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Articles - Saigon, Vietnam
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26 Nov 11
Tasting gay Saigon or Ho Chi Minh
Long after breakfast at a nearby coffee house, Suzy Size made another attempt to truly getting to know gay Saigon. Your horny heroine had been contacted on that gay internet dating site by Brandon, a 34years old Vietnamese-American guy living and working in Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City. Now she called him on his mobile phone and tried to make a date for that Saturday evening, she was very nervous at first. And, yes, Brandon, 20 years her junior, was interested in meeting grey Miss Size that evening. Contrary to the very first internet acquaintance he had no problems coming to meet Suzy at God Mother Saigon, maybe he was more out of the closet due to his US background? Read more

19 Nov 11
Massage in gay Saigon or Ho Chi Minh
When she saw Aleses with another group of gay young men (or young men that will at least have sex with men) she joined the gang again. Aleses was the boss of the group and he was clearly gay, slightly effeminate, but still acceptable for your hunk loving heroine. It was great fun to sit on that small chairs and equally small tables in Bui Vien, drinking cold Saigon Green with ice, eating snacks and watching Saigon walk by. Read more

12 Nov 11
Trying gay Saigon or Ho Chi Minh
Out of those 12 Vietnamese gay guys living in Saigon that had shown interest in your gray heroine on that dating site, only a few had posted a picture of themselves. The two that had a picture were ruled out immediately by Suzy Severa Size due to their unappealing looks, which is just a matter of personal taste. One had sent some pictures of himself to Miss Size, including a nude showing an erect cock of miniscule size and thus had no chances with your demanding size-queen. But one guy with pictures appealed to your picky heroine: He did not state his age, but was probably about 25 to 28 years old, neither an inexperienced chicken, nor over his prime. On one of the pictures he wore expensive designer clothes, Suzy thought, he was either a rich kid or an expensive money boy. Read more

5 Nov 11
Testing gay Saigon or Ho Chi Minh
So Miss Size walked up and down Bui Vien, the backpacker street of Saigon, till she by coincidence found a gay group of drinking boys and joined them for some beers in one of the inexpensive street restaurants where the Saigon Green costs 10000 Dong which are 50 US Cents. The most attractive and obvious boss of the group was a fellow called Aleses. He befriended your heroine right from the start, pealed peanuts for her and cheered with his beer all the times. Was he trying to get Suzy drunk? Miss Size paid some rounds, but then left to her hotel, returned to the good God Mother of gay Saigon. Aleses had offered to take Miss Size to his nearby room, but your heroine was a bit too tired and did not trust him yet. After all, Saigon was the only Asian city your horny heroine had ever been robbed by a hustler. Tomorrow was another day and Suzy Size had the number of Aleses, just in case. If hanky-panky with Aleses would take place at all, it would be at her room at the God Mother where all strangers have to leave their IDs at the reception. Read more

15 Oct 11
Realities in gay Saigon or Ho Chi Minh
Next week Suzy Size shall return to gay Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City in her frantic search for cocoa beans and male beauty. As the regular readers of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World know by now, the latest trip there of your heroine was a complete failure. Not only did she not find those valuable cocoa beans near Vung Tau, she who could also be labeled as Miss Beans after that failed trip - missed out on the recent developments of the gay scene of Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City as well. In other words, sorry Suzy Size did not get laid at all there which is certainly a scandal and a personal disaster as well. Read more

3 Sep 11
Returning to gay Saigon or Ho Chi Minh
So Suzy called it a day. She went for some beers to Quan Huong Vy restaurant, had dinner at an excellent Italian restaurant nearby. She walked through Bui Vien, the backpacker street running parallel to Pham Ngu Lao street, but there were far less juicy massage boys offering their services than last time, none really appealed to your Pattaya spoiled heroine. And there was no trace of Heintje (her Saigon heartthrob) at all. The boys were far less aggressive too, nobody molested Miss Size (to her chagrin) at all, nor did they seem to take notice of her. Read more

2 Apr 08
An episode almost free of gay stuff Is Switzerland near Scotland? Read this story in German
You may think, Suzy Size makes up all those stories, but they all really happened. Suzy has no fantasy at all and could never invent a thing. So you must believe your traveling heroine - now in the last phase, the twilight zone of her crazy trip beloved Beauregard really was at the bus terminal of the mighty Mekong Express when Suzy got there, early as always. But, alas, he was not wearing the orange silk uniform of the bus attendants, he was only helping the company to board the many passengers. Read more

1 Apr 08
A gay son of Hanoi, living and working in Saigon meeting Heintje or Rambo Read this story in German
Suzy Size had dinner in an Indian Restaurant in Bui Vien which is the backpacker street right behind her hotel. The food was horrible, but dirt cheap. She had a table overlooking Bui Vien. There were a lot of young men around with their bicycles, making noise with a little metal instrument and thus advertising their massage services. There were so many, it was almost like Jomtien beach but in an urban context. They all were looking for eye contact and once established they would come back time and again to sell their massage services. Read more

31 Mar 08
Mr. no-bullshit II a gay son of Saigon Read this story in German
Suzy Size joint Canh at his table in Quan Huong Vy restaurant in Pham Ngu Lao street and took over her Saigon beer. He was a funny guy, obviously gay with the blond lines in his hair and the sun tattooed on his left upper arm. He was 38 and a bit fat, not really the type of Suzy Size, but he was charming at first and Suzy Size wanted to exploit his (hopefully) deep knowledge about gay Saigon. Canh loved Suzy instantly which was definitely a one sided love. He kissed our heroine right here in public, Suzy was suddenly a bit shy. Read more

30 Mar 08
Mr. no-bullshit a gay son of Saigon Read this story in German
Suzy had all the time of the world. Slowly, taking many detours after dinner, she went back for a Saigon beer in Quan Huong Vy restaurant in Pham Ngu Lao. It was now about 10 pm, the sexy waiter who had predicted Suzy would be back, had gone, but now Mr. no-bullshit was here. He was quite obviously gay and after a very short time invited Suzy to join him at his table. Read more

29 Mar 08
On the mighty Mekong Express Gay Saigon, Suzy is coming Read this story in German
Suzy Size sat on the Mekong Express and fell instantly in love with the super cute bus attendant. With utmost grace he was handing out the cold towels. Then every passenger got a bottle of wonderful water from his very well sized hands. You surely know, gay sex tourist, what that might indicate? And finally Beauregard handed out a lunch box with a sweet and a meat cake. Lovely meat cake, Bearegard. He certainly was in the same league as Troy and M. Idris. Read more
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