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Stories - Taipei, Taiwan
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28 Jun 08
Jus primae noctis: The strange straight ways back in Hong Kong
But that girl besides Suzy obviously believed in praying. She was to become a domestic helper in Hong Kong, leaving her native Mindanao for the very first time. Of course she was not told about those strange straight rites in Hong Kong called jus primae noctis. It allows the employers to rape those girls first night they arrive and sleep with them ever after. (The Chinese in Hong Kong took that cute custom over from the visiting Spaniards in the year XLLXLL.) But obviously that young and innocent girl sensed something like that. Your moved heroine did not try to convert that devote catholic girl to Voodoo which makes far more sense to Suzy Size (especially in such a dreadful situation) than Catholicism. She even went so far as to lie and tell the girl in the sweetest possible voice everything will be all right, dear. Read more

21 Jun 08
Gay Taipei: The very best massages ever- when an old queen is turned into a king
This was such a nice and friendly gesture, so typical for great So Young Men Spa, Suzy was in heaven again. She talked a little while with extremely friendly Gordon who frequently travels to Bangkok to get massages himself and finally left that hospitable place, thinking that this unique experience just could not be topped this life around. But your heroine erred dramatically. Read more

14 Jun 08
In search of 101 a phallic landmark for straight and gay Taipei
After all that history lessons Suzy was shifting into meat gear. She did not choose to go to gay Taipei Hans sauna, even though she likes that name very much since it reminds her of her good old friend Hans Fritschi back in Pattaya who is such a sweet and intelligent guy. Hans, dear, I miss you so. Suzy opted for Rainbow sauna which was easily found thanks to the good description of the access way in Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World. But due to very bad karma (or old age) nobody showed much desire to show Suzy Size the way to heaven there. She watched how a gay Chinese hunk got a blow job by a farang kneeling in front of him in a darkroom. Another one was licking his tits. Read more

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