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Just like the others, I have been through a lot of hidings, faking and unhappy moments in my life. I used to be frigthened, weak, scared, hopeless, weary and unhappy person but now I am totally different, the old character of me as a gay is dead. Now i am totally free, free to do the things like most of the gay people do, but i always try to be decent in every way. Being accepted by the people you love especially your family is so gratifying. I really think that this is one of the reasons I thank God that i am alive. I just want to share my sentiments about how it feels to be accepted being gay. I am living in a christian world with a roman catholic religion, its really hard to be in world where people are always cynincal when it coms to homosexuality. The reason why i post an ad here is ofcourse to find someone to chat and email with, getting to know about life and more importantlty, to find my soulmate, my lifetime partner. If you think i am worthy to be your friend, please send me a message. I don't want to communicate with no sense at all. Thank you guys for reading,

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