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Accounts & Advice - South Africa
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27 Mar 10
The condom conundrum of Cape Town
Suzy Size back in Cape Town went to Bronx and Amsterdam which pride themselves to be Action Bars, but there was no action there at all besides drinking. You had those young white guys again interested in fellow young white guys and lots of jolly old fellows that were narcissistically dancing alone or with each others (plus some old girls doing the same). The chances of your heroine to be picked up by a juicy white or preferably black young man were near nil, about as high, as if hiking alone across the Swiss Alps in a dense fog. Read more

20 Mar 10
Johannesburg: an ugly city under siege
When reading the following description of 33 on First Gay Guest House on Exit, the Johannesburg based Gay Magazine, the choice was clear: It is situated in trendy Melville, within walking distance from RAU, numerous restaurants and one block from oh!, the most popular gay bar in Johannesburg. Trendy Melville, oh, wow and RAU! Suzy remembered RAU to be: the largest GAY Steam Sauna, bathhouse facility in Johannesburg. Priding ourselves on the highest level of hygiene and promotion of a healthy lifestyle for the Gay Commnunity, in a safe and secure area. Our facilities include, 3 spa baths / jacussis, steam room, sauna. 2 Video lounge areas for relaxation, while a beverage is enjoyed at our fully licensed bar area. Roam around to the private cabins while you pass the maze area. Lockers and complimentary towels are provided as well as shower facilities. So they called Johan, the owner of that 33 on First Guest House from the internet caf in Dullstroom, and he had vacancies, indeed. So they printed that description, how to get there, from his website and off they were. Read more

13 Mar 10
Spotting the Big Five, no: the Magnificent Six!
Your four heroines spent both their evenings at the Poison Apple, there are frankly speaking - not many other things to do in Scottburgh. The last night there was tension in the room at the Poison Apple. A younger guest who liked Khun Amorn got more and more drunk and louder. He wanted to fuck everybody (as he used to shout through the room), before he became more drunk and finally very quiet and rather introspect. There was a drama going on between Stefan and his girl friend. She was kissed and embraced by a young guy, a stranger to us. Khun Amorn talked much to a nice young soldier. What Suzy did not know then: They went to the toilet and Khun Amorn unpacked his cock, apparently a sizeable tool. But Stefan in his understandable grieve and anger chased them out of the toilet. Read more

6 Mar 10
The heat is on
When your four heroines wandered the lonely streets of Mossel Bay in search of a decent restaurant, they suddenly saw a very interesting and totally surprising sign, advertising a gay bar called Caprice. Look, lazy gay users of this Global Gay Guide, you have it easy. You just look quickly at these stories and know it all. Or you consult the Pink Pages of this Gay Guide World if you have a plan to visit Mossel Bay, South Africa. And thus you have instantly identified the only gay bar between Cape Town and Durban or even Johannesburg. Whereas your diligent heroine restlessly roams through the nearly empty streets of Mossel Bay, always in search of the goodies. Read more

27 Feb 10
The gay girls and boys of Barrydale
But, alas, what a blunder! When Magna asked Suzy about the name of that gay owned and managed little guest house in Barrydale, Suzy had forgotten to print out the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World regarding South Africa or more precisely - Barrydale! And now, that they had finally arrived in person in Barrydale, your nearly gaga heroine naturally - could not remember what the place was called! You must know, gay visitor of Barrydale, there is no internet caf there at all. There are not so many internet cafes in South Africa as a whole. But then driving up main street of Barrydale (there is only one in Barrydale which is a hamlet), they spotted Tradouw Guest House and all came back to your heroine Read more

20 Feb 10
No baboons, but boys in Boyes Drive
But you did not come along here to read all that stuff about magic moments on a famous cape? You are horny and want to read about gay meat moments in South Africa. Follow your heroine to Llandudno beach. No, Suzy has no idea how to pronounce Llandudno, but a straight friend, Roger from Switzerland, has been there and told Suzy that many gays meet there and do it right in the rocks with each other which is certainly good news. Knowledgeable Magna has read about luscious Llandudno too and is the driving force to make certain the four friends have a close look at Llandudno. And even when they first miss the exit to Llandudno beach, Magna drives back all the way till they actually walk in Llandudno, praised as a gay paradise on earth. Read more

13 Feb 10
Arriving at The Amsterdam in great Cape Town
They were expected and well received by a cute young black gay guy at Amsterdam due to sever jetlag or first stage Alzheimer - Suzy cannot remember the name of this good looking young man. He showed them the posh premises of Amsterdam Guest House which has a secluded pool (clothing optional), Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, workstations, Wifi, well decorated living rooms, bed rooms with all possible amenities, except a fridge, but there is a well equipped honest bar on ground floor, where you help yourself and just write in a note pad, what you have had. Needless to say there are countless condoms stacked at the bed tables in each room of this unique exclusively Gay Guest House of Cape Town, overlooking the city from its central, but quiet location in a high end neighborhood. Read more

9 Jan 10
Heading down South!
After a month through South Africa, Suzy will proceed from Cape Town to Buenos Aires (March 3rd). The name of the Argentinean capital has always sounded magic in the ears of your heroine. Go for instance the Soy Tu Yo website listed in the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World and have a look at the models Augustin, Gabi, the massage boys Andy and Eddy. Eddy with his brilliant blue eyes looks much like Paul Newman when he was young. Getting in bed with Paul Newman (in Argentina) is certainly worth any costs that such an incredible short time adventure might amount to, Suzy Size has a hard on already whilst writing about this incredible prospect. Read more
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