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SR Classics - Thailand
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24 Feb 07
Gay Bangkok: Instant gender change in the back seat
Even though I drive my own car in gay Thailand, I hesitate to do it in greater Bangkok and clearly on my way home from the gay Bangkok night life. I might just have had a beer too many in all those Bangkok gay bars. The traffic in the City of Angels is just horrific and I am, admittedly, a lousy driver who never knows how wide his car really is. Read more

9 Dec 06
I love gay Bangkok / I hate gay Bangkok
Arriving in gay Bangkok is so civilized (compared to gay Manila, you know what I mean...). You just walk up to the arrivals of the new airport building and wave down a Taxi. It is so convenient and cheap. Twenty minutes later you are enjoying the warm welcome from the boys in the lobby of gay Tarntawan Place and you know you are in good hands (and I mean very good-nudge, nudge). But advance booking is advisable since you are not the only gay traveler to Bangkok that has ever stayed or been laid there - and those that stay once stay again if they visit gay Bangkok.

Driving from my home in Pattaya to gay Bangkok is really a pain in the ass. The bottleneck on the way to Silom (where the action and gay heaven is located in Bangkok) starts early and ends two hours later at Tarntawan Place, this unique gay Bangkok hotel being the only good thing that can be said about bloody gay Bangkok. Read more

24 Nov 06
I love Gay Phuket / I hate Gay Phuket
Arriving at Phuket airport the view is spectacular. As the plane gets closer and closer to the water you wonder whether or not you will make it this time as usual, or... and then you are quite sure, this time the plane is really going to fall into the Andaman sea. But then a secure touch down as always, the plane brakes and slowly follows the path to the terminal. Gay Phuket, here I am once more, I just love you! This is my twelfth - yes, correct, twelfth time in gay paradise. I just love gay Phuket!

Even arriving at Phuket airport is a pain in the ass. First of all the planes land far to close to the water, it looks very dangerous and - believe me - if in Thailand something looks dangerous, it normally is. My last trip in gay Phuket was definitely my last. Okay, the landscape of the so called Pearl of the Andaman is quite nice. But if you want to go to one of the unspoiled beaches, there is no gay night life whatsoever. So you always end up in sleazy gay Patong beach instead. I just hate gay Phuket! Read more

18 Nov 06
A panorama of unique memories
You won`t believe this one: One night - it was during the past rainy season - I was sitting as usual in gay Boyztown watching all that rain come down. I had a first row seat at gay Panorama and was rather bored desultorily sipping a Heineken. Not far from me there was a gorgeous young blond also counting all those rain drops falling in the soi. Soi watching is the main attraction of gay Panorama but that night the nearly deserted soi offered little to the jaded eye. Suddenly I realized that blond was watching me out of the corner of his eyes, quite intently. Normally I am not interested in gay Farangs, why should I live in gay Thailand otherwise? But that guy really had the looks. Like a younger brother of Brad Pitt. Not as muscular, of course, more angelic and with long blond hair. A gay dream come true. Read more

18 Nov 06
I love gay Chiang Mai
I had always taken my gay holidays in Thailand in Pattaya or Bangkok, or both-having limited time for simply site-seeing and wanting to take full and carnal advantage of the gorgeous gay youths available in both those places. However, I was persuaded by a friend to visit him at his home in the mountains north of Chiang Mai and, before spending a day or two with him, I decided to stay in gay town of Chiang Mai City and "test the water" as it were. Read more

18 Nov 06
I hate gay Chiang Mai
Why all this glowing praise for Chiang Mai? It is just a dull provincial town in the north of Thailand full of brash young, co-ed, hetero back-packers and too few places for a respectable gay cruiser to go. Not only is it dull it so far from the sea! Holidays, from my youth (a long time ago I`ll admit) have always meant the seaside and without the sound of the surf, however mild, and the smell of sea borne ozone, a holiday is just not a holiday. More importantly, where, without a gay beach, can you see the display of bronze and tan bodies with well defined pecs, washboard stomachs and tight buns that offer themselves for the visual (and more) delectation of the lick-lipping elder gentlemen (like myself) who throng to Pattaya`s beach, for example. Read more

11 Nov 06
I love gay Pattaya / I hate gay Pattaya
Pattaya is the Bangkok gay Beach, I just wish I could stay down here all week. But, alas, not yet, I still have to earn a buck or two in the next few years. Sometimes I stay at the Ambiance, my favourite gay hotel, if I am in a downtown mood. Last time I tried gay Howards hotel. Next time I will give the new Sansuk gay sauna and gay hotel a try, (at lest the gay Sansuk sauna is supposed to open soon, the gay Sansuk Hotel in a few months). Any of these gay places make you feel at home amongst your own. Pattaya is the essence of gay high life! I just love gay Pattaya. Read more

11 Nov 06
Gay Bangkok Massage in the afternoon
Being a gay journalist in the rainy season of Bangkok is guaranteed to produce the wettest prose of the year. Mine was sodden by the time this issue had rolled around and I was dying to get to some retreat. I had a phone call from Lao Aviation to say there had been some glitch with my ticket to gay Luang Prabang. I asked the young man where their office was in Bangkok. He ran off to find help and then the line went dead. Anyway, I did what all farangs in the know in Bangkok (gay or not gay) do, I called 1155 for Tourist Information. The young woman online was just so cheery I felt like puking in the fake philodendron in the lobby of the Narai from whence I was phoning. She eventually informed me Lao Aviation was in the Silom Plaza, where about three gay sauna or massage places are located. Good. Not far away. I could even walk. Read more

4 Nov 06
A gay place you can even take mother
So anyway darling, as soon as we got the news, for some reason I immediately thought of the Tarntawan Hotel in Bangkok. We had such a lovely time there and so I’ve booked a flight to Bangkok from Vancouver next week and you must fly in by this weekend. Ursula doesn’t seem to relish a trip right now so we’ll go together, just you and me, mother and son, just like old times. Read more

28 Oct 06
Nong is sad these days
About the horrible exploitation of a gay Thai boy by a woman.
"Nong is an unusual gay guy. Not only is he tall and very well built even for an Isaan boy but he is a born seducer. The very first time I met him was at BoyzBoyzBoyz and he really got me to off him by using his intriguing smile, that super sexy expression on his face and those radiant eyes. Just looking at him I could hear him making tempting promises: "Just off me. There will be no regrets. I can exactly see what you want. And boy! Will I deliver! I want to eat you up entirely." You see? A born salesman. And so off we went." Read more

21 Oct 06
My First Blood Donation
'I saw in school that donors have to pump their fists for better blood flow.' He looked at me straight in the eyes and leaned towards me and spoke softly, 'That is not necessary but, if you want to pump..,' he stopped and at the same time took my hand and laid it on his crotch. 'You can pump this.' Read more

14 Oct 06
Love Secrets from the Lobby of the Tarntawan place II
You both like shopping. You enjoy his happiness when you buy him what he didn’t dare to ask for… The more money you spend for him, the more Lek feels like a prostitute, the more he wants to look like a young salary man in black pants and white shirt… Read more

7 Oct 06
The Double Standard
The rationale usually given by apologists for the two-tiered pricing phenomenon to be found at most tourist destinations in Thailand is that we foreigners do not pay taxes, so it is only proper that we should pay more than Thai citizens to visit establishments of interest maintained from the public purse. Read more

30 Sep 06
Tarntawan Place Hotel - A place you can even take mother
“Did you see that pretty flag dear?” mother asked as I eyed the contours of the bellboy taking our luggage. I cringed. Yes, I had seen the rainbow flag fluttering in the breeze on Surawong. But I didn’t think mother would. Read more
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