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Stories - Cape Town, South Africa

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Stories - Cape Town, South Africa
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27 Mar 10
The condom conundrum of Cape Town
Suzy Size back in Cape Town went to Bronx and Amsterdam which pride themselves to be Action Bars, but there was no action there at all besides drinking. You had those young white guys again interested in fellow young white guys and lots of jolly old fellows that were narcissistically dancing alone or with each others (plus some old girls doing the same). The chances of your heroine to be picked up by a juicy white or – preferably – black young man were near nil, about as high, as if hiking alone across the Swiss Alps in a dense fog. Read more

13 Feb 10
Arriving at “The Amsterdam” in great Cape Town
They were expected and well received by a cute young black gay guy at Amsterdam – due to sever jetlag or first stage Alzheimer - Suzy cannot remember the name of this good looking young man. He showed them the posh premises of Amsterdam Guest House which has a secluded pool (clothing optional), Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, workstations, Wifi, well decorated living rooms, bed rooms with all possible amenities, except a fridge, but there is a well equipped honest bar on ground floor, where you help yourself and just write in a note pad, what you have had. Needless to say there are countless condoms stacked at the bed tables in each room of this unique exclusively Gay Guest House of Cape Town, overlooking the city from its central, but quiet location in a high end neighborhood. Read more

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