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Gay Pattaya: No time for sex this week

A Graviola leaf, tree and fruit frenzy has hit Thailand

By Suzy Size, your gay guide through Pattaya and Thailand

Soursop production in Thailand)
A truck load of Graviolas is going to Chanthaburi
The last ten days or so were the most stressful since your heroine Suzy Size returned from her latest trip to gay South America. She accompanied the Thai brother in law to Chanthaburi where he had to deliver 200 small Graviola trees to a customer. Even though they were only small ones, they filled the whole back of the pickup truck. The customer was a rich middle aged Thai woman who wanted to plant those to her unknown trees on a small part of her land. All in all she is the proud owner of more than 1000 Rai of land, one Rai accounts for 1600 square meters. After they connected at a meeting place, she drove her brand new car to the house of her parents and Suzy and Mr. Bomb just followed her there. This modest house was maybe 20 kilometers away from the main road and Suzy alone would never have been able to find it on her own.

Thai cocoa production)
Cocoa comes in pods
The parents of this woman were obviously Thai Chinese. After unloading the truck Suzy and Mr. Bomb were invited for a glass of water into the house. Whilst Suzy talked to the 78 year old father, Mr. Bomb explained the rich customer all about the Graviolas: The taste of the fruit, how to grow the trees and the supposed benevolent effects of the tea won from boiling 10 Graviola leaves in 600 cc of water, reduced to 200 cc, cooled down and then consumed in the morning and the evening daily during a period of 2 weeks. There are countless internet stories out there that claim such a tea can beat the 12 most dangerous cancer forms. Suzy Size - the old skeptic - does not believe in those tales or myths, but some people out in the Farang and Thai community obviously did, several orders for Graviola leaves had arrived lately. Some customers wanted fresh leaves, others the dried ones, Suzy had harvested them from the roughly 5000 Graviola trees in her gardens that are planted or still in black bags ready for sale.

The fermentation of cocoa beans starts in earnest)
Fresh cocoa beans are surrounded by a sweet and sour white stuff
Whilst Mr. Bomb explained all this, Suzy had to listen to the old father who turned out to be a very talkative fellow. First he showed your brave heroine awful pictures of his open scull: A coco nut had fallen on the head of this poor old man, but his son in law – an expert brain surgeon – had fixed everything in the end, after a gruesome operation well documented by enlarged color prints. Then he talked about the ladies in the shower shows in Pattaya, falsely assuming this was the main reason of your heroine settling in sleaze town. Then he fetched photo album after photo album, showing the patriarch with his friendly wife – she served home grown fresh fruit all the times – and his 8 sons and 5 daughters. The family visiting Pattaya, the family visiting Hua Hin, the family visiting Chiang Mai.

Fermentation of cocoa beans takes six days)
After six days fermentation cocoa beans become brown
After payment was received, they all talked about the price of the next delivery of Graviola trees – this time large and much more expensive ones -, but could not settle for now. The woman was obviously interested to buy more of the stuff – especially since the tea was suddenly a wonder drug – but as a clever Thai Chinese naturally made a poker face.

After this interesting visit your heroine and Mr. Bomb drove another 30 kilometers into the hills surrounding Chanthaburi. They had ordered 100 kilos of fresh cocoa there to grow new seedlings, but also to produce homemade chocolate. When they arrived there, the cocoa producer only had 67 kilos, but this was good for first experiments anyhow.

Fermented cocoa beans are dried in Pattaya)
Drying of fermented cocoa beans takes 10 days
The regular readers of this blog may recall: Your heroine had visited that interesting chocolate museum near Puerto Viejo at the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica where she – as the only visitor that day – had been briefed basically about the production of homemade chocolate. Now, that she finally had found a rare cocoa producer in Thailand, Miss Size – a Swiss citizen - wanted to start trials in earnest.

The first step was to ferment the cocoa beans, a method your heroine googled and hopefully has mastered in the mean time. The fresh beans – surrounded by some white sour-sweet stuff - have to be taken out of their motherly pods. Then they are given into a box and covered with banana leaves. Suzy Size dutifully opened that package every day and mixed the beans anew. The process of fermentation started immediately – the stuff gets quite hot during those required six days in that box under banana leaves – and later the now brown beans have to be sun dried for another ten days. Since Pattaya is bothered by unusually late and heavy rains this year, Miss Size had to move in that precious load in a rush several times, but always managed.

Soursop leaves help against cancer)
Drying of Graviola or Soursop leaves in Pattaya takes all the energy off your heroine
Then suddenly last Friday a three page article about Graviolas and their leaves appeared in a Thai Magazine with large circulation and Mr. Bombs telephone hardly got any brakes any longer. They want to get Graviola trees in Bangkok, Chiang Rai, Udon Ratchathani and Konkaen. They want to try the fruits and they especially need the dried and fresh Graviola leaves for that miracle cancer treatment. Suzy Size your restless heroine is harvesting leaves without interruption. Then some are sent out, other are first dried and later shipped to all that greedy customers out there. Many customers want to pick up their tree on the plants market in Nakluea (Sukhumvit road, opposite the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital) this weekend.

Your heroine is quite groggy now, all that harvesting, drying and packing of those endless leaves have taken a personal toll on Miss Size.

When the Mia Noi called and was very, very horny once again, your heroine had no time, no time for hanky-panky or sex this week.

Readers Comments
4567 Eduard 17 Nov 12
How about taking a break at Koh Samui? The weather there is great at the moment...
You're such a dedicated farmer Miss Size.

4568 Ian, London 17 Nov 12
Is this typically Swiss, or just ageing - putting business ahead of fun? At least Miss Size will be now able to fly First Class on her inevitable next World Tour!

4569 Victoria in Kyoto 17 Nov 12
Interesting! Miss Suzy.I would be especially interested in Chinese knowledge of healing plants. I am sure, you also have experience in that direction.

4572 Eduard 18 Nov 12
Just an aside:
I'm glad that you were not the one apprehended by Thai police for blackmailing a German food company. It shocked me when I first read about it - the magazine owner in Pattaya idiotic moment.
Take care dear.




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