if I can make it, I may come by. I am not sure yet. I hope to be around in your area then.

Ha, what a farce!

But this had been the plan of Miss Size from the start. She had only agreed to write a book to get rich and famous. Then she would be chased by young and butch groupies all over the world who wanted to have sex with her. She would case by case accept their many applications. She would interview the most promising ones for a so called screen (or bed) test and thus separate the ones worth writing about and the ones absolutely useless (in any given sense).

istanbul-2011/5So Suzy Size frantically walked through beautiful Istanbul killing time to that 4 pm deadline when the gates to heaven would finally open.

She went to the Istanbul Spice Market like under the influence of some heavy drugs, not seeing anything, not hearing anything, not doing anything. It was most probably the same type of drug the Taliban used to incite hatred amongst the Libyans against their dear revolutionary leader.

She passed Gallata bridge several times, still looking for Abidin, her one and only love, but he had gone long ago, it felt like centuries ago, and there was no trace of him.

Suzy just shed a tear or two.

But now new hope was arising, pinned to young Yuksel.

The silly Americans would probably say: Happy days are here again.

Suzy Size even skipped a beer at Gallata bridge and arrived at the Service Apartments of Yuksel at 4 pm sharp.

She asked for him at the reception.

Does he know you?, was the question from the somewhat nosy receptionist.

I guess so., answered Miss Size.

Yuksel turned up in no time, he hugged your heroine in that specific Yuksel way again.

Up they went with the elevator, very close to heaven already.

The view over the Bosporus was striking.

Suzy Size was carefully planning her next steps.

Yuksel was cooking some coffee.

Should Suzy just open his fly and suck that power tool?

Or tear down his pants and fuck him right there on that expensive leather sofa?

Such developments are quite common in Asia, as you all know, gay travelers to Asia and the world.

And then Onur walked in, the boyfriend of Yuksel and another GOD in a human body.

istanbul-2011/6The three ladies made friendly conversation for about an hour, till Yuksel hinted, the two of them had to move over to the Asian side.

The grandmother of Yuksel just had died the other day at 82.

Many friends and relatives came by these troubled days to visit the family. So Yuksel and Onur had to be there in the evenings to receive the many guests, over at the Asian side.

Suzy Size said goodbye to them in an honorable way.

She wished she could be with them on the Asian side, where so many gay wonders normally happen.

But she was here no doubt - on the European side of Istanbul and suffered of her hard landing in reality.

And she was looking forward to meeting Bruno again at Paradise for Men in Sao Paulo.

Do you remember Bruno?

You really should

Read next week about him and all the others.

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