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Gay Pattaya: What a great Panorama!

Boyztown is the rejuvenated gay center of Pattaya again

By Suzy Size, your glamorous gay guide to Pattaya and Thailand

Funny Boys is the gay host bar in Pattaya Boyztown)
A new banner for Funny Boys
When your old heroine Suzy Size entered Boyz Town this week, she felt immediately, something had dramatically changed here, but she did not know exactly what it was yet. Passing by Funny Boys for many years a go-go bar with very sexy hosts - she noticed the new so proper faade with the fresher, more dynamic logo and new spicy advertisement banners.

Was it just the logo, the sexy banners that made that big atmospheric difference in Boyz Town?

Suzy was on her way to Panorama, the oldest gay pub in Boyz Town Panorama to meet Mike Worth the new face and prospective partner of that popular gay meeting place of Pattaya. Naturally, your nosy heroine had googled him beforehand and had found out he was the owner and managing director of Rainbow Properties in Jomtien and a franchisee of Hotmale Websites. So Suzy Size looked for a man with a beard from the one and only picture she had seen on the net - in Panorama, but could not find any in the right age group. She finally asked one of the friendly Panorama waiters and was promptly introduced to Mike who no longer had the beard!

Mike Worth of gay pub Panorama in Pattaya)
Mike Worth and one of the friendly waiters of Panorama
Mike was sitting in the second row overlooking the Soi, but proposed to move to the back of the bar for our talk. This was an excellent idea as you will see later. The 49 year old Mike Worth is an Englishman who soon will have lived and worked for 4 years in Pattaya. He and his Argentinean boyfriend Carlos are responsible for the fresher optical appearance of Panorama and Funny Boys.

Logo of Panorama gay Pub in Pattaya)
Panorama: Obviously the place to be in Boyztown
Presently he also is redoing the somewhat outdated website giving it a fresher more modern look and introducing new Facebook pages for both venues. Both these icons of Boyz Town have been under the same ownership and management for many years. He is introducing a few but mainly little changes at Panorama and Funny Boys, so the traditionalists amongst the customers need not to be alarmed, the focus will be as always on customer care. Not a revolution at the oldest gay Pub of Pattaya, it is rather a renovation, a brush up or a face lift.

We are striving to make the good things in both our venues even better for the satisfaction of our guests.

Winning the OUT in Thailand magazine BEST pub & BEST go go bar in Pattaya in 2012, voted for by the readers, encourages to make even more effort to secure these prestigious awards for 2013.

Banner for Panorama gay Pub Pattaya)
Panorama has a sexy appearance and outlook
The long established Saturday Night Lucky Draw at Panorama Pub has also been rejuvenated with an earlier draw at 10:30pm as well as the traditional one at midnight. Each drink purchased throughout the week is awarded with a lucky draw ticket. With 15 prizes to be won every Saturday, this is another great reason to frequent Panorama Pub.

Along the Soi at Funny Boys, the Saturday night sexy underwear night has been extended to EVERY night with appearances from some of the boys at Panoramas weekly lucky draw.

Mike closed the interview by thanking all Panorama Pub and Funny Boys regular guests and offered a warm welcome to new ones.

Readers Comments
6203 David Jarrett 9 Nov 13
Solid improvement to my two favorite venues in BoyzTown. Over due.

6213 Eduard 16 Nov 13
Great to read your reports, Miss Size, after a long break.




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