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Stories - Thailand
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1 Oct 11
Just a few postcards from gay Pattaya
Last Saturday your humble heroine Suzy Size once more moved her ass to the incredible plants market in Nakluea as a spy. This weekend her brother in law will start selling there all the precious plants Miss Size is growing in her luscious gardens surrounding her Castelgandolfo residence. And to know what the enemy (the competitors) is offering seems to be adamant. There were those incredible masculine bananas for sale there and it goes without saying your old size queen just had to buy them… Read more

17 Sep 11
No sexy gay stuff from Pattaya this week
Look, dear user of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia regarding Pattaya and Thailand as a whole, do not be disappointed! The blog this week does not contain any juicy stories about sheer incredible adventures of your heroine in Boyztown or at equally interesting Sunee Plaza. Suzy Size is fully focused on other interesting shapes and forms than male tits and asses. She is preparing for “P” day that could make or break the long term financial well being of Miss Size and her eternal Gay World Friendship Tour, momentarily stuck in good old Pattaya… Let us face an inconvenient truth, neither did you out there in the fog support Miss Size enough, in her noble cause, to describe the whole fucking world from a gay perspective, when it comes to sending or pledging money. Read more

6 Aug 11
A virtual escape to gay Chiang Mai
Three full months have passed since the glorious return of your travelling heroine to Pattaya, a long, long time for your still restless Miss Size. Suzy Size would like to flee the scene, she has not been anywhere - for ages, it seems! Her thoughts fly to gay Chiang Mai of which she has such fond memories. She might take the overnight train there, and, naturally, she would stay at Soho Bar and Guesthouse again. Owner Scott is a perfect host and in the evening Miss Size would check out, whether wonderful Tan is still working there…and maybe he would not be as unreachable as two years ago… Read more

30 Jul 11
Pattaya for the gay love hungry novice, part 2
But even if you should be a resident of Pattaya, now the sun is going down and you may be ready for a sundowner, after those many beach massages, porn DVDs, fruits, seafood and junk offered to you by diligent vendors. You may choose Bondi bar and guest house for such an undertaking which is located right at the entrance to gay Jomtien beach and is quite popular with elder and some younger gentleman. You can sit on their terrace overlooking the walkway and there might be your prince charming walking by. Just smile at him and if he (surprisingly, surprisingly!) responds, quickly invite him for a drink. Read more

23 Jul 11
Gay Pattaya for the sex hungry novice, part 1
How would you, gay resident of Pattaya, describe this fair town to a novice, a first time visitor of Thailand? Yes, even though it is hard to believe, there still are a few of those very naïve and certainly deprived people out there in the wide world, that have never even heard of Jomtien beach, Boyztown or Sunee Plaza, nor can they imagine, what they might experience in those almost magic places. So Suzy Size, for once in a quite motherly mood, will take the newcomers by her (handsome) hand and lead them around the many wonders and delights of so unique gay Pattaya. Read more

16 Jul 11
Only small gay news from Pattaya this week
Your polygamous heroine Suzy Size might try a new massage boy from Jomtien beach for a so called “massage in the room” which is code for gay sex and many of them will gladly do that, including the desired happy ending. (Others will refuse, but this is rather rare.) Just recently she took there a certain Nitnoi for the first time, an optically quite sexy guy with tattoos from Udon Thani, who is quite a heavy smoker. When your heroine finally left D. D. Inn after that massage and short time, she felt much as if she had smoked a whole pack of cigarettes herself and is therefore not so sure that this experience – in the near or distant future - will be repeated. Read more

9 Jul 11
Sexy gay ghosts and the Pattaya gardens
Look, gay or straight visitors of Pattaya or Thailand as a whole, there are ghosts or spirits loose in this kingdom. Your heroine has never seen any, but what does that proof after all? Do you ask a blind man for the right way, if you are lost?
When Khun Amorn suddenly saw some ghosts the other night, he got so scared or even frightened, he bumped the car quite badly.
Look, your heroine finds drunk driving – after extensive reveling at the gay bars in Pattaya, seeing a many sexy (g)hosts there on stage - the more plausible explanation, but not the boyfriend of so many years. At least he told the insurance, he tried to avoid a dog instead of ghosts, heading the advice of Miss Size. Read more

12 Feb 11
”Wanderlust in Gay Asia” is banned in Singapore
The so called “Media Development Authority“ (MDA) — Singapore’s censors who really should call themselves Media Destroying Authority – have banned sales of ”Wanderlust in Gay Asia” in their territory. The reason supplied was that it was “not deemed suitable for distribution in Singapore.” For your benign heroine Suzy Size this came as no surprise. The big surprise had happened long before, when renowned publisher Marshall Cavendish (based in Singapore which lately tried to portray a more modern image) asked Suzy whether or not she wanted to do such a gay travel book about Asia.
So we have now the absurd situation that Singaporean gays that would like to acquire this title have to buy it abroad. They can mail order it from any Bookazine or Asia Book store from Thailand (or naturally Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, this website based in cyberspace). It also may soon be available at Bangkok airport and – in June – from Amazon UK and in India. Or, if someone in Singapore is in desperate need of a copy, just come to Thailand for a weekend. Read more

29 Jan 11
Rushing through the last things...
Your somewhat pedantic heroine Suzy Size almost had several heart attacks this last week. Before hitting the road again for her Eternal Gay World Friendship Tour which will bring her to South America she likes to get her house in order. She told Khun Amorn, the lazy Thai boyfriend of so many years, to order 100 concrete rings and he surprisingly did so - without complaining - the same day: This unseen cooperation alone could have caused a heart attack. They were delivered next morning in four installments and were placed in the barren parts of the garden (besides the fish pond) where the soil is very bad. Miss Size herself made the master plan for her plantation of graviola trees which may be remembered one fair day as her personal breakthrough by the gardening gay masses of the world. Read more

22 Jan 11
Seeking new gay adventures in Brazil
Your heroine is naturally looking forward to new visits in the Paradise for Men in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and has cleverly booked her hotel walking distance from this heavenly place. Her good old friend Doug has just recently been there and has given a mouth watering report to your horny heroine. Doug talked about a new and breathtaking shower show that THE Paradise has staged. When Suzy heard what Doug had to tell, she became so jealous and envious of him, she stormed away from dazzled Doug in a wild and almost violent fury. She will most probably never forgive Doug, to have seen that marvelous show before Suzy did!
“Terrible Doug, you have really added insult to injury!”, Miss Size was quoted by usually very reliable sources. Read more

15 Jan 11
Launch of “Wanderlust in Gay Asia” planed
Look, gay tourist to the world, your heroine Suzy Size is still getting crazier by the day. Her book “Wanderlust in Gay Asia” is already selling well, but she is so greedy now, she wants to become an instant millionaire. And, of course, she is incredibly vain. Just the other day she told me:
”Hans, organize a book launch for February 5th, somewhere in Boyztown!”
”Why that day?”, I dared to ask, the location makes some sense at least.
”I want to please Eduard from KL.”
”Who, the fuck, is Eduard?”, naturally I thought he must be one of her cheap money boys from Bukit Bintang.
”A dear, dear friend”, she cryptically responded. Read more

8 Jan 11
Selling Suzy Size or the “oeuvre”
What a week! I am definitely ready for a break or rather close to a breakdown. Suzy Size chased me around all the time, all over Pattaya and – in a way – all over the world. She told me: ”Hansi, rush to the post office!”
I had to mail the first 69 copies of “Wanderlust in Gay Asia” ordered through the selling point at the website link . The initial demand is very high in Thailand and abroad. 21 orders alone came in from Timbuktu (Mali), even though malign Miss Size has never set foot there nor does she intend to ever go there. Read more

18 Dec 10
Cutey Beauty is the foremost gay hair salon in Bangkok
When Suzy Size by chance met her good old friend Nicholas the other day in Jomtien beach, she was shocked a little, to put it mildly. Look, your benign heroine has not seen good old Nicholas for at least two years – he lives in Bangkok and comes to Pattaya quite seldom -, but he has aged in that time tremendously. He actually is 64, but now has the appearance of an octogenarian. Wearing g-strings did not help his case either. The worn out body looked like a wreck washed ashore at the beach. With that immense beer belly he resembled not little a beached whale. Read more

18 Dec 10
Unforgettable Party at Panorama Gay Bar in Pattaya
Lud and Tim, the long time owners of gay Panorama bar and pub in the unique Pattaya Boyztown, did it again! They invited their guests and long time patrons to their traditional anniversary party. Would you believe it? Panorama turned 11 that year and is still going strong. The food prepared by Café Royale was delicious and – as usual – the first drink went on the house. Suzy Size, your benign heroine, had a ball, renewed many old friendships whilst hibernating in her winter quarters in Pattaya. Since photos are more convincing than endless words, have a look at her snaps and book your flights to Thailand, if you should have been as irresponsible as to forget to book them up to now. Read more

11 Dec 10
Street Life: A new in-place has opened in Boyztown
Remember good old Amor Restaurant in Bozytown? It is gone. But – like Phoenix rose from the ashes – Street Life has emerged in its place: An elegant Gallery, Deli, Wine Bar, Restaurant and Home Décor, all under one roof on two storeys. And – the other good news – Richard, the popular host of Amor, is still there despite the dramatic changes of style and appearance and offers many popular goodies from the old Amor menu. Read more

27 Nov 10
With Suzy Size in Castelgandolfo 2
After a - once more - inspiring and refreshing, but also exhausting stay in Bangkok, for me the first time in well known, but somehow dubiously reputed Malaysia Hotel, I was looking forward to meet Suzy Size for our short trip to Siem Reap, where we met her extremely amiable (and absolutely not grandmotherly) friend Eva, before we finally headed to Castelgandolfo 2, the pompous second residence of our heroine in Nong Khai. Read more

13 Nov 10
The good, good hideaway in Jomtien beach
If your lonely hunter and heroine in Jomtien beach should be hapless(probably due to bad things committed in former lives), she even can arrive empty handed at D.D. Inn: They always have some host boys there who can be offed for 250 Baht. The neat short time room (with shower, air conditioning and TV) is 300 Baht. And, if you are planning a vacation this winter, but are a bit short on cash, the D.D. Inn might be an excellent, inexpensive hotel for you. You stay in the heart of Jomtien, the rooms are quiet and you are in the beach within a walk of no more than 30 seconds. Read more

6 Nov 10
Visit the new Swiss House near Sunee Plaza
This week was another opening night, and your heroine was invited again. Andy Wenger has taken over what used to be Ole restaurant in Soi Yensabai and it is now called Swiss House Restaurant and Guest House. There are 9 luxurious 2 room apartments available which come with kitchenette. The location, just around Sunee Plaza, is much better than the old one in somewhat seedy Soi Diamond. It is much easier to find a parking space in that area of town as well. Read more

30 Oct 10
Subtle seductions
When Suzy Size got another call from her Mia Noi, your benign heroine was easily seduced, since she was already sitting in Jomtien beach. Suzy was reading “The Enchantress of Florence” by Salman Rushdie, her first book of this refined author. Suzy thinks, she never read any of his works before, because of the fuss about the “Satanic Verses” which was so appalling. But now, mesmerized by his seductive fantasy and his subtle writing skills, your heroine wants to read all the works of this prolific writer. So the Mia Noi had to wait a few hours till Suzy Size had read enough and was ready to proceed to the DD Inn for that sexual seduction, which was great. Read more

23 Oct 10
The dark secret between the legs of the Isuzu man
On the way back from the beach Suzy noticed that juicy Isuzu man you see on her picture. But he had an even darker secret (than Khun Thanong with his non existent birthday) and it stuck between his legs… Read more
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