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30 Aug 08
Staying at the Gay Village of Manchester a bit like gay Amsterdam
Gay sex tourist, if you ever want to visit Manchester, that is so easy. The famous Gay Village of Manchester is just walking distance from Piccadilly train station. Just cross over the pedestrian bridge, in front of Malmaison hotel turn left down to Canal street. Or, if you have more funds than Suzy Size, you might want to stay right at Malmaison, which is an excellent example of industrial chic, a former industrially used building turned into a contemporary use with a lot of taste. Read more

23 Aug 08
Great gay guys in Warwick little time to check out gay Sheffield
Had you, fellow gay sex tourist, predicted that your heroine Suzy Size would ever visit Warwick and its folk festival during her gay World Friendship Tour she would have laughed right into your face. Warwhat? When she started her trip back in good old gay Pattaya she did not even know there was such a place on this planet. And why on earth should anybody looking so anxiously for gay sex like her go to Warwick? Look up Warwick: there is not a single gay place listed on Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World (the gay Bible, after all). So why, the hell, go to Warwick? Read more

16 Aug 08
Gay London does exist after all meeting one of the few donors at last
Suzy Size, your seasoned gay guide around the world, has been in London maybe five times in her long and so far very beautiful life, but only got laid in this large city once. (She met Bong here then, a dear friend she knew back from the Philippines.) This is a horrible ratio, you might rightly say. But maybe it was going to change this time around? There is always hope, right? After all, she was going to be guided through gay London on her first night by Ian, one of the few (formerly unknown) donors who sent some money (40 $) to the World Friendship Tour of your heroine. Read more

31 May 08
Breaking news: Gay World Friendship Tour starts in earnest
The rout of the first two months of the Gay World Friendship Tour are now clear, and the gay masses can cheer their heroine on the way, if they should wish to do so. Interesting individuals along the route are hereby invited to write to Suzy (editor at if they wish to meet her. But be warned: Do not write if you are boring! But do write: If you want to host Suzy at your villa, wine and dine her endlessly there and borrow your house boys or boy friends during the nights. Get in touch: If you own a 9 star hotel and would like Suzy to move in for free as long as she wishes. Read more
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