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Gay Nong Khai: Back to school again

The boat races of Nong Khai revisited

By Suzy Size, your gay guide through Asia and Thailand

Nong Khai boat races on the Mekhong)
Strong men are competing in the Mekhong boat races
When your heroine Suzy Size was in Nong Khai recently, the annual boat races on the mighty Mekhong river took place again. Suzy and her long time boyfriend Khun Amorn were sitting under a little tent at the river side and were drinking beer with lots of ice. This was much better than going to prison, even though it was awfully hot that afternoon. Khun Amorn played host and invited old friends from school to have drinks with him. Then he ordered hearty local snacks one looked like fried worms, but was not, Miss Size was told and offered this too to all his many friends. Khun Amorn is very popular, since he is extremely generous when Suzy pays the bill which your heroine does not mind: The bill for food and drinks the whole afternoon was 1235 Baht, quite affordable.

Passiflora coccinea found in Nong Khai)
Beautiful flowers can be found in Nong Khai
Once in awhile a boat race took actually place and the chatters and revelers got even up for a minute to watch that sportive competition, but the social part the drinking, the eating, the talking is far more important than the actual races. At the table besides them was a mother with her effeminate son and his lady-boy lover. Naturally your heroine watched them from the corners of her eyes but was not at least attracted by any of them. So another sip of ice cold beer and some snacks until the next race took some attention.

Mekhong boat races in Nong Khai)
Khun Amorn with one of his friends at the Mekhong boat races: Did he have him too?
But then two gorgeous young men arrived together on a bike wearing unusually fancy clothes for Nong Khai. Your heroine could no longer master her eyes which followed the two sexy guys all over. In her mind Suzy Size was undressing them slow motion and was now having sex with both of them, neglecting the boat races at the shore of the Mekhong. Were they twins or just mysterious brothers?

The Gac harvest has started in Nong Khai)
Getting some nice balls in gay Nong Khai
When Khun Amorn saw what attracted the eyes of your horny heroine he said:

I have fucked them both, they are very, very small.

And he added:

Be aware, they take drugs!

They were brothers, 18 and 19 years old.

I gave them 200 Baht each.

Your heroine expressed the hope that Khun Amorn had used a condom?

I always do, I do not want to become thin.

Now Suzy Size wondered where he took them to? After all, the old parents of Khun Amorn might disapprove of taking them home and they probably would be too shy as well to enter the private house of that notorious and blatant homosexual called Khun Amorn.

I wanted to take them to a short time hotel, but they had a better idea. They took me back to my old school. There is an emergency room with a bed. They had no problem opening the door and it was quite comfortable.

That is how Khun Amorn went back to school again in good gay Nong Khai.

But they were very, very small!

Then another cute guy turned up at the boat races:

I fucked him as well, even though he is married already.

Miss Size did not ask Khun Amorn where he took this one to, after all Khun Amorn proofs to be a very diligent student lately.

Readers Comments
4547 Anonymous 11 Nov 12
Have been to Nong Khai several times. Haven't seen hide nor hair of a gay boy. The places on your list at that time are either unfindable or unproductive. Any advice on locating dreams would be appreciated.
200 Baht? Even for a local seems a small price. They obviously haven't talked to any of their compatriots who have been to Phuket or krungthep. Regards.




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