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Stories - Thailand
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31 May 14
The constant gardener and the boys
Your heroine Suzy Size has been unusually silent for an extended period of time. One reason for this unexpected and almost frightening silence: Miss Size is very, very active during the days and normally quite exhausted at night – quite the opposite from when your now so old heroine was young half a century ago or so. She has not gone out to Boyztown or Jomtien beach and therefore lacks adventures and juicy gay encounters that are worth telling in this obviously dyeing, formerly eternal gay blog. Suzy still runs around with boys... Read more

22 Feb 14
Jim Lumsden is happy at his beautiful home
Jim Lumsden is completely relaxed, he is visibly at home at fantastic Baan Souy which is now a well established gay resort in Pattaya and very successful. Since November the place was fully booked until very recently and the prospects look good as well. Suzy Size is not a bit surprised, after all Baan Souy is located in a perfect spot: Close to the gay Pattaya beach as well as the nightspots of interest, but quiet and self contained at the same time. Read more

16 Nov 13
The largest gay sauna-hotel in the world
Frankly speaking, your heroine Suzy Size was a bit scared to take a close look at the new heavily enlarged Sansuk gay sauna-hotel complex in Pattaya which is in the very final stage of completion. Was Punya Ratana, the clever and likeable Thai owner, getting it right with that big, big boy? Was he not destroying the intimacy of that popular place by adding an eight story building with 50 new rooms and an elevator? The answer is a clear: No. Punya and his people have done a marvelous job and Suzy Size predicts a smashing success! The new Sansuk blue tower is now scheduled to open by the end of November (latest), and for high season you should make your reservation right now. Read more

9 Nov 13
Gay Pattaya: What a great Panorama!
When your old heroine Suzy Size entered Boyz Town this week, she felt immediately, something had dramatically changed here, but she did not know exactly what it was yet. Passing by Funny Boys – for many years a go-go bar with very sexy hosts - she noticed the new so proper façade with the fresher, more dynamic logo and new spicy advertisement banners. Was it just the logo, the sexy banners that made that big atmospheric difference in Boyz Town? Read more

24 Aug 13
A place for the faithful in gay Pattaya
When your heroine Suzy Size finally returned from her bloody trip to Mexico – via a prolonged stopover in her native Zurich – she was naturally eager to meet her Mia Noi as usual at her favorite short time hotel: The well known D. D. Inn, just 15 minutes from gay Jomtien beach. The D. D. Inn is much more than a convenient place for the beach visitor who just might have met a stunning young man who offers one of those very healthy and rewarding “massages in the room” which naturally come with a happy ending. This turns said fine, but inexpensive hotel – so to speak - in an ideal starting point for the pursuit of happiness. Read more

30 Mar 13
A monk making and pay-day in Nong Khai
Those deals with the invisible powers can be as complex as a complicated merger is in real business. Khun Amorn apparently had promised to become a monk for the duration of 15 days, if the land and the car deal went both through. And – as the old Romans already knew – pacta sunt servanda, agreements must be kept. And this is especially true in dealing with such mighty business partners. So Khun Amorn moved from gay Pattaya to not so terribly gay Nong Khai and overlooked the renovation (new painting) of Castelgandolfo II. Around 300 guests were invited for the grand monk making party and Khun Amorn wanted to receive his many guests in style, in a clean or even immaculate place. Read more

17 Nov 12
Gay Pattaya: No time for sex this week
The last ten days or so were the most stressful since your heroine Suzy Size returned from her latest trip to gay South America. She accompanied the Thai brother in law to Chanthaburi where he had to deliver 200 small Graviola trees to a customer. Even though they were only small ones, they filled the whole back of the pickup truck. The customer was a rich middle aged Thai woman who wanted to plant those to her unknown trees on a small part of her land. All in all she is the proud owner of more than 1000 Rai of land, one Rai accounts for 1600 square meters. Read more

10 Nov 12
Gay Nong Khai: Back to school again
At the table besides them was a mother with her effeminate son and his lady-boy lover. Naturally your heroine watched them from the corners of her eyes but was not at least attracted by any of them. So another sip of ice cold beer and some snacks until the next race took some attention. But then two gorgeous young men arrived together on a bike wearing unusually fancy clothes for Nong Khai. Your heroine could no longer master her eyes which followed the two sexy guys all over. In her mind Suzy Size was undressing them slow motion and was now having sex with both of them, neglecting the boat races at the shore of the Mekhong. Were they twins or just mysterious brothers? Read more

27 Oct 12
Home, sweet home in good gay Pattaya
Almost four months have passed since your exhausted heroine returned home to Pattaya from her 12 weeks on the road. The lost suitcase containing the precious seeds turned up eventually, they were all planted and most of them did sprout. The Mia Noi is as horny as ever and calls at last once a week, back to the gay Pattaya sex routine. Many new wonders could be detected in the luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo, the somewhat pretentious residence of your heroine outside Pattaya. Namely the Burma tomatoes, an old variety that still has taste was a huge success story. Read more

7 Apr 12
Gay Pattaya: Big fish caught finally
When you, gay traveler to Asia, read this account of the last things done in very gay Pattaya, your heroine Suzy Size has parted already for greener pastures. She looks back from gay Beijing (her present location of writing and searching that so special male pleasure) on the last eventful days back home. For now she can only disclose about the Chinese capital, she arrived here around 6.30 am on a bitter cold Tuesday with 4 degrees Celsius and had her first gay Beijing encounter around 9 pm. But the Beijing leg of her eternal World Gay Friendship Tour will fully be featured in due time – which means: next week – so Eduard, in KL, be patient, even though it hurts! It is only one week you have to wait, one little week only! Read more

11 Feb 12
Not a lost weekend in gay Nong Khai
Saturday night Suzy Size and Connie Lingus had a splendid hot pot dinner at the banks of the Mekhong. Then the two grey ladies entered New Oasis Bar which reopened under new ownership just recently. This is the only gay host bar of Nong Khai and when Suzy entered that place the first time on a visit in January, Keekee, the manager, first thought Miss Size was a so called “real man”. This time around – accompanied by super flamboyant Connie Lingus – there was not the shadow of a doubt about the real nature of your heroine. The only host that night, Khun Ting, was 24 years old and joined the two “femmes fatales” at their table. Suzy Size at one point – she was slightly drunk – squeezed one of his sizeable nipples and then inquired about an in-house short time room, but they have no such emergency facility at New Oasis. Read more

4 Feb 12
Obstacles on the way to gay Tabatinga
The third catastrophe happened when your horny heroine arrived in Jomtien beach. She found a good parking space just in front of the Bank of Ayudaya branch and reached in no time D. D. Inn, her favorite short time hotel. The Mia Noi, who normally is late like most Thais, was there as well, now in short time they would go on a quick trip all the way up to paradise. At least they thought they would. Bloody, bloody Saturday! The D. D. Inn was fully booked! They even had rented out infamous room 205 who has seen over the years many men come (and go), which normally is more or less always kept as an emergency room for urgent short time reanimation. Now Suzy and her Mia Noi were in a difficult situation and much felt like Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem. Read more

21 Jan 12
The Gay World Friendship Tour goes on!
Then Miss Size probably will proceed from Fortaleza (Brazil) by bus or so to Belem where she has never set foot yet so far and here the mighty Amazon river flows into the sea. Your heroine has already checked out the only escort boy there, advertising his rather expensive services on a dedicated website. He is just stunning. Darick is indeed a beautiful Mulatto with a 23 cm tool, sensual lips and a pierced nipple. And the 19 years young man can do everything! But he wants 120 Euros for an hour in heaven. So please, good gay guys out there in the world, send some dough right now! If you do not, you commit a hefty crime against homosexuality and thus break two hearts with one stroke: That of needy Darick and the lonely heart of your humble heroine! Can you be so cruel? Suzy Severa Size always remains hopeful, even against all odds. Read more

14 Jan 12
Pattaya is full of gay Russians
But that not too young man just kept staring at Suzy Size. Weird, Suzy thought. And then he even smiled at your heroine. A timid, but beautiful smile. Strange, Suzy thought. But then your old heroine remembered: Decades ago, when a man looked at her with that kind of face, that kind of smile, he fancied her. Could that be the case here and now? After all, that guy in his thirties was not bad looking, not bad looking at all. He had a well trained body from the gym. So your encouraged heroine asked him the old, silly question that Suzy always asks in that very situation: “Where are you from?” He was from Russia. Read more

7 Jan 12
Gay Pattaya: The most important was?
The frantic gardening of your heroine got another boost towards the end of the year. Suzy and the brother in law – the one that sells her precious and rare plants at the plants weekend market in Nakluea - went to a plant fair in Bangkok where they met a most interesting supplier. Not only got the man vanilla, but also 7 different varieties of fig trees, “black moon” passion fruits from Mexico, rare black bananas from Papua New Guinea, red bananas from Israel, one banana type that reaches 14 meters in height and so on. Your gardening heroine did not know that Vanilla is an orchid and has planted one in the luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo. Besides these so interesting plants, the first cocoa plants are for sale now as well. Besides macadamia, rosemary, gac, date palms from Syria, three passion fruit varieties, red lipstick shrubs, screw pines, nutmeg and so on. Suzy Size is full of hope and enthusiasm and has high expectations for 2012. This was at least a terrific start so far! And the Mia Noi has time too again… Read more

10 Dec 11
Inexpensive and good gay Pattaya hotel
A confession has to be made to you, gay visitor of Pattaya: For a while your heroine Suzy Size has not been faithful and shamelessly whored around. The Mia Noi is now working in a restaurant and has moved back to the house of a former steady guy of Miss Size. For that reason, Suzy cannot meet him in his room to avoid loss of face to his buddy and “landlord”. It is actually quite absurd or very Thai! But another colleague from the restaurant would borrow his room nearby that restaurant for the short time encounters that naturally still take place. The problem was, this room was a bit smelly... Read more

5 Nov 11
Gay architect in Pattaya or Thailand: If you need one?
Elmar Kleiner for instance has created a minimalistic, luxurious and highly functional private residence on a steep piece of land along a stunning 140 m beach front in Pattaya. The ensemble is a composition of a main house with several subordinate houses and generous outdoor areas, including a wide flamboyant stair and a 30 m swimming pool. The residential area consists of stunning 4500 square meters, the ceiling is 3.60 m high and the bathroom alone is 36 square meters. Hiring a gay architect has many advantages, you laugh and talk about the same things and you can be sure that there are no eyebrows raised if you want to have – for instance - your own and private darkroom built. Read more

29 Oct 11
Cocoa beans brought to gay Pattaya!
When Suzy Size read this week (whilst in Saigon) that the airport in Bangkok had shut down due to the severe flooding, she became a bit nervous. So far her trip to Vietnam had been a big success. Not only had she met some interesting gay Vietnamese characters on her newest adventure trip, she also had retrieved 8 kilo of precious cocoa fruits containing the priceless fresh beans that only can germinate within two weeks, once they are taken from their pods. And she had also bought 10 cocoa seedlings. (The arduous details of this mad and hilarious undertaking will be fully revealed to the readers of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World at a later date.) And now the airport had closed! Read more

22 Oct 11
A gay Thai-Thai love drama in Pattaya
Be warned, gay traveler to Pattaya and the world in general, this is the sad tale of a gay Thai-Thai love affair that did not take place or originate from Boyztown or start at Sunee Plaza, the unlucky lovers met through a Thai gay dating website. A young man just madly fell in love with another, but this apparent love was one sided which lead to threats of violence and stalking. Read more

8 Oct 11
Is that gay dream available in Pattaya?
Another week has been spent – or is it wasted? – by your almost divine heroine Suzy Size. Not by searching for the juiciest gay asses in the phenomenal Pattaya Boyztown or at equally tempting Sunee Plaza, but with frantic gardening or maybe rather marketing. As the regular readers of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia regarding Pattaya do know by now by heart, your silly heroine has a not so secret plan to get rich quickly by selling her fast growing, but unique plants in large numbers at extremely elevated prices and thus financing her many sex trips around the world. It is the noble cause of the Eternal Gay World Friendship Tour to describe the whole fucking world from a gay perspective. But this task not only asks for a lot of stamina, it is a costly pet project of your heroine. Anyway, last weekend was the hour of truth, the Thai brother in law of Miss Size took a truckload of Graviola, Lipstick trees, bottle plants, passion fruit vines, red Italian basil and other rare green stuff to the plants market in Nakluea. Read more
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