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Gay Guide for Asia

Good gay hotel and fun in Guadalajara

But also caught in a very expensive trap

By Suzy Size, your terribly old gay guide to Asia and the gay world

Guadalajara, Mexico, has a vivid gay scene)
Miguel Angel enjoyed gay Guadalajara
When Miguel Angel finally sat besides your heroine in that bus, Miss Size jokingly said:

“Look, you do not have to be scared of me, I only kill every third of my young lovers!”

But Miguel Angel did not find that joke particularly funny and said so too.

Like the Thai companions he soon fell asleep whereas your heroine stared intensely out of the window: Besides the relative affordable price of buses – flights are, with some exceptions, much more expensive in Mexico than in Asia – one reason to take them is the fact, you get to see the landscape and thus get to know the country. And for the next forty minutes or so, when the route closely followed the coastline, this was a scenic ride as expected.

But then the road moved away from the coast, into a boring waste inland and Miguel Angel – who was deeply asleep – did actually the right thing by just ignoring that endless, boring Mexican countryside.

Meet the gay boys of Guadalajara right here)
Colorful Cactus plants they have here
The first two nights they stayed at Colima, quite a hamlet. Someone had told your gardening heroine that Colima was famous for its abundant orchards, but Suzy Size did not find any. But you, the notorious users of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, are not so much interested in plants and fruits – except maybe bananas – you surely want to know what happened between old Miss Size and her young and surely hot Latin lover?

Very little.

Of course, they had sex, but it was not important at all. This was more camaraderie between an older teacher and a learning young man. Miguel Angel was an excellent companion, tender, sweet and funny, but he was not a whore like the strippers at “Wet Dreams” that embrace unknown strangers from behind an enter their tongues into the ears of the prospective customers.

Even tacos are gay here)
A gay taco stand in Guadalajara
When they were driving towards Guadalajara Miguel Angel felt dizzy, laid his head on the shoulders of your heroine, cuddled and held hands with moved Miss Size while sleeping his dizziness away. Suzy Size watched over him like a mother enjoying this silly little tenderness of holding hands with an almost unknown young man and suddenly having an erection.

For their third anniversary – on the third day of their trip – Suzy Size bought him three of her favorite books by Peruvian Noble Price Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa: ”The war at the end of the world”, “Aunt Julia and the scriptwriter” and “The feast of the goat”, all in Spanish naturally. Your heroine enjoyed his company, as long as it lasted, spoiled Miguel Angel with drinks and food, especially his beloved “postres”, deserts.

When he left Suzy and gay Guadalajara, late one night, to return to gay Puerto Vallarta and perform at Anonimo that coming Sunday night, your heroine missed him a bit, just a little tiny bit.

Gay Guadalajara is full of handsome men)
Ironing boards and hardware are standard at Casa Alabrijes
Guadalajara has an extended gay scene, but to compare it with San Francisco – as some locals do - is a bit farfetched. Your heroine and her Angel stayed at “Casa Alabrijes” the only gay (boutique) hotel of Guadalajara. (For the details as always go to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World.) After checking in John – the American owner - gave a tour through all his well designed hotel and rooms. Besides a safe and all the usual amenities, each and every room contains an iron and an ironing board. John got so tired of his Mexican guests borrowing his own iron and board all the times, he equipped all his rooms with such for Mexicans so important devices. And – right – before going out that night, Miguel Angel ironed his shirt. Suzy, the slop, did not dream of doing such a thing.

Gay meeting place of Guadalajara)
The court of Casa Alabrijes of gay Guadalajara
Night life was fun in gay Guadalajara, but the visit there still left your heroine with a very bad aftertaste. Right after having drawn money with her Thai ATM card there, somebody started to draw large daily amounts with the illegally acquired data. About 2700 $ US were thus stolen before the Thai bank cancelled the card. Suzy Size doubts that she will ever get that dough back.

Readers Comments
5869 Anonymous 6 Jul 13
Did the thought not occur to you that Angel had something to do with your money being lost? Just thinking. You said it occurred daily? My bank does not even allow me to withdraw more than $300/day when overseas. My few experiences with rent boys is that if they think they are not paid enough, they will steal from you.

5870 Suzy Size 6 Jul 13
No way. He had no opportunity at all and he is a sweet and honest guy.

5871 Patrick 6 Jul 13
Has your judgement always been this good? Relative to the other money boys in Puerto Vallarta, I am sure Angel was an "Angel." I, also, have a daily withdrawal limit ($300 of $400) on my cards and my banks will not hold me responsible for fraudulent transactions. Good luck. I have enjoyed your travel accounts for many years, but your recent experiences have been a bit depressing. I do hope you have some pleasant and exciting accounts in the future.




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