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Gay Guide for Asia

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5 Feb 11
Will gay Egypt come out as well?
Night after night Suzy Size was glued to the TV screen this week watching the events in Cairo mainly on excellent Aljazeera and a bit on the BBC. Since your heroine has been there just about nine months ago, she is very familiar with the area around Tahrir square and the Egyptian Museum where the thugs attacked the peaceful demonstrators Wednesday night. The ghostly pictures when sinister men on camels and horses arrived reminded your heroine of a dangerous episode she experienced in Egypt just last year. Read more

24 Mar 07
An outstanding son of gay Asia
About five years ago when I finished building my house in Nong Khai (where my very gay Thai boy friend comes from but we met in gay Bangkok, of course) I most naturally stayed at the famous Pantawee City Hotel, which is certainly gay friendly with very openly gay Manger John (who could even be characterized as being flamboyant) and the "gay" hotel owner Noporn who by surgery successfully overcame the mistake made by nature allowing her be born in a male body. Read more

17 Mar 07
Probably the choice of gay Asia: Luxor is arguably the best restaurant of gay Pattaya
Sticky Rice guide for gay Asia is constantly checking on the restaurants in gay Pattaya and gay Thailand (well I have to eat too!). Read more

10 Mar 07
Gay Indians and gay Chinese spotted in gay Pattaya
Was it a coincidence? When Suzy Size sat down this week in her beloved gay Pattaya Jomtien beach chair she noticed an older gay Chinese guy besides her, very muscular, probably a top. Then another gay Chinese tart came by, a friend of the first one, probably a bottom. First Suzy Size thought they were the usual gay Chinese from gay Singapore, gay Hong Kong, gay Taiwan or gay Manila. Later she found out they were from mainland China. Is there a gay life in China? Read more

2 Mar 07
Rooms without view in gay Pattaya and gay Asia
As Suzy Size has confided several time to Sticky Rice Guide to Gay Asia, she has been married to a gay boy from Nong Khai for almost fifteen years now. But good old Suzy Size is still not single minded. As you might expect in gay Asia and especially in gay Pattaya, she gets around a bit once in a while... Read more

24 Feb 07
Gay Bangkok: Instant gender change in the back seat
Even though I drive my own car in gay Thailand, I hesitate to do it in greater Bangkok and clearly on my way home from the gay Bangkok night life. I might just have had a beer too many in all those Bangkok gay bars. The traffic in the City of Angels is just horrific and I am, admittedly, a lousy driver who never knows how wide his car really is. Read more

17 Feb 07
A street car named Dorothy spotted in gay Pattaya
And, admittedly, there are other good reasons against a change of position in Pattaya gay beach: it is where the gay beach boys flock to Jomtien every evening to play volleyball and make a decent living (decent not in a breeder`s way of looking at such queer things of course). They play their sport directly in front of Suzy Size`s chair vendor and Suzy can hardly take her eyes off those gay Thai stallions playing their body-revealing games on Jomtien Pattaya beach. Read more
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