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Hey Everyone... Mabuhay to all of you. I am Kent here fresh and young from Philippines. The reason why i am here is not to specifically bargain myself to someone and look for sponsor but hoping to find someone serious out there for love and serious relationship. Who knows by crossing up here i can find my real and true happiness. I am open to any raise for love is not about raises, religion, beliefs and even gender. I believe that love is in all aspects. Love is undefined or indefinite. No one can predict, no one can hold and no one can stop.
I am willing and able to get to know you all for those who are interested in me and if you are, don't hesitate to leave an email or drop by a message here as i wanted to get to know you well also. I am a simple yet adorable person. I don't want to say a lot about myself instead way better to tell everything about me in the process of getting to know each other. It's more fun to discover along the way. I wish everyone is so good and real to me. This is Kent and Good luck to everyone.

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