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31 Jan 09
Boyztown immortalized
Vividly Michael J Burchall describes his first visit to Thailand and Pattaya and how he got that Thai bug - everybody living here has experienced similar things and tourists get it too. It is very interesting to read how gay life (and business) was then, how things developed bit by bit over the years and how Boyztown became the place we know today. Many familiar (and forgotten or half forgotten) faces are revoked, characters depicted and funny or tragic stories told. Read more

25 Aug 07
A real and a virtual trip to gay Korea – wash your anus with soap
The first Website is called Bodyguard and is quite interesting if you like Korean honks. Have a look, their website it is made for voyeurs like us. They have about twenty five bodybuilder masseurs and charge 100´000 Won for in-house massage, 120´000 Won for outside calls. They really have handsome boys. My favorite is probably 28 year old kyu-te with his big tits. Read more

16 Jun 07
If truth be told and Other tales of Thailand
Some time ago, I chanced upon a short story in STICKY RICE (or was it still THAI GUYS?), which caught my attention as being highly unusual. It was the kind of story that first makes us acclaim “Great!” then — after some pondering — a long drawn-out “Well …”, and finally again: “Very Good!” Named “Short Time”, it describes the encounter of a British tourist, a pharmacist, at gay Jomtien beach with a hustler who does not fulfill his part of their bargain. This, of course, happens every day in Pattaya, but the tourist, an otherwise very “regular” guy (“anyone who dealt fairly with Tom had nothing to worry about”), is so infuriated, that he poisons the boy. And not only this: The amazed reader is being told — off-handedly — that initially the pharmacist had used his skills (in Mexico) to drug and rape boys who had promised him to play the submissive part and then didn’t permit him. Read more

17 Jun 06
Utopia Guide to Japan, South Korea & Taiwan
In the 1760s Japan had guidebooks in circulation detailing the homosexual pleasures to be found in its famous "floating world" of geisha and kabuki courtesans. Three centuries later a bold new publication is unveiling the vibrant contemporary gay and lesbian scene, not only in Japan, but in two neighboring countries often assumed to be rigidly conservative. Read more

17 Apr 05
What’s sex got to do with it?
“What’s Sex Got To Do With It?” by Dennis Dewsnap is a portrait of a gay relationship which spanned almost fifty years. Dennis and Syd lived and worked in England and Tangier in a very interesting time. They retired partly to Tangier, partly to Pattaya where... Read more

19 Mar 05
“Very Thai: Everyday Popular Culture”
As the Rough Guide to Thailand observed this guide on contemporary Thailand is well-researched, knowledgeable, and lavishly photographed. Its not a guide book per se. It can’t fit in your pocket, but it is of a size to pop in your packsack. But it should grace your coffee table and be readily at... Read more

19 Mar 05
“Thailand Fever” By Chris Pirazzi and Vitida Vasant
You thought you would never fall for a moneyboy. You thought money couldn’t come between you and your Thai lover. Until what began with great sex and little gifts ends with no sex and fights about money. The more money you spend for your lover, the less your lover smiles. What is going wrong? ... Read more

6 Mar 05
What’s sex got to do with it
“What’s Sex Got To Do With It?” by Dennis Dewsnap is a portrait of a gay relationship which spanned almost fifty years. Dennis and Syd lived and worked in England and Tangier in a very interesting time. They retired partly to Tangier, partly to Pattaya where Syd finally died. To giv... Read more

29 Jan 05
Thai for gay tourists
Why learn Thai? Don’t the puchai bar kao chai every word you say? Why waste time talking? Talk, you can in Dick’s Caf? before you pick up a num loh in Screwboys on the way home. I’m more interested in smooth butt cheeks than in grammar. Can you learn Thai in bed? I’ll ask a guy to teach me some words while we wait to get hard again, ok? Read more

10 Nov 04
Ocean of Love: A Carnatic Novel
Very soon into this densely written, evocative saga of love in South India, the reader dives into the waters of an ocean of love through the eyes of the 54 year old author who obviously has plumbed t... Read more

15 Sep 04
“O”-new Title to Whisper for at Bookazine
Just as you worked out that “O” was the name of a new biography of Jackie Onassis, the late widow of JFK, it turns out to be the title of a hot new best-seller in a hot pink jacket called “O: The Intimate Histo... Read more

28 Jul 04
Gold by the Inch
“… the story of a young New Yorker of Asian descent who has returned to the country of his birth following a disastrous relationship and his father’s death. In a Bangkok drunk on the nation’s financial miracle - and high on an assortment of other things - the narrator meets Thong, a young, beautiful... Read more

10 Jul 04
Vacuum Packed
VACUUM PACKED by Robin Newbold (Nightwares, 245 pp US$13.00, PB) As the now famous tale goes, an actress friend of the gay English playwright Noel Coward had invited him to her opening night, and poor Noel knew that after the performance, which was dreadful, he would have to go ba... Read more

11 Oct 03
The Intrinsic Quality of Skin
I was looking forward to reading Skin by Peter A. Jackson, having read and enjoyed other works of his, but confess that, after three or four pages I was ready to give up the struggle with the cursive, or at least curly, script in which the book is typeset. I’m all for individuality and variety, but... Read more

19 Jul 03
Review: “The Dove Coos II”
Who has not daydreamed about the handsome young man who joins you at the river’s edge while you’re admiring the romantic moon and ends up doing a bit more than admiring; or being forced by circumstances to share a bed with someone who turns out to be not only good looking and well formed, but is the... Read more

7 Jun 03
“Flipping” by Ricardo Ramos
A highly titillating read and a must for fantasists of all kinds. It’s all here in raw and graphic detail, tops, bottoms, mixed-ups, blacks, whites cum artists with a soup?on of leather and whips thrown in for good measure. Read more

4 Jun 03
Property of the Artist: Symon
“The colors are as strong as the muscles”, author Philip Cornwel-Smith has handwritten in my personal copy of “Property of the Artist: Symon”. His book about American born Artist Symon, who has lived and worked many years in Bali, gives insight in his colorful work, unique thinking and great sense ... Read more

2 Apr 03
A Gemini & The Other Gemini by George Montague
Written by a present resident of Thailand approaching his 80’s, this is an exhaustive and sometimes exhausting account of George Montague’s life from his earliest years. It offers some fascinating deta... Read more

10 Dec 02
Thai Guys Tales
It began with the words: Nong, nong, what’s your name?" This "innocent" line was directed at a very pretty 19-year-old lying on a couch, in a coffee shop, college uniform white shirt artfully untucked from his black trousers (that is tooooo sexy) He was reading the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar named Desire... For a 19-year-old to be reading at that level was enough to spark the interest but that he was drop-dead gorgeous made us just that little more interested... Read more

9 Aug 01
The Damage Done
The Damage Done, by Warren Fellows with assistance from Jack Marx, is a riveting if rather a grim read. But that said, it’s a gripping tale of life behind bars in some of Bangkok’s most notorious prisons. “Think about the most wretched day of your life,” writes Mr. Fellows. “Maybe it was when somebody you loved died, or when you were badly hurt in an accident, or a day when you were so terrified you could scarcely bear it. Now imagine 4,000 of those days together in one big chunk.” Read more
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