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Accounts & Advice - Turkey
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26 Feb 11
A gay Asian fantasy in Istanbul
So impressed was young Yuksel, he even insisted in paying the bill for your hollow heroine!
And, he also invited Miss Size to visit him around 4 pm that afternoon at his luxury Service Apartments.
”I would like to show them to you and we can have a coffee.” Was this not code?
Saying, I would like to show you my praised stamp collection?
Meaning, I want to tear all the clothes off you and lick you everywhere!
Suzy played cool, responded, if I can make it, I may come by. I am not sure yet. I hope to be around in your area then.
Ha, what a farce!
But this had been the plan of Miss Size from the start. She had only agreed to write a book to get rich and famous. Then she would be chased by young and butch groupies all over the world who wanted to have sex with her. Read more

15 May 10
Gay Istanbul can be cold at times
Suzy Size was so looking forward to return to gay Istanbul. She is absolutely fascinated by this great, historic city at the Bosporus which is vibrating and good fun in every possible respect. And then she had made contact again with lovely and so young Yuksel, the creator of the informative Istanbul Queens website. She wanted to invite him and his (so far) unknown boy friend for dinner: For old queens it can be delightful, just being surrounded by splendid, good looking gay men, even though sex is (unfortunately) out of the question since they (in general) do not suffer under Daddy syndrome. The chemical industry - so far - has managed to take care of erectile dysfunction, but a real achievement would be a pill that makes young and horny men instantly fall in love with old tarts. How easily could such a medicine clandestinely be dropped in a drink of an adored young man, but, alas, there are obvious limits to the abilities of that darn chemical industry. Sell those stocks in May and go away. Read more

26 Dec 09
Gay China: An elevating experience
Your heroine has traveled a lot this year. The infamous Gay World Friendship Tour took her to India, China, Laos, Russia, the Baltics, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. In gay Thailand: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nong Khai and – not to forget – Pattaya were revisited. As the year comes to an end, Suzy Size looks back on some highlights and continues with China and Laos this week, plus a very interesting experience in Turkey. Read more

3 Oct 09
Blowing a golden horn in Istanbul
Abidin – which means slave to religion - is not the real name of that cute waiter, but Suzy will call him Abidin. He was 23 years old, had come from the impoverished Southeast of Turkey to Istanbul for work. Two of his brothers were working in other restaurants under the Galata bridge, there were 11 children in his family. Soon Abidin had figured out that Suzy was gay and written his name and cell phone number on a piece of paper which he handed to your heroine very discretely, the colleagues are watchful. He told Suzy to call him after 8 pm and that is what your horny heroine did. When Suzy called him, Abidin said he would be free at 9.30 and then they “could go somewhere”, but did not want to meet her at the restaurant – be aware of the colleagues or the brothers, the people talking – so they met, opposite the Galata bridge, at the entrance of New Mosque, which is not so very new actually, it was built between 1597 and 1663. Read more

18 Oct 08
Fantastic Istanbul
The somewhat pimpish owner of Club 17 was not her cup of coffee. And that one guy at Club 17 that was of her liking looked awfully wild, awfully dangerous. Remember Pier Paolo Pasolini and how he got killed? Or remember that disgruntled Greek Suzy met in Sofia? He had been robbed by a money boy in Turkey. So prudent Suzy Size left Club 17 alone. But be assured fellow gay sex tourist your heroine was still inclined to test a tasty Turk. Read more
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