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A gay blue banana in Puerto Viejo

Your Swiss heroine learns how to make chocolate

By Suzy Size, your gay guide through Costa Rica and Central America

Meeting gay guys in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is difficult)
Banana Azul is the gay friendly hotel in Puerto Viejo
There are not so many countries in the world that have an Atlantic and Pacific coast. Costa Rica is one of the very few, and after having visited gay Manuel Antonio on the Pacific side your horny heroine Suzy Size was sitting in another bus bringing her to hopefully very gay Puerto Viejo de Talemanca on the Caribbean or Atlantic side. But Miss Size had no illusions about the gay night life, the gay bar scene of Puerto Viejo: There is none. Colin, the gay Canadian owner of Banana Azul, the beautiful beach resort a bit outside of Puerto Viejo, had warned Miss Size:

Bring a boy with you from gay San Jose, or face

Naturally, she could have hired Luis or Johan as a companion, but just did not feel like it. Suzy Size was looking forward to some relaxing, quiet beach days without gay sex at the beautiful Banana Azul resort of Puerto Viejo.

Avocados hanging from a tree in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica)
An avocado abundance in the garden of Colin
Your heroine knew her host Colin at Banana Azul only through mails. When he had visited Thailand a few months earlier he had used Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World to discover the gay nightlife of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. To pay back for this free and so useful information he got from this very website, he had posted several comments.

To help the hunting Karma., he jokingly explained to your heroine after she had arrived at Banana Azul. The hotel was fully booked, but friendly Colin invited your heroine to stay at his guest room at his private bungalow just across his hotel.

For the first night dinner Colin took Miss Size to the daily changing set menu at the hotel restaurant where another interesting gay guest joined the two new friends. Colin had to leave for San Jose next day and left your heroine on herself. The food at his hotel restaurant was so good, Miss Size returned there every night whilst in Puerto Viejo.

In Puerto Viejo men meet men easily at Banana Azul)
This wonderful graviola was stolen by Suzy Size
Look, prospective gay visitor of Puerto Viejo, there is really no great nightlife for our kind in this charming beach place. So if you are only interested in stories about gay orgies, gay saunas, gay bars and so on, just skip this installment about Puerto Viejo. Next week your heroine will travel to gay Cuba and there more juicy stuff will certainly be happening, just wait, Eduard!

But in Puerto Viejo your gardening heroine discovered other interesting things: In the garden of Colin she saw an avocado tree full of huge fruits. She had never seen anything like that before, but when she returned to Thailand her avocado tree in Nong Khai was full of many fat fruits too, so lucky!

And there was another interesting tree in the garden of Colin: A Graviola tree, that is the main product of your heroine back in Thailand. Reckless Suzy Size took one of those fruits and it was by far the most tasty your heroine has ever eaten! Yes, Miss Size just stole it in the absence of Colin and dried the seeds to take back to Thailand in order to grow this so delicious variety. It would have fallen down on the ground within days anyhow and rotted, but this was theft in any case. And the horrible customs officers in Venezuela confiscated and destroyed those precious seeds later on!

Crime maybe does not pay?

Perhaps this was bad luck only.

Sweet surprises in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, cocoa becomes chocolate)
He taught your heroine all about chocolate making
The best experience whilst in Puerto Viejo was the visit of the Museo de Cacao (cocoa museum) about 7 km outside the village. Suzy Size rented a bicycle at Banana Azul and drove along the main road in direction of Limon, she had seen the sign from the bus when she arrived from San Jose and had been curious ever since. Along the road your chocolate hungry heroine saw many cocoa trees already. She was the only visitor at the place that seemed to be more or less deserted. Only later Miss Size realized why: She found some negative comments on Tripadvisor. Some guests that arrived by car had been robbed recently, the luggage stolen from the car whilst they were making chocolate. In retrospect Suzy seems to have smelled this, she locked her bicycle right besides the reception and asked the girl there to watch it.

Gays love chocolate from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica )
Roasting the beans is one step on the way to chocolate
Your heroine booked a tour of two hours for 25 US $. Her older guide explained all she needed to know about cocoa cultivation and Miss Size who grows cocoa as well in the luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo was happy to see she was actually on track with her endeavors. Then she was taught the chocolate making. The cocoa beans have to be fermented first. Then they are roasted for 25 minutes, then pealed. Now the stuff is ground and then heated up again in a pan together with sugar. Milk powder, vanilla and condensed milk are added. The brown mass then is kneaded by hand until it miraculously turns into chocolate. Miss Size will show this process to visitors of Castelgandolfo as well when she has enough cocoa beans. Some of her plants are flourishing already and the Swiss Thai chocolate production in Pattaya could start as early as October.

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Readers Comments
4284 Eduard 11 Sep 12
That graviola fruit appears oval, unlike the fruits found in Malaysia & Thailand.

Why didn't you simply ship those seeds back to Thailand?

4303 Suzy Size 11 Sep 12
The mail gets stolen here...




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