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Gay Guide for Asia

Home, sweet home in good gay Pattaya

Many new wonders in the luscious gardens of Castelgandolfo I and II

By Suzy Size, your gay guide through Asia and the world

Helpful sign in good old Pattaya
Watch out for clear and present danger
Almost four months have passed since your exhausted heroine returned home to Pattaya from her 12 weeks on the road. The lost suitcase containing the precious seeds turned up eventually, they were all planted and most of them did sprout. The Mia Noi is as horny as ever and calls at last once a week, back to the gay Pattaya sex routine. Many new wonders could be detected in the luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo, the somewhat pretentious residence of your heroine outside Pattaya. Namely the Burma tomatoes, an old variety that still has taste was a huge success story.

Tomatoes for sale  in Pattaya
An old tomato variety with taste from Burma
Miss Size had brought some seeds from Burma and the able Thai gardener had grown them in the absence of your heroine. In long isolated Burma this old variety had survived and the Thai brother in law can sell the seedlings well on the local plants market in North Pattaya during the weekends.

That owl hopefully kills many squirrels
Naturally the bird of wisdom built headquarters in the garden of your heroine
An owl has installed himself in the back part of the gardens, loves the niche in the wall as a starting point for hunting sprees. Hopefully he will reduce the squirrel pest your gardening heroine is suffering of. Those squirrels dig out plants and eat passion fruits, Miss Size hates them.

The Thai that sold this plant did not know it is a passion fruit
A passion fruit with fruits
The passion plants with the red flowers have fruits for the very first time. When your gardening heroine bought them, the salesman told her they were not passiflorae and would therefore never have fruits. The fucking squirrels take those fruits down half ripe as well

Swiss National day was celebrated in style
Nicolas Senn is a talented musician and cute
Is he not cute? Suzy Size attended the Swiss National Day celebrations at the embassy in Bangkok and listened to this talented young musician. He has his own TV show in Switzerland and is openly gay.

Soon chocolate production can start in Pattaya
The grafted cocoa trees from Vietnam are having first bean pods
The first cocoa trees have small flowers and fruits. Your heroine got them from Vietnam where their heads were replaced with older tree material, they were grafted. Thus the variety is cloned and the plants bear fruits rather quickly.

Banana tissue develops roots in a bottle
Bananas are grown in a bottle
Bananas out of a bottle: The Thai brother in law has detected a cheap supplier in the South of Thailand. The bottle is broken and the seedlings grown in pots till they are ready for sale.

It took eight years until this avocado tree bore fruits for the first time
The avocado tree in Nong Khai is full of fruits for the first time
The avocado tree in Nong Khai (Castelgandolfo II) bears fruits for the very first time. Your heroine had given up hoping this was ever going to happen, it took eight or nine years. In the morning the flowers are male, in the afternoon female and the other way around. Four months later Miss Size could harvest the last out of about 70 fruits. She fills the avocado halves with ceviche, in lime marinated raw fish and seafood, a recipe or dish you heroine got to know and to love on her recent trip to Peru.

Nong Khai irrigation with class
Your heroine installed an irrigation system
In the gardens of her Nong Khai residence Miss Size planted 120 Graviola, 100 Macadamia and 30 Cocoa trees. Then she installed an automatic irrigation system with 22 outlets on top of a terrain with a slope. All trees were planted along those little creeks and are thus watered even in the dry season.

Selling dried soursop leaves against cancer
Dried Graviola leaves are supposed to fight cancer
A customer in Bangkok orders dried Graviola leaves on a regular basis now. The tea brewed with them is supposed to heal the twelve most dangerous cancers such as pancreas, lung and prostate. Suzy Size doubts those miracle cure stories out there on the internet, but is willing to sell those dried leaves to anybody that wants to try. At least your heroine has tried such a tea and is still breathing at the moment.

Small red and sweet passion fruits come from this plant
Flower power from the Pattaya garden
As you, the readers of this seemingly endless blog can see clearly now, Suzy Size has been extremely busy since returning from bloody Caracas. She has not had the time to make new travel plans and is going to hibernate for now in good old Pattaya. As soon as there are new developments in the life of your heroine, she will let you all know, but there may be a (highly deserved) break now for a while.

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Readers Comments
4520 Eduard 3 Nov 12
When is your second book due Miss Size?

Enjoy Loy Krathong in the coming weeks.

4537 R Santi Yap 8 Nov 12
Just got back from Switzerland. Had a day out with your well-recommended tour guide Patrick Hermann (Patricia Highheels). Thanks for the recommendation.

4665 Roch West 18 Dec 12
Brilliant! I'm so sad to see the adventure come to an end. Please inflate your hairdo and proceed to the ticket counter soon for some more scathing, hilarious hijinks in parts unknown, Miss Size!




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