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Accounts & Advice - Venezuela
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20 Oct 12
Stuck in not so gay Caracas, Venezuela
After about one and a half hours Miss Size was close to reaching the check-in counter, but a young rude soldier demanded to search her luggage. Look, gay visitor of Venezuela, Suzy Size was not afraid that he would find bundles of US Dollars in her luggage, the strict currency controls of the Chavez government are the main reason all passengers at the main Venezuelan airport are searched thoroughly by young soldiers just fallen from a tree, without the least manners naturally. Caracas had been very expensive and Miss Size had not much cash left. Neither was Suzy Size afraid, all her dildos, countless packages with gliding cream or her expensive fur coats she had declared them all when she had entered that silly country could be confiscated, but her precious seeds! Read more

13 Oct 12
Not interested in gay Caracas, Venezuela
Look, prospective visitor of gay Caracas or gay Venezuela rethink your travel plans! All the bad things you hear about Caracas, the most dangerous city of South America, are true. Your heroine Suzy Size has no intention ever to return to Caracas that shithole - under any circumstances. Read her lips: Never ever in this life or the many that might follow is Suzy Severa Size going back to bloody, bloody Caracas! Read more

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