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26 Nov 10
What is your plan when old age strikes?
Some friends have approached Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World with a project for a resort style retirement home for elderly gays. If you are interested to get in contact with them, send them a mail to
Our plan is to set up a company GayCare Thailand Co.Ltd., to own and operate a resort style facility for elderly gay men. Guys who may need extra care due to physical infirmity or symptoms of low to moderate dementia. The emphasis of our care is on quality of life and our aim is to create an environment for our guests which is secure and where they can be active and enjoy the twilight years of their lives. Read more

31 Jul 10
New men only resort opens in Bali
A new men only resort opens in Bali: Villa Layang Bulan (meaning "Moon Kite" in Bahasa Indonesia) is located in a tranquil seaside village about 30 minutes drive from the airport. It is specially conceived for gay and gay friendly males. Women and persons below the age of 21 years of age are not allowed. Read more

4 Sep 09
Gay Ambiance hotel in Pattaya has renovated all rooms
Our friends at the gay Ambiance hotel have well taken care of the low season this year. They have renovated all their rooms which now are more elegant than ever and are ready for the upcoming high season. Have a look at their brand new rooms right here. Read more

24 Jan 09
Frock around the clock
Jim recently celebrated his 50th birthday with a bang in a packed BoyzBoyzBoyz, he had no less than 17 members of his family here for a visit during that time. And he thereby performed surprise, surprise once more in a frock. Since performing first time in the 31st of December 1988 street party in Boyztown Jim has accumulated a sheer incredible number of frocks. He still has his very first one and still can wear it, but all in all there are over 220 of them in his private possession. Read more

20 Dec 08
Up and down at Ambiance
Guests of the Boyz Town hotel Ambiance in Pattaya will now no longer have to walk up and down the stairs as the newly-installed elevator is now up and running. Read more

29 Nov 08
The Pattaya airport is open and planes flying
Castelgandolfo, the residence of Suzy Size outside Pattaya, suffers of noise pollution these days. No, they have not opened a loud Karaoke bar just besides her somewhat pretentious residence, airplanes are the source, many are flying over the Suzy Size chateau during the last three days. Curious as always Suzy drove out to U-Tapao, the navy owned military airport about half an hour from Pattaya, to see what is going on. Read more

20 Sep 08
5 years Poseidon birthday party in style
Being physically back in Pattaya has very nice aspects. Last week Suzy Size attended the five years birthday bash of Poseidon gay Pattaya boutique hotel and fine dining restaurant (management of Casa Pascal). Read more

20 Sep 08
Superb Copa a touch of Brazil in Pattaya
Copa, the brand new Showbar in the Pattaya Boyztown, opened wit a big party this Thursday. A free buffet was provided and all of gay Pattaya came to have a look. The bar, that used to be Throb and Splash, was completely renovated and has now a central stage. The aquarium is now behind the stage and is still used by sexy swimmers. Read more

22 Dec 07
The Asian Faeries invite you to the 2008
Thursday, January 17 through Sunday, January 27, 2008 Gay men from around the world will converge on the magical island of Ko Yao Yai near Phuket, Thailand. Last year's gathering found 35 men beaming into our island paradise from the US, Middle East, Europe and all over Asia. This year we are again expecting a big turnout as those who attended from 2004 to 2007 spread the word throughout Asia and the world. So please plan ahead and register early as space is limited. Read more

20 Oct 07
The leading gay places in Thailand report heavy bookings
The picture is the same in Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya: High season is approaching very quickly now and the leading gay hotels report heavy bookings, many are booked out already during the peak. So hurry if you have not made up your mind and book your favorite hotel right now. The easiest way is certainly to use the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Asia based Gay Guide World. Read more

13 Oct 07
The World famous Zurich Ballet was in Bangkok Read this story in German
When Suzy heard the news she was thrilled: The famous Zurich Opera Ballet was to perform in Bangkok with A Midsummer Night`s Dream. It was obvious, our lazy heroine had to leave her comfortable beach chair in Jomtien gay beach for once and just had to head to Bangkok immediately where she arrived a few days before opening night. She was going to write articles concerning this monumental performance for several papers and media (like Sticky Rice Gay Guide World) and therefore had access to the rehearsals at Thailand Cultural Centre. Read more

15 Sep 07
Fun Charity Quiz Night
Pattaya Gay Festival event hosted by Panorama Pub (Boyztown) in association with Oscar's and quiz-master Graham. Fun Charity Quiz Night to be held on Tuesday 25th September 2007 in aid of the Pattaya Gay Festival charities. The Quiz will start at 9pm and PGF commitee would really appreciate all of you making an effort to attend for this fun evening, either as an individual or enter as a team.

8 Sep 07
Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia World
We have uploaded the gay world on our Pink Pages this week. After becoming the leading Gay Guide for Asia we now want to give you direct access to all gay Websites worldwide. For more than a year our Thai staff has been searching the web and other available sources - the result is up now. Of course, you still will find many imperfections. Read more

9 Jun 07
Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia becomes International Gay Guide for the World
Up to now you could use Sticky Rice Gay Guide traveling in Asia and Australia only. Now we aim at giving you the whole world wide picture. We will give you the clickable entries of all gay hotels, bars, discos, restaurants, saunas - you name it - of the world we know of. As of today and as a first step we have added the three German speaking countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay World Guide. We hope to add other European countries on a weekly basis from now on. Read more

5 May 07
"Hans" has opened the latest addition to gay Pattaya restaurants
Almost clandestinely, Swiss national Hans Spoerri has finally opened his own and long awaited fine dining restaurant called - an almost logical or irresistible choice - "Hans". Read more

7 Apr 07
Sansuk: The newest gay Pattaya hotel finally opens
When it comes to construction in gay Pattaya, gay Thailand, gay Asia or even the whole international gay (fucking) world you will always notice the same or a similar pattern: There are smart and highly cultivated gay customers, often older gay gentlemen, some have fled gay England, some have fled other gay unfriendly countries, to live in gay Thailand, and then you put them together with a flamboyant gay architect and designer. That guy is admittedly good (and he does not hide his self esteem from anybody) but, alas, he is a queer artist who does not see his own limits. Read more

1 Apr 07
Elephants and gorgeous bodies Read this story in German
Phuket Pride big success. What a swell party. Three days and nights in a row gay tourists, expats and locals flocked to the gay extravaganza with brilliant fireworks, food stalls and the goodies of the major sponsor Singha Beer the Phuket Pride Committee has put up at the beach in Patong Beach. See the photo report. Read more

31 Mar 07
Two Leaders of Pattaya`s Hospitality Industry Join Together
In an exclusive interview given to Sticky Rice Gay Guide of Asia Pascal, of Casa Pascal, and Heiko, of gay Pattaya Boutique guest house Poseiden, brake the news: Pascal will take over the Jomtien based fine Poseidon restaurant tomorrow. We also publish the new and inexpensive menu of that gourmet retreat. Read more

10 Feb 07
Gay racism in Pattaya?
The drama queens of gay Pattaya found a new subject to bitch about: the pricing policy of the new Sansuk gay Sauna. Apparently Punya Ratana, the clever owner of the new Pattaya gay icon, thought it a good idea to let Thai visitors aged 20 to 25 in for free during the introductory period. Read more

3 Feb 07
New gay hotel in Bangkok
Even though you are living in gay Pattaya, the necessity may arise to visit the capital of Thailand once in a while - then combine this visit with having another look at the night life of gay Bangkok. Since most of the gay bars, gay go-gos, gay massage parlors and gay discos are located in the Silom and Suriwong area, it is advisable to search for suitable accommodation right there. Try the new gay hotel in Bangkok, it is very well located. Read more
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