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Gay Guide for Asia

Bye, bye gay Mexico!

This trip was a bit a mistake

By Suzy Size, your terribly old gay guide to Asia and the gay world

Cancun, Mexico, has a vivid gay scene)
Meet two genuinely gay Mexicans: Israel and Roberto
When your heroine Suzy Size arrived in Cancun she had by chance booked a hotel just walking distance from the two main gay places of that holiday destination. Cancun this expensive Americanized beach Disneyland is horrible. And as soon as Miss Size had taken a ride along that artificial beach behind a lagoon she decided to leave next day. But tonight she was testing the gay Cancun waters first and Suzy started at 11:11 a chic disco.

Meet the gay boys of Cancun right here)
The gay disco of Cancun
Unfortunately the gay nightlife of Cancun starts late and old Suzy had gone to said disco far too early (as usual), but when she moved to Sexys Club almost next door the strippers started to do what they do best, getting rid of their clothes.

For about two hours the attention of your heroine was thus caught and she inquired about that popular private service she had enjoyed much in her happy and so gay Puerto Vallarta days. The hunky waiter would confirm, yes, they had such service here, too, and he himself was ready to join your horny heroine.

Even strippers are gay here)
The gay strippers of Cancun show it here
The price was quite surprising as well. In Puerto Vallarta they had asked 500 Pesos at Wet Dreams and 450 Pesos at Antropology for those 15 minutes of private fun. Here in gay Cancun at user friendly Sexys Club they charged only 200 Pesos. So Miss Size decided to have some more beers first and later take that hunky waiter who had laid eyes on your heroine since she had entered the premises to a very private show. And when she finally did, all started well, even though said hunky waiter turned out to be a bit small in the important compartment.

Gay Playa del Carmen is full of handsome men)
The only gay disco of Playa del Carmen
Unfortunately that promising private show only lasted 3 minutes, far too short even for a very short short time! Three minutes are not enough to develop any lasting or even transitory relationship of any kind. Three minutes amounts to cock teasing at the very best. Strangely enough your cheated heroine did not even get angry, she found that private policy of Sexys Club just outright laughable.

Your formerly horny heroine had another beer at that cock teasers club and when she paid her beer bill and that hunky waiter asked for a tip she just laughed him in the face!

Gay meeting place of Tulum)
This beautiful flower grows in Tulum
Next day Suzy Size moved down the so called Riviera Maya to Playa del Carmen, another Mexican beach resort. When Suzy Size entered the only gay disco there called 69 around 10 pm, she was the only guest and felt a bit lonely. Since the strip show was scheduled to start at 1.30 am Miss Size just called it a day. She moved to a straight bar with a huge music box near her hotel for a couple of beers.

There was an ugly and fat are those Mexicans not all ugly and fat? man of maybe 45 years at the next table with two young and relatively good looking men. All three of them were quite drunk but still drinking more from those ice buckets containing 10 beers at the time. They were obviously gay or the older was and his companions played along.

Gay meeting place of Mexico)
Mexico is colorful but little gay
When your heroine returned the next night, there were more gay men sitting in this not so straight bar. The three men just besides your heroine became very friendly indeed. They introduced themselves as Israel, Ismael and Roberto, the youngest one. Israel was mighty interested in Suzy Size and tried to find out about her sexual orientation:


When he found out, he wanted to take your heroine right home with him. But then he fortunately - was again more interested in Roberto, his lover.

Ismael was also very friendly, but obviously so drunk, he always and immediately forgot the answers Suzy gave to his same few questions:

What is your name?

Where are you from?

I am Indian.

I am not gay.

Gay meeting place of Playa del Carmen)
Just for fun: Israel likes to throw people out of the window
Ismael offered to buy Miss Size a beer, but unfortunately forgot his generous offer immediately again afterwards. Then he would repeat his sentences once again:

What is your name?

Where are you from?

I am Indian.

I am not gay.

When Israel and Roberto had finished their 10 beers from the ice bucket, they made Ismael pay for a new one. But first, they tried to get a new one from Miss Size. Especially Israel threatened playfully to throw your heroine out of the window, a fall over about 7 meters she might not have survived. But when Suzy Size looked at him in her severe and motherly way, the drunk gave up his seemingly so funny idea.

Gay meeting places are scarce in Mexico)
This might be the solution to the Mexican hair problem
This was the last gay encounter of your heroine on her whole trip through Mexico. She traveled endless hours on fucking ADO buses, saw great numbers of synchronized B movies and experienced little in Mexico that left a lasting impression. Most Mexican men are terribly hairy and about 95% are overweighed. Mexico is not a country for Suzy Size and your heroine will not return to there if she can prevent it in any way.

Readers Comments
5890 Byron Allen Black 15 Jul 13
About the only worse place I can think of to look for handsome, healthy and available males would be Bolivia. Mexicans can be delightful in their frisky teens but they age quickly and badly. They are also pretty much brainwashed about sexuality, even though there are many queenly queeny queens prissy around. Pretty dreadful and dismaying overall.

Not to mention that SuzyS is spoilt rotten being in Mai Pen Rai Land, with (I conclude) the world's most beautiful males. Often lethal, alas, but gorgeous.

5893 Anonymous 15 Jul 13
you should have gone to Oaxaca.

5902 Patrick 15 Jul 13
Mexico just became the fattest nation in the world, passing the U.S. Decades ago, Americans used to go to Mexico for all the cute, smooth boys, cheap food, plentiful Cerveza (beer) and endless nights of fun. No longer! The boys became fat and hairy. The cute boys migrate to the U.S. and are readily received. With that said, I will be in Cancun this September for a week after passing though Panama City, Panama.

5903 Ian, London 16 Jul 13
Maybe you all could have told poor Suzy this before she went and wasted her money? But now at least the word has spread the rest of us won't need to bother to waste our time going either!

5911 Eduard 18 Jul 13
Three minutes = a quickie




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