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Hi Ikkin here looking for friends or possibly LTR. I'm very romantic, idealistic, and somewhat I believe that to love means to suffer. I wind up serving my own mate or attracting people who have unusual troubles. I myself see as my lover's savior. I'm sincere, passionate, lustful, and dreamy. I can't help falling in love. I fantasize and get turned on by movies and magazines. I do not tell others of their secret life, nor of one of my sexual fantasies. Im stick to one partner...age doesnt matter to me as long as we love each other. Maybe my ideal partner would be someone who knows what you need before you say it. Who truly listens when you have something to say. Who is open and responsive. Who knows when things have to be compromised in the relationship. Who is there for you no matter what. Who can be trusted like a sibling, confide in like a friend, but most of all, love as the great lover they are. And who loves you with all of his heart. I hope that person will make my life change.

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