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Impeccable Pekko, terrible Tiziano

A threesome in gay Buenos Aires – part 3: Crash landing

By Suzy Size, gay Buenos Aires

buenos-aires-2011-3/1After spending two nights in Buenos Aires at a hotel near the Obelisk with its colossal Avenida 9 de Julio, Suzy Size and the straight couple Sahib and Mam moved to two studios in the more mundane Recoleta area. Suzy had booked them with Gabriel who is the owner of Buenos Aires Rental (for the details just go to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World). Gabriel always has good deals and his condos all come with well equipped kitchens, have TV, even an iron for the pretentious tarts amongst us, there is a huge water bottle in the fridge when one arrives exhausted or late at night, a welcome bottle of wine – Gabriel is sooo caring - and – last but not least – all his condos have a safe since his mainly gay tenants may let some pretty bad boys into their places and into their lives. Think, for instance, of your heroine who let this Tiziano with his gangster face into her studio for a threesome with Pekko, but that is for later…for now you may want to have a short peep preview at said protagonists (Tiziano and Pekko) who offer their great services through the “Soy Tuyo” website which is a very inspiring Argentinean institution, as you should know by now.


You still have not added this so important source to your favorite links yet?

To make good for that terrible failure you can always jump to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World and click right through from the Argentina, Buenos Aires pages.

buenos-aires-2011-3/2The advantage of changing accommodations during a stay in any city is, you get different perspectives of a place, especially useful in huge and colorful Buenos Aires. A year ago Miss Size had stayed in Recoleta only and had a bit less realized the greatness of that area, the allure and the architectural splendor.

Now, after the somewhat pretentiousness which surrounds the Obelisk area, she enjoyed every minute in upper class Recoleta. Her studio was spacious on a fourth floor and a 3 minutes walk to that gay brothel she finally had met her one and only Nacho. If you happen to be in Buenos Aires, have an hour or so to kill, just go to Arenales 2029, ring at the lower bell and they will most certainly want to present their boys to you which is an inspiring pastime, more inspiring than knitting, that is for sure.

Suzy, instead, called Pekko whom she already had wanted to meet last year, made an appointment with him - later at her place - and went to visit Eva Duarte, better known as Evita Perron. No sign points to her grave on the fantastic Recoleta cemetery where the good (translate as: rich) families burry their dead – after all she was a cabaret girl before, which is held against her in the hierarchic Argentinean society - but – despite the missing sign - she is easy to find: just follow the crowd.

buenos-aires-2011-3/3Suzy and her two Swiss friends, afterwards, walked all the way to Palermo (not the Mafia city in Italy, the quarter in Buenos Aires) where they dined with a former journalist colleague from Zurich who used to be correspondent for South America in Buenos Aires and is now retired here. Suzy walked and walked, as she always does in great cities, and is now already contemplating to return next summer to Buenos Aires to improve her lousy Spanish. Ok, it is good enough to make an appointment with an Argentinean hustler (none of them spoke any English at all) or to insult somebody deeply which can be fun or useful at times, but most certainly her Spanish could be more polished or refined. And, what a good pretext this seems to be, to return to Nacho? To her one and only Nacho - and all the others, maybe a threesome with Suzy, Nacho and Pekko could be arranged? Or even a foursome, if Tiziano would be a bit reasonable at all!

This seems to be a feasible possibility, not just some strange and wild fantasy!

The best walk your heroine undertook was with Sahib alone who showed her Puerto Madero the former port of Buenos Aires which has been completely redeveloped, after it was used no longer for its original purposes. It has been turned into a chic and elegant quarter with expensive apartments, costly restaurants and posh shopping places.

Many port cities have redeveloped their former gateways to the world, arriving points from the world, but none matches the size and the grandeur of the undertaking in Buenos Aires. Only after this eye opening visit was your heroine able to understand, to historically read, the fantastic Argentinean capital. Thank thee, Sahib, thank thee very, very big!

buenos-aires-2011-3/4But where – finally - comes this threesome this sheer endless blog has repeatedly hinted to? Only hot air, once again? I hear, you Ian, in probably foggy London, asking this question. Eduard, in hot and humid Kuala Lumpur, Suzy is sure, wants to know as well. Aryana, in Israel, with certainty just needs to know whether Pekko and Tiziano are fakes? And Rudyard Yap always only wants the gory details anyhow.

Be patient, boys: Before you can start a threesome, you need to find the protagonists, the necessary hardware.

When Pekko was 20 minutes overdue, late this is, your helpful heroine went down and waited for him outdoors, in front of her building. She was hot, but it was a bit cold outside that night, she was even shivering slightly, your tropical size-queen. Maybe, he had misunderstood, where to ring and was now completely helpless, standing in front of the temporary Suzy Size residence in Buenos Aires without any clue, but there was no Pekko in sight or nearby. Was he on his way at all or missing in action?

Attentive readers, be aware: we see us confronted – once again – with the problem of timing, which has become a Leitmotiv in this Buenos Aires trilogy about a threesome. But then, another 5 or 10 minutes later Pekko arrived. He was – Aryana – no imposture, looked exactly the same as on his adverts and turned out to be a sweet guy who just had arrived 35 minutes late and apologized for this shortcoming, there were no other shortcomings, believe your Miss Size, dears.

They started kissing in the elevator – does that sound familiar to any of you out there, gay readers of this blog? – and then they took a shower together, after all, we are not in Thailand with its high standards of personal cleanliness, better save, than sorry.

Suzy offered likeable Pekko a drink, he chose a glass of red wine.

Your heroine had the same.

Then he started to give Miss Size a massage, at the request of the latter, thanks to the well placed mirrors in Gabriels condo, Suzy saw this stranded whale and that so friendly and handy younger man in many perspectives.

And then the serious business started: Impeccable Pekko was a passionate kisser, it must be said.

And – during their prolonged activities – they went up, up, all the way to heaven.

Sorry, Rudyard, use your own brain, your own sexual fantasies, make your own blue movie. Suzy Size never gives gory details, it may be your style, it is most certainly not the style of her.

Your horny heroine is only to reveal one sure thing: She did nothing, you would not have done either, Rudyard.

Before Pekko left, Miss Size told him to come back next day again, same place, same time, same (or enhanced) activity.

buenos-aires-2011-3/5Your heroine has not engaged in a threesome for many years, but was now in such a seemingly bizarre mood. She called Tiziano, a good looking guy with sizeable hardware, a juicy ass – he reminded her a bit of Alain Delon, a blond version, of course – who had that kind of gangster face as well, when he was as young as Tiziano.

Tiziano – over the phone - asked for the same terms like Pekko (250 peso, 62.50 $ US) per hour. The deal was made, of course.

Tiziano arrived – excellent timing – 10 minutes early and he too – Aryana – looked exactly as advertised: tall, blond, big ass, sexy guy, no balding, be assured, at all. But when he heard, he was going to be part of a threesome, he suddenly wanted double amount (500 peso). Of course, your heroine did not have this, it was not fair towards Pekko who had not asked for such a terrible, hyper inflationary rate hike! (Hyperinflation – most economists will agree – must be avoided at all costs and measures to counter this clear and present danger must be introduced in a timely measure: Here we have our timing Leitmotiv again!)

So Miss Size asked (terrible and tyrannical) Tiziano to leave at once.

He grumbled, but – despite his obvious gangster face – did not try to rob or harm your nearly helpless heroine.

Maybe, after all, he was afraid of Pekko who was going to arrive any minute now and was - without doubt – siding with Suzy Size.

But Pekko arrived even later than the day before, a full hour late.

Otherwise impeccable Pekko: Work on your timing!

Look, Pekko, darling, if you had arrived on time, you probably could have changed the mind of terrible Tiziano, could have brought back some reason to his troubled mind.

Was it not less, rather than more work, to help your heroine find the nearest bypass to heaven, if assisted by impeccable Pekko?

Is the molestation factor (in such circumstances of a threesome) not really cut by 50%, cut in half?

Is it not better to get 250 peso than nothing – if you think about it – after having come all the way to the quarters of Suzy Severa Size somewhere in Recoleta, Buenos Aires?

Bad timing – dear Pekko - can lead to a crash landing.

This is the conclusion, we can most certainly draw from this rather sad, but at least educational episode.

After this downfall, this crash landing in Buenos Aires, your heroine is on the way to other falls, which are the famous Iguazu water falls. Read all about that next week, here, exclusively on Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World.

It is true, so true, you will not find such splendid stuff anywhere else!

Readers Comments
2702 Ste 15 Apr 11
Not blown away by Pekko - his ears stick out too much but maybe given Suzy's advanced years it is something to hang onto! :)

2706 Rudyard 16 Apr 11
I do agree with Tiziano, since we do not have the gory details of Pekko's endownment and we can only assume that Miss Suzy is XL too. So he rightly asked for a double fee if he were to be doubly penetrated. Details, details, Ms. Suzy...

2707 Suzy Size 16 Apr 11
Rude Rudyard, you are quite a traitor, shame on you.




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