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Personalities - Thailand
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24 Jan 09
Frock around the clock
Jim recently celebrated his 50th birthday with a bang in a packed BoyzBoyzBoyz, he had no less than 17 members of his family here for a visit during that time. And he thereby performed surprise, surprise once more in a frock. Since performing first time in the 31st of December 1988 street party in Boyztown Jim has accumulated a sheer incredible number of frocks. He still has his very first one and still can wear it, but all in all there are over 220 of them in his private possession. Read more

26 Jan 08
A fresh new face at the Ambiance
It is always fun to talk to Jim of the Ambiance, in no time we had covered the newest gossip, the newest (probably doomed) projects and unforeseeable developments in and around gay Pattaya. Did you know that this one, who called that one a crook just a little while ago is doing business with that one again? Pattaya is a small world, especially the gay scene, and some stories that happen here are just pathetic. But then Jim really had good news. He has found and hired a new young talented manager for the Ambiance, a Swiss national like Suzy Size who speaks an almost perfect Thai, German, English and some French and some Spanish. Suzy had to meet that compatriot of hers, especially when she heard he was only 28 years old Read more

30 Sep 06
"You can get away with a lot more in a frock"
Jim Lumsden: the face of BoyzBoyzBoyz, Ambiance Hotel and the Pattaya Gay Festival is featured in Sticky Rice gay guide to Thailand and Asia. Read more

3 Jun 06
The perfect personality
"My boyfriend Lek definitely has the perfect personality. For one, he is just gorgeous. Everybody envies me for him. He is from Buri Ram and grew up on a farm with lots of water buffaloes and lots of brothers and sisters and many nephews and many nieces. I never cease to think how lucky I was to meet him when I did." Too good to be true? Read more

1 May 04
Maybe I am the motherly type
American born Phil Graham, is the Director of Sales at Farang Services, the leading gay owned and managed real estate company of Pattaya. He has been living in Pattaya for five years. Out of unsatisfied energy he came out of retirement and... Read more

30 Apr 03
Khun Andy: A man of many talents
Anan Anpruang (or Andy) was the Thai co-chairman of the Bangkok Pride 2002. But he is much more than a restless social activist. He is also a successful business man and a dedicated openly gay member of the Ban... Read more

14 Jun 02
The Lifesaving Doctor
Ignorance can be a shameful and embarrassing thing and for me it was a case of being guilty on both counts. I always thought being diagnosed HIV positive meant a life span of a few months. Only recently I learnt first hand that people with HIV in fact continue to live and lead close to normal lives... Read more

1 Aug 01
Profile of a Bangkok Dee Jay
BEE was born in Yorkshire in the north of England. He was given the nickname Bee by his mother because a few days before he was born she was stung by a bee. He spent most of his teenage years in London, hanging ou... Read more

1 Jun 01
Who was that masked man?
Readers of a certain vintage will remember watching their 12inch black and white TV’s back in the late 1950’s seeing actor Clayton Moore playing the Lone Ranger. At the end of m... Read more

15 May 01
Max the Designer
Sometimes it takes years for a tree to bloom with flowers of spectacular beauty of colour and shape. It took Max 7 years in Thailand to realise that if he wanted to stay in the kingdom and further his career, he would have to go his own independent way. Max takes up the tale. ... Read more
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