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Gay Pattaya: The lucky year of whom?

Suzy rides again sort of

By Suzy Size, your terribly old gay guide to Asia and the gay world

Dogs wonder too: What ever happened to gay Suzy Size?
They wonder too: What ever happened to Suzy Size?
For roughly six years your horny heroine wrote weekly stories about her many trips and homosexual encounters all over the so very gay world. But suddenly in December last year her voice on Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World turned mute, vanished from the global gay radars. Some friends (and some foes) wondered: What ever happened to Suzy Size? Colin, from Costa Rica, just sent a mail this week, missing the posts of his heroine. Others feared an illness, but were shy to ask: Did Hugo Chavez after all - not die of cancer this week? Was equally heroic Suzy Size battling for her life as well?

Fruits of passiflora foetida in Pattaya, Thailand
Tempting passion fruits in the garden in Pattaya
Dear gay friends all over the world, there is no reason for too many worries: Suzy Size is fine, but just hardly kicking. Your heroine turned 56 this past week. And she feels the age. She does neither have the stamina nor the interest any longer to travel alone three months in a row, chasing money boys all over the world and tell you the details about it. Your sentinel to the gay world has a bit run out of steam like her colleague in Rome who has himself - surprisingly retired to HIS Castelgandolfo. Suzy Size nowadays is rarely hanging out in Boyztown all night, she prefers to stay home and maybe watch a movie instead. She loves to work in the luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo, her somewhat pompous residence outside Pattaya, but sex is no longer so terribly interesting. Nice when it happens, but actively searching for it? Give your old heroine a break, please! These must, indeed, be the twilight years of your old heroine. And then there was this terrible, nay, horrible humiliation in Phnom Penh that added insult to injury

1000 soursop trees sent from Pattaya to Bangkok)
1000 Graviola trees were sold to Bangkok
Suzy Size could go on and on about her gardening achievements: Did your heroine not build the WALL of PASSIONS recently? 7 different passion flowers grace a 40 m long wall in her garden. You should just see that, you would be soooo impressed! Then they had to deliver 1000 Graviola trees to Bangkok the other day, a load of around two tons that almost brought the pickup to his knees. The tree business is slowly getting interesting and the presence of your heroine in Pattaya is needed. (This is another excuse for not continuing those frantic travels all over the gay world and reporting regularly back to you.) As she said, your heroine could go on and on with that gardening stuff, but she fears, it is of little or no interest to the gay audience of the world at large. Suzy feels about as alive as that fellow in the picture who walked by this week

Catharsis in gay Pattaya

Iguana spotted in garden in Pattaya
Does the old fellow still have a sexual drive?
But then there was a sudden surge of sexual desire. Probably, after seeing that antique iguana walk by, your heroine had to prove she was not that old, not that frail yet But you must know, user of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, the Mia Noi does not call your heroine any longer, conveying the so tempting and reassuring message: I am so horny, please come over to see me at once! Since November that sexy Mia Noi has a so called partner, a Russian of all nations! He stays with that handsome gay Thai guy and Suzy is no longer allowed to visit her fine young man of 32 years of age any longer at his quarters! This is not only a pity because of the ample and convenient parking, right in front of the building, Miss Size now has to call herself, instead of being called!

Passiflora quadrangularis grown in Pattaya, Thailand)
Giant Tumbo passion fruits can weigh up to 4 kilos
You, dear Suzy, can always call ME and I will always and gladly meet you, but at the hotel, not in my room. We are naturally talking about the so convenient DD Inn in Jomtien beach, where your formerly so horny heroine has spent many happy hours over the years. So after returning from bloody gay Phnom Penh (where that horrible humiliation happened) and from another trip to gay Hua Hin, Suzy Size finally called her Mia Noi for the second time this year. Yes, the bloody Russian was still residing with the Mia Noi, so it had to be DD Inn.

Pepper growing in Pattaya, Thailand
Spicy sex happened once more
The sex was great as usual, but the Mia Noi had slightly changed. Suzy Size is not talking about the two kilos weight gain which suits that sexy Thai guy well. But there was now a gold chain around neck and one around the wrist as well, plus a gold ring at one of the fingers. One of the gold items had been won in a lottery. I feel, this is my lucky year, the Mia Noi said. I have also bought a car. So, that Russian has bought you a car, Suzy thought. Maybe this is not going to be my lucky year, if that Russian keeps throwing bundles of money at you, I will definitely loose you. And right, close to where Suzy had parked her own old Honda, a brand new black Ford with red license plates was parked. The Mia Noi (without having a drivers license) drove back to her gold throwing Russian. According to the Mia Noi, the old Russian and her had sex together last time three weeks ago. And last night the Mia Noi was thinking of jerking off, but strangely sensed Suzy Size would be calling today and thus saved her sperm load for your horny heroine. Suzy, by the way, is the only old customer still received by the Mia Noi these days. If extraordinary things still happen in the life of Miss Size, you will be the first to know. But due to old age, less travels and less encounters of the certain type, this will not be the case every week any longer. But next week your heroine just has to tell you what happened to her in gay Phnom Penh: It was a terrible humiliation, indeed!

Readers Comments
5422 Ian, London 9 Mar 13
So happy that Suzy has found time to issue the world with an update. Looking forward to the humiliating details.

5424 Qcumber 10 Mar 13
Welcome back, dear Suzy Size.

5458 Eduard 15 Mar 13
Those passion fruits appear like ripe cherries - so delicious.
Hey Suzy. Once a traveller, always a traveller. Nice story.




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